Facebook Statistics 2023: Users, Growth & Facts

Facebook is undoubtedly the most-prominent user platform in terms of social media applications. Still, the platform is now preferred more by the old age than Gen Z because of its growing popularity among 50-64 years aged users.

However, the platform is still the third most searched social media app globally, only after Google and YouTube. The shift in user base on the platform and its recognition in the past years is due to the rising popularity of other Facebook-owned media platforms like Instagram and Whatsapp. 

The app is familiar to almost all the users reading this article as it is the largest social media platform in the world. Still, the question is whether or not you are aware of the Facebook statistics that have fluctuated in the past decade.

Facebook Statistics

This guide will provide you with some best Facebook statistics and facts to have an insight into the Facebook world and understand the user demographics of the platform after the changes and involvement of other social media platforms.

Facebook Statistics- Top Facts:

Facebook Statistics

Facebook is a powerful platform for users to date regarding user demographics, providing a collaborative space to the users and creating a user base of around 3 billion monthly active users globally. Moreover, the figures keep on increasing yearly at a 6.2% rate.

  • 14.6% of users between the ages of 16-64 believe that Facebook is their favorite app amongst other platforms and stands second to WhatsApp.
  • Facebook is the fifth most installed app in the app store, available with free services.
  • Facebook’s subordinate, Facebook Messenger, is the fourth most downloaded app in the app store.
  • An average user spends 19.7 hours monthly on Facebook.
  • Facebook generates the highest data traffic from the platform mid-Wednesday and mid-Thursday.
  • Facebook is used by 71% of users to stay in touch with their old friends and colleagues.
  • Facebook generates 300 million stories regularly as active users from the platform.
  • Facebook reports a 2% yearly increase in its user base, accounting for 2.96 million monthly active users.
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Facebook User Statistics:

The fact is true that the user base of Facebook has changed from GenZ users to millennials because of the vast availability of social media platforms with time. However, the platform is still the best for adult people looking to communicate with their lost colleagues in the world.

Facebook User Statistics

  • Facebook reported 1.98 billion log-ins on the platform regularly.
  • Facebook is the third highest downloaded app globally.
  • Facebook Messenger has 1.3 billion Facebook users.
  • An average Facebook user in the Adult category uses the platform for 30.1 minutes daily.
  • The average time spent by any user on Facebook accounts for 19.6 hours monthly.
  • The median time spent by any user on Facebook is 33 minutes monthly.
  • The world population accounts for 39.8% of Facebook users each month.
  • The highest Facebook average comes from mobile devices, which account for 98.5% of users.
  • Teenagers that used Facebook in 2014 and 2015 accounted for 71%, which decreased to 32% in 2022.
  • Smartphone users use Facebook account 85% of the time.
  • The total number of users that use Facebook group has 10 million groups.
  • Facebook is a major platform among the users that use the platform to research news on the platform accounting for 16%.

Facebook Advertisement Statistics:

Facebook is a renowned platform among users which is why marketers can prefer the platform to reach potential leads via ads. Moreover, it is estimated that ads can approach more than 2 billion users.

Facebook Statistics

  • Facebook provides 71.64% of organic data traffic on third-party websites.
  • Facebook reports that it can reach 15 million users in Australia via its ads services.
  • Facebook can create a user base of 33.3% via ads for the age group of 13 years and higher.
  • Facebook can significantly reach 41.0% of the user base of the entire internet’s potential users globally.
  • Facebook ads viewers are 43.6% female and 56.4% male, based on the gender category.
  • The major countries with the greatest advertising approach include India, U.S.A, Indonesia, Brazil, and Mexico.
  • The median charge for each click of the Facebook ad is $1.72.
  • Facebook ads can reach 17.6% of males and 12.2% of females between the ages of 25-34.
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Facebook Marketing Statistics:

Facebook gained huge recognition after the COVID-19 pandemic as the platform became a hub for marketers via Facebook Shops. Moreover, Facebook’s marketing base reaches 1 billion users monthly, which makes it a marketing bomber for entrepreneurs.

  • 87.1% of U.S. entrepreneurs use Facebook for their business expansion.
  • 5.2% of organic traffic approach comes from Facebook posts.
  • Around 200 million marketers approach Facebook as their marketing base via free Facebook tools and additional services.
  • American individuals above 18 are known to use Facebook for business reasons, accounting for 18.3%.
  • Facebook’s live chat can make a possible approach to clients and encourage 53% of users to purchase the products sold via the platform.
  • The business forums available on Facebook are seen by 70% of users once a week.
  • 36% of posts uploaded on Facebook are images.
  • Facebook has around 250 million shops globally.
  • GenZ accounts for 33% who are likely to purchase a product sold online via the Facebook platform.
  • Facebook shop account for 1 billion active users monthly.

Facebook Video Statistics:

Facebook video is a prominent leisure time among users spending around 10 seconds on each video shared on the platform. Moreover, the platform allows viewers to create six times more interactions than other videos.

Facebook Video Statistics

  • Out of 5 videos shared on Facebook, 1 is a live video streaming.
  • Ads that are viewed simultaneously account for 47% of which are seen in the initial three seconds of the video ad.
  • Facebook Watch is approached by 1.25 billion people monthly.
  • The videos shared on the platform account for 85% of that are viewed without audio.
  • Around 60% of video revenue comes from the Facebook app launched on mobile.
  • The median click-through rate of Facebook ads accounts for 30%.
  • Facebook receives 8 billion views regularly via Facebook videos.
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Top Facebook Pages Based On Likes:

Below is a list of some top Facebook pages liked by users.

Pages Likes
Facebook app 177,717,000
Samsung 161,836,000
Cristiano Ronaldo 154,000,000
Real Madrid C.F 112,100,000
Shakira 117,000,000
Coca-Cola 108,000,000
Vin Diesel 106,000,000
Leo Messi 106,000,000
FC Barcelona 103,700,000
Tasty 96,200,000

Frequently Asked Questions:

What rate is considered a better Facebook engagement?

A good Facebook engagement rate is considered higher than 1%, whereas a better engagement rate is between 0.5-0.99%.

Can Facebook be considered a better base for business?

Yes, as per the reports and statistics, we can say that Facebook is considered a better platform for business purposes.

Where can you consider Facebook the most renowned?

Facebook has the highest reach in India, having 400 million active users, followed by the U.S.A, having 200 million active users.


Facebook has been considered the first social media platform since it was launched for users. However, the forum underwent various changes that impacted its users and the vast availability of media platforms in recent years, which allowed the platform to be preferred as a marketing platform. 

So this guide is all that we have on Facebook statistics and facts that will help you understand that platform better in terms of user engagement, top facts, demographics, and more.

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