100+ Roblox Statistics (2023) – Users, Growth & Facts

Ever since the pandemic, Roblox has risen to fame greater than ever. You would have played, tried, or watched its gameplay on YouTube. Even your friends and acquaintances would be fond of it and would play the game. But did you know the game was developed in 2006, taking inspiration from a 2D concept? Besides, though it seems like a kid’s game, adults enjoy it the most, which is now bigger than Minecraft. If yes, we have covered you all with 100+ Roblox Statistics and facts.

100+ Roblox Statistics

Do you also have that several gem developers have turned on to be millionaires without it? How about some paranormal or mysterious excellence on the platform? Would you like to unleash them? Be it earnings, history, Demographics, market cap, mysteries, or the platform being alleged that it’s not safe for kids; you can check them all out! So, what are you waiting for? Scroll to read more!

52 Basic Roblox Statistics

Be it the year when Roblox was started, an inspiration for the founder. We have some basic facts about it and some games. Let’s check them all!

Roblox Statistics

1. A Versatile Tech Freak Has Founded Roblox

David Baszucki, a tech freak, launched the platform. Besides, he’s an engineer and a proficient game developer.

2. Roblox Seeks Inspiration from a Physics Simulator 

While it becomes difficult to figure out where the idea stuck, David, it’s a 2D physics simulator. Yes, he interacted with it and solely analyzed the ropes and blocks. Further, he added the latest concepts to prepare a 3D gaming setup.

3. Dynablocks became Roblox

Yes, you got that right! Initially, David named it Dynablocks in 2003. However, people, especially gamers, found it difficult to pronounce the name. That’s when the officials rebranded it as Roblox. Further, they redirected its official website to Roblox.

4. Roblox has an Uuuuuh Sound

If you are wondering when you hear, uuuuuh, then think of the oof sound. That sound is Uuuuuh; however, you might confuse it with something else due to the accent. Still, if it’s hard to believe, search for uuuuuh.wav on Google. You can hear the sound and assure yourself.

5. Roblox Points was Roblox Currency and Not Robux

Yes, Robux is the official currency of Roblox. You can exchange it with a legitimate currency called Roblox Points. Initially, when every player logged into the platform, administration 1 earned Roblxo points or Robux, which is what you call today.

6. Roblox Used to Be a Dual Currency Platform 

Apart from Roblox Points, now called Robux, the platform has Tix. It stood for Tickets and was another currency of the gaming platform.

7. Roblox Supported Currency Exchange Between its Dual Currencies

As specified earlier, Roblox had two currencies Roblox Points (Robux) and Tix or Tickets. Further, players and developers could trade and exchange them with other users.

8. 4 Tix Equalled 1 Roblox Points

Earlier with two currencies, Roblox Points (Robux) and Tix (Tickets), it supported currency exchange also. Then too, Roblox Points had a higher value.

Here’s the conversion;

4 Tix= 1 Roblox Points 

9. Roblox Developers Felt Offensive of Minecraft

If any gamer playing or communicating on Roblox used the word Minecraft, then its developers banned them.

10. Users Earned 10 Tix every time They Logged into Roblox

Roblox added 10 Tix to the user logging into the account. So, with each login, players earned 10 Tickets. Thus, to achieve more several players created multiple accounts

11. Players had Unlimited Roblox Friends

Yes, you might seem unbelievable about having unlimited friends on Roblox, but it did happen earlier. Earlier, it allowed you to have as many friends as you wanted. Unlike now, it supports only limited friends on the platform.

12. Roblox had a Best Friends List

One of Roblox’s most underrated yet enjoyable features was the best friends list. As it supported unlimited friends, it was difficult for users to select players. That’s when gamers used the Best Friends list to play with some specific members whom they preferred.

One of the most fantastic features of Roblox was the Best Friend feature. With this feature, users can see the selected players list whom they are more comfortable with.

13. Skater Hat has been the Fastest-Selling Item Ever

Yes, you heard that right! Skater hat has been the fastest-selling item. It was sold as quickly as in 4 seconds. If you cannot recall it, think of the Purple Indy. It’s none other than the Skater Hat.

