WhatsApp Statistics 2023: Users, Growth & Facts

WhatsApp Statistics Users, Growth & Facts

WhatsApp became a masterpiece after the messaging forum developed by two former Yahoo employees launched the app in 2009. They were namely Brian Actor and Jan Koum. The primary concern that Koum had was “not missing calls when working out at the gym.” You heard it right! This motivation gave the developer a keen interest in launching WhatsApp.

Koum also saw how significant it became when navigating through the Apple App Store after he bought an iPhone in 2009. The developers launched the app initially to share your moment status on the platform.

However, the app was modified and became a powerful platform for instant conversation services among users. Later, WhatsApp 2.0 became the final stage for restructuring the app as text-based messaging. 

This article will provide some top WhatsApp Statistics and acknowledge its growth since 2009. Moreover, you will also get to learn some relevant information on revenue, user demographics, and how this messaging app became the top platform among users.

WhatsApp Statistics- Top Picks

WhatsApp saw instant user growth when version 2.0 gained nearly 250,000 active users. This growth was enough as Brian Acton managed other former-Yahoo employees to create mass funding of $250,000. This amount was the first money for the WhatsApp organization.

  • India is the biggest user of WhatsApp, representing a vast marketing part of the platform. Moreover, WhatsApp has around 2.44 billion user base globally.
  • WhatsApp is a prominent app among users as it is installed 5 billion times on smartphones like iOS and Android.
  • WhatsApp tops the list of the top messaging apps in 63 out of 100 countries, becoming an unbeatable platform in 2022.
  • WhatsApp Business generated most of the revenue, accounting for $906 million in 2022 for the entire WhatsApp organization.
  • The app reached the benchmark of 1 billion texts transferred using the social-messaging app, which gave it a forever remark for long-term use.
  • Whatsapp initiated media-based messaging for Android smartphones. The developers launched this in the same year as seed funding. Moreover, by 2013, Whatsapp had created 200 million active users.
  • Social media messaging giant, Facebook, realized that WhatsApp could be a significant competitor. However, the social media giant bought WhatsApp for $19 billion in 2014.

WhatsApp User Statistics:

Although the primary concern after Brian and Koum left WhatsApp in the hands of Facebook became a rising conflict. WhatsApp gave several absolutions on complete message security and end-to-end encryption but allowed user-data transmission to Facebook.

However, WhatsApp continues to be the rising platform among users by initially providing more services like video sharing, video calls, voice calls, and mass calling features.

WhatsApp User Statistics
  • WhatsApp has a global audience of around 69% of internet users. Moreover, it is available in 180 out of 195 countries and is accessible in over 20 varied languages.
  • WhatsApp has a whopping user base in India, accounting for 390 million MAUs(Monthly Active Users) and topping the list of country-wise users. The list continues with Brazil, the United States, and Indonesia.
  • Although, Russia tops the list for user growth rate among all countries accounting for a 17% rise since the past year. India is second on the list, with a 16.6% user growth rate.
  • The total world population accounts for nearly 7.5 billion. However, the messages transmitted using WhatsApp are 13 times more than the entire population.
  • WhatsApp users access the platform for around 19.4 hours per month. Also, a median user uses WhatsApp for about 38 minutes daily. However, users access WhatsApp even more, accounting for 21.4 monthly hours in India.
  • WhatsApp has become the most recognized platform, with 2000 million monthly active users. Moreover, WhatsApp surpassed its parent organization, Facebook, in the list of most favorite social media apps.
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WhatsApp User Demographics By Age:

WhatsApp is undoubtedly a successful multimedia-messaging application among users of different age groups. Besides spending hours conversing via WhatsApp Messenger, the platform has considerable significance among the 26-35 age group.

WhatsApp User Demographics By Age
  • The percentage of WhatsApp users for the age group 24-35 years is higher than the 36-45 age group. Moreover, the rate eventually decreases for 15-25 years of age.
  • Almost 81% of Germans use WhatsApp, accounting for 84% between the age group of 24-35 years, and those above 65 years account for 78%.
  • 1 of every 4 U.S. Adults uses the platform. Moreover, per reports acquired in May 2022, three out of the ten users between 18 and 35 years have a WhatsApp profile.

This significant user reach among all age groups makes WhatsApp a central platform among users. Moreover, it shows how frequently people are using the platform.

WhatsApp Country-Wise User Statistics:

With around 487 million WhatsApp users, India is the largest market for the messaging platform, with a steady growth rate of 16.6%. However, the list is followed by Brazil, having around 118.5 million users.