14. A Boy Did a T-shirt on Roblox

You might have ever heard of a unique t-shirt on Roblox. If not, then it was the Nate2800 t-shirt. Whenever a user wears it, their avatar has special crystals all over their body. It was not a feature of Roblox but a hack. A youngster had hacked the gaming platform and presented the attire.

15. Roblox Gave Some Users Earned Real-Life iPads 

Back in 2012, some players had purchased tablet-like stuff on the platform. Fortunately, Roblox gifted them iPads to them.

16. Roblox Had Banned Trading

Back in 2011, Roblox banned Trading. So, none of the users traded anything. It was taken as a security measure because the platform accounted the 99% of the were fraudulent.

17. Avatar Mouth Disappeared While Using a Snake Eye

The Snake Eye is one of the most excellent Roblox accessories. While how many of you know that an R6 Avatar’s mouth disappeared upon wearing it? Some users thought of it as a bug, but it’s not!

18. Bookbegg is an Accessory and Not a Bug

When you would have seen a hat kind of accessory, you would dismiss it, thinking it’s a bug. But it isn’t so! It’s official Roblox stuff and not a glitch.

19. BookBegg is Visible on Avatar’s Face

As Bookbegg is a hat-like accessory, it’s visible on the respective avatar’s face.

20. 9 People Have The Leopard Fedora Hat

Of the million Roblox accounts, only nine own the  Leopard Fedora Hat. It’s a limited collection and a bug-kind of accessory.

21. The Roblox Epic Face is A Limited Item

You might have seen the Epic Face in the Avatar shop. It has two funny eyes with a wide open mouth. The incredible fact is that only 18,816 users own it.

22. R15 Avatar Has Several Periastron Poses

It’s one of the most underrated facts that R15 Avatar possesses plenty of Periastron Poses. The R15 Gears have great yet too many such poses.

23. Dominus Empyreus is the priciest item of all time on Roblox

Yes, once someone bought Dominus Empyreus, which cost 69 million Robux. Thus, the purchase in June 2022 earned the highest marks, accounting for the “highest legal sales.” Hence, it’s the priciest item on the Roblox gaming platform.

24. Dominus Empyreus is a Diablo 3 Stuff

You would be wondering what makes Dominus Empyreus the most valuable item. But the twist in the tale is that it’s a stuff of Blizzard severe, specifically from Diablo 3.

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25. Roblox has Introduced a Red-Banded Top Hat for its Users who detect Glitches

Roblox, an incredible gaming platform, always focuses on optimum efficiency for a smooth user experience. So, for those who identify bugs, Roblox rewards them with a red-banded top hat. It’s to motivate them to involve others so that they report the glitches to the community frequently.

26. MTA Spec OPS was the Glitch Identifying Giveaway Before Red-Banded Top Hat

Earlier, arpblox had introduced the MTA Spec OPS giveaway or reward for users identifying bugs on Roblox.

27. The Menu Icon is Known as Hamburger

While the menu has a three-lined icon, you would address it sum when you don’t call it a menu. The fun aspect is it’s named the Hamburger icon.

28. The Check It Faces Are Free of Cost in John75’s Inventory

The Check It faces is one of the most popular Roblox accessories and is high-grossing. The fun part is that you can find it free in a particular inventory.

29. Mike’s Paintball is the First Game to Record 1M Visits

You would be thinking of which game rose to popularity too soon. It’s none other than Mike’s Paintball. The game was the first on Roblox to record 1M visits.

30. Roblox Didn’t have Groups Before 2009

Roblox Groups is a great way to connect with like-minded people. But, the platform didn’t have the feature before 2009.

31. RobloHunks Was the First Roblox Group

Roblox launched the Groups feature in 2009. Further, RobloHunks was the first group to exist on the platform.

32. Trade Bots Do Exist on Roblox

You would be trading but won’t be aware that several trade bots bring awful offers.

33. A Fan-Made Extension Prevents Trade Bots

Trader bots would be irking you a lot. One of the fans has made a Chrome Extension Roblox Trade Bot Defender. It automatically identifies and rejects trading offers from bots.

34. Roblox’s Founder has the Maximum Robux

It might seem weird, but David Baszucki, the platform’s founder, stands #1 in terms of having the most Robux. The amount equals $186,906,027.

35. Shedletsky, a User, and BrightEyes, One of the Roblox Admins, are Married to Each Other

Shedletsky is a popular Roblox user. You would know that the person possesses the Epic Face accessory. The hidden fact is that BrightEyes, a notable Roblox admin, is married to him.

From giving badges to spending Robux on purchases, there’s much more to cover for Roblox. Without any further ado, let’s proceed.

36. Roblox Didn’t Present An In-game Badge Giveaway Before 2009

If you are a Roblox player, you would be fond of its in-game badges giveaway. Yet, a lesser-known fact is that the platform launched in 2009 and not before.

37. Spend 100 Robux to Create a Badge for Your Game

You cannot create more if you have created five badges in 1 day. That’s when you can pay 100 Robux to create another badge.

38. Super Badge Collectors is Obsessed with Collecting Badges

While there are plenty of badges, it also has an in-game badge giveaway. You might not know that a Roblox community is fond of these badges. It’s none other than Super Badge Collectors, as the name implies.

39. There are only 4 People to own 30k+ Badges

Badges are pretty popular on Roblox. While being famous, very few can collect more of them. This is because only 4 of the user exist on the massive platform who legit have more content than 30k badges.

40. Roblox Did Fetch Users in Real-Time With Its Developer Exchange System

Yes, you heard that right. Roblox’s Developer Exchange System enabled its users to use their Robux to get real money in return.

41. The Developer Exchange Program First Benefitted a user, The Master, by yielding him $50,000

Back in 2015, the first time when someone earned money with Roblox’s Developer Exchange Program. He had then made $50,000.

42. Users Create Games on Roblox Studio with a Roblox Physics Engine

You might think that people would use coding solely to develop Roblox games. But it’s not so; the platform has its Physics Engine using which you or any other person can create games.

43. Roblox Platform is Free for Gamers

You can join Roblox free of cost. Further, most of the games are free for you to play. Only a few of them would charge you to play the game. In-app purchases are again optional. Hence, the most popular platform is overall free for gamers.

44. Roblox Builders Have Additional Options in Roblox Gameplay

Though there are plenty of features for ordinary Roblox users, there are certainly more than those for builders. The platform has a Builders Club premium program which grants special privileges to the people part of it. The latter is known as Builders.

45. PGS Solver is the Enhanced Physics Engine of Roblox

The Roblox Physics Engine was initially different. The current PGS Solver is a better and enhanced one.

46. Roblox Has 1 Million Plus More Users Than Minecraft

While you would think of Minecraft as the most popular gaming platform, things aren’t the same anymore. Roblox is ahead of more than 1 million users than Minecraft.

47. Roblox is the No. 1 Game in the United States

Surprisingly Roblox is the #1 game in the States and not Minecraft, Xbox, or Battlenet.

48. Roblox Game Developers Earn 30M Dollars

Many might think that becoming a Roblox game developer is a hyped phenomenon. But it is not, so Roblox pays them $30 million.

49. Roblox is Regarded as the Largest Cross-platform Exposure Game

Online multiplayer games and gaming servers have popularised the idea of cross-platform gaming. Amidst several such games,  Roblox is regarded as the largest platform for the purpose. Consequently, it also gives the most significant exposure to gamers.

50. Roblox Helps Children Learn Coding and Programming at a Raw Age 

Several platforms provide little ones with a platform to learn to code. Roblox is the largest one that inculcated a spirit in children to learn to program. Besides, with its gameplay and physics engine, they grasp concepts quickly and implement functionalities in a fun way.

51. The First User to Possess 1M Robux was Sethycakes

While 1M Robux is a bit common in Roblox, it wasn’t the same some years back. Sethycakes was the first one to earn 1M Robux.

52. I Love U Had a Scary Clown Face

Love is spooky and seems quite a fictional phenomenon. However, it does happen in reality. But can you expect the same in a game? Several players reported Roblox’s I Love U had a scary clown who rubbed his face. Indeed, Roblox’s love might be spooky.

Roblox Demographics Facts and Statistics

Do females play Roblox as much as males? Which age group plays it the maximum? Which country has the most Roblox users? We have answers to all your questions.