Whatsapp user by country
  • India’s vast population is the reason behind such a huge user base. Although Brazil witnessed incredible growth in the previous years as the growth rate has increased in the country for WhatsApp usage.
  • You can see that Indonesia has created an increasing WhatsApp user base accounting for 84.8 million users. This number leaves America a step down in the top WhatsApp user countries list.
  • The United States has around 79.6 million users on the platform. This number brings the U.S.A. to the fourth position on the list.
  • Around 90% of Brazilians use WhatsApp regularly, making the nation a prominent forum user among other messaging platforms. However, India and Italy have a 97% user rate accessing WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp has the lowest number of users in Australia, accounting for 33%. Although this percentage of penetration growth rate among countries makes a Meta-owned organization, WhatsApp a long-term app to be accessed by users.
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Moreover, reports say users shared 1 billion messages regularly in October 2011. The number has increased since then, accounting for 100 billion message transmissions in 2021. These messages include texts, photos, videos, website links, contact sharing, etc.

WhatsApp Business Statistics:

In June 2022, WhatsApp Business witnessed huge downloads from India, accounting for 292 million installs for iOS and Android. The list continues with Indonesia with 73 million downloads, ranking second out of the 60 countries.

  • WhatsApp Business accounts for a global download of 220.5 million in 2021. This number is 25.3% higher than the previous year.
  • WhatsApp Business platform receives around 175 million messages from users. This significant message-sharing shows how effectively people are using the Business app.
  • Around 40 million users use WhatsApp Business monthly to check an organization’s background.
  • Indian organizations account for 15 million using the WhatsApp Business forum.
  • You can use fantastic WhatsApp Business app features like sending instant messages to large audiences of up to 100,000. Moreover, the app allows all-time customer support services and chatbot access after the launch of WhatsApp Business API.

Why Do Businesses Prefer WhatsApp?

There are significant reasons enterprises look for WhatsApp-based communication with their users and potential prospects. Around 54% of users access WhatsApp to know their order placements and package delivery date.

Why Do Businesses Prefer WhatsApp
  • Users access WhatsApp to check their meetings, seminars, and important reminders accounting for 50%.
  • 39% of WhatsApp users use the platform to communicate with customer care services. Moreover, around 23% of users have the platform to check marketing brands and product offers.
  • 33% of users believe that WhatsApp helps them to communicate easily with organizations. Instead of seeking a response from the organization’s website against their query, they can send messages via the platform and receive answers.

These are a few reasons businesses prefer WhatsApp to interact with customers. The platform is rapidly growing in huge reliance among users for communication support and multimedia transmission.

WhatsApp Revenue Statistics:

If you remember, Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19 billion in 2014. This amount was certainly huge for any organization at the time. However, WhatsApp generated $5 billion in 2020, which seems to be the right decision to spend a huge amount to acquire the messaging platform.

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Moreover, $5 billion is significant, yet the platform lacks in the advertising category generating no revenue. The social media platform Facebook is coming up with new ideas for the medium to initiate instant shopping carts on the forum.

  • WhatsApp generated a monetary feature asking for $0.99 subscription charges. This fee would allow users lifetime access to the messaging platform.
  • WhatsApp allowed users to get rid of payment-based messaging. Moreover, the subscription fee access provided features, including sending and receiving images. Later on, Facebook removed this subscription fee after acquiring the platform.
  • WhatsApp received its first investment, accounting for $250,000. Moreover, the platform was bought by Facebook 76000 times, the first monetary investment in around six years of its inception. This takeover is a better sale than ever.

Meta-owned messaging platform does not showcase official revenue data for WhatsApp as an individual. However, if the figures remain steady for $5 billion in revenue, the company might receive a return on investment in the upcoming four years.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is WhatsApp Business significant for organizations?

You must know that WhatsApp messages have an open rate of 98% and approximately 45-60% click-through rates. This percentage is five times higher than email and SMS services. So, you can use WhatsApp Business for businesses.

Is the use of WhatsApp Business reliable?

You use the WhatsApp Business app if you have a small organization and require limited communication to carry out the business. You can use the app to send messages to multiple users simultaneously with one click.

Name the years when WhatsApp had the most global downloads.

WhatsApp had the maximum global downloads in 2017 and 2019, accounting for 924 and 850 million.


So these are some significant WhatsApp statistics and relevant data on how the platform is well-known among users. Creating a marketing base among users via a forum can be challenging. However, with WhatsApp on multiple devices, the platform will become a widely used user forum in the upcoming years.

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