Roblox Statistics Demographics

53. Roblox Has 43% Female and 48% Males Users

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You might have thought that only males play the game, but it’s not. About 43% of the users on the platform are females, which is nearly 48% of males. Therefore, you can consider the ratio roughly equal.

54. 9% of Roblox Users Chose Not to Reveal Their Genders

While sign-up at the platform, there are three gender options. It’s not necessary to select males and females. Therefore, some of them have preferred to choose Optionally. Thus, they haven’t revealed their true identity.

55. 75% of Users Access Roblox on Smartphones

Some of you might wonder why the comprehensive gaming platform popular amongst developers is for desktop users. But it is not so! You would be aware of the Roblox mobile app and think few use it. But statistics reveal that 75% of Roblox user sessions are used on smartphones.

56. Only 2% of Roblox Users log in to it with Gaming Consoles

Roblox is available on gaming consoles. But the hidden truth is that only 2% use gaming consoles for Roblox.

57. Roblox Revenue Accelerated by 82% from 2019 to 2020, while it Hiked By 108% in 2021

Roblox had a net worth of $508.4 million in Jack in 2019. The following year, it rose to $923.9 million. Besides, $1919.2 million was a significant jump in 2k21.

58. 5.5k Roblox Developers and Creators Exchanged their Robux in the Developer Exchange Program in 2021

Roblox had a Developer Exchange Program To-date 2021. Approximately 5.5k developers and creators had used their Robuck and exchanged it for real money.

59. Roblox Records the Most Rapid Growth in its User Demographics aged between 17 to 24

Roblox is popular amongst both children and adults. Out of them, the number of users skyrockets for the age group 17-24.

60. Adopt Me is the most popular game, while others are the best favorites

Apart from Adopt Me, the most visited game, Murder Mystery, Jailbreak, Brookhaven, and  MeepCity, are the top favorites.

61. The Oldest Game from the Top 10 Most Visited Games List of August is Murder Mystery 2

Sources have revealed the Top 10 Most Visited Roblox Games. Amongst them, Murder Mystery 2 is the oldest.

Roblox Popularity Facts and Statistics

Be it the popularity of demographics, and there are many things about Roblox that you would find surprising. But what are they? Let’s check it out!

Popularity Facts and Statistics 

62. 26,953 Roblox Experiences Accounted for 100,000 Visits in 2021

Roblox gameplays are termed experiences. Back in 2021, approximately 27k experiences had recorded more than 1 lac visits.

63. Roblox Recorded 11.3 Billion Engagement Hours only in the Second Quarter of 2022

Roblox engagement hours increased by 16% in one year. Thus it reached 11.3 billion in the second quarter of 2022.

64. Roblox Recorded 4.739 Billion Hours, the Greatest of All Time Daily Active Users on July,22

The number of daily active users on Roblox has highs and lows. Yet, it showed the most in July 2022.

65. Roblox Daily Active Users’ Rose Upto 40% from 2020 to 2021

There were 32.6 million daily active users on the platform in 2020. It Hiked to 45.5 million in the next year.

66. A Daily Roblox User Spends an Average of 2.6 Hours on the Platform 

Daily users of Roblox spend 2.6 hours on average on it, which equals 156 minutes.

67. People from 180 Countries Use Roblox

You would think of it as that popular in the States. But users from 180 countries use it.

68. North America has the Largest Number of Active Roblox Users: 32%

North America, including USA and Canada, has the highest active users.

69. 14.5 Million Daily Active Users Hail from USA and Canada 

About 14.5M of daily active users on Roblox are solely from USA and Canada.

70. Europe has 29% Roblox Users

After North America, Roblox is the second most popular in Europe. This equals 29%.

71. Roblox has 6.8M Asian Daily Active Users

Of its massive global user base, about 6.8M hail from Asia.

72. Roblox is a Home to 12 Million Creators

Roblox’s experiences and opportunity to create give a homely feel to developers and creators. So, the latter ones call it their home.

73. From 2008 Upto 2021, Roblox Has Provided 29 Million Gameplay

Roblox has 29 million gameplays only from 2008 to now.

74. Roblox Has Paid $538 Million to its Game Developers Worldwide

Together the platform has paid USD 538 only to its game developers.

75. Roblox’s Highest Number of Simultaneous Active Users is 5.7 million

At a particular instant, there were as many as 5.7 million unique players on the platform using it simultaneously.

76. Out of its Users, 9-12 Year Old Kids Play Roblox the Most. These are 26% of its Total Users. 

You might be aware that Roblox is quite popular amongst Kids. Besides that, these ranging between 9-12 years old account for its maximum user base of about 26%.

77. Roblox is 17 years old.

Roblox came up in 2006. From then to 2023, the age of the platform will be 17 years.

78. Adopt Me! Has the Highest Fame on Roblox

Users, especially kids, have loved this game. The game has been more than 25 billion times. Besides, it also accounts for the most concurrent players ever on Roblox.

79. Roblox Corporation Ranks 312th in the List of Most Valuable Company 

The total value of Roblox’s shares to estimate at $56.6 billion.

80. Roblox has a Massive User Base than Minecraft 

While you would think of Minecraft as legendary with most players, it’s not the truth. In 2021, Roblox had 200 million monthly players, while Minecraft had 140 million.

81. Roblox Has 500M+ Android Downloads

Yes, the circle of Roblox players relies significantly on mobile gaming. It has more than 500M downloads on PlayStore, which are huge.

82. Roblox Has 85,24,010 Reviews on the App Store 

A considerable number of reviews for Roblox on AppStore imply that users are enjoying the game on iOS as well.

83. Amongst Roblox Developers, 32 of them are even Millionaires 

About 29 Roblox developers have fetched more than $ 1 million. Surprisingly, three have made a mark of more than $10M. Thus, 32 developers are millionaires.

84. Only 3,800 Roblox Developers are Eligible to Convert Their Earnt Penny into Actual Currency

Roblox gives most of the earnings to developers as Robux. Everyone can’t exchange it with real-time currency. Hence, nearly 3800 only qualify for its conversion into a legitimate currency.

85. Roblox Has Rose to Become the Best Popular Game Amongst Children and Teenagers 

The age group under 16 uses Roblox the most for gameplay or access it.

86. Roblox Also Targets Adults Over the Age of 25

People or Adults aged more than 25 accounts for 14% of Roblox Users. Thus, you shouldn’t believe it’s merely for children or youngsters.

87. Roblox Users Spend a Mean of $15 for Robux Monthly

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Roblox users do spend their money to get Robuck. They spend an average of 15 bucks on it.

88. Roblox Earned $1.31 Billion in the First Sixth Months of 2021

With users spending hugely on Robux, the platform amassed colossal wealth.

89. Roblox Users from USA and Canada Purchased the Most Robux in 2020

With huge fandom and user base in North America, their players purchased the most Robuck In 2020.

Top 5 Roblox Scariest Facts

Apart from scary Roblox games, there are a lot of horror mysteries on the platform. Even some experiences, let’s dig into it.

Roblox Scariest Facts 

90. Following SMILE Deleted Roblox Account 

There was a user SMILE. She used to send I need you here messages with a game link to others. Following the link would lead to a black screen. Further, a scary floating head and spooky bloodshot eyes. Going ahead, their computer would crash. Rebooting it, changed the desktop wallpaper to their game’s location. Next, logging in with Roblox specified that their account was deleted.

91. Buying Void Dominus Used to Erase the User’s Account

Void Dominus was a limited edition product of Builder’s Community. The person who bought it got his account erased. Further, Dark Dominus is deleted and indicates an interrogation symbol.

92. The Translucent Shaggy Hair, Melvin 

Melvin is another horror aspect of the game. When joining Phantom Forces, Roblox redirected and joined them in another game. It has a black screen having some spooky shaggy hair. The players can’t exit the game; instead, it crashes. Further, you find the shaggy hair or Melvin in the game inventory.

A renowned Roblox kid gamer, Melvin played the game Blue in 2007. He passed away the following year due to cancer. Roblox brought this item in his honor but took it off later. Rumors suggest it triggered Melvin’s soul and took away a kid’s life every year who passed the game. After that, it also deleted the user’s account.

93. A Hacker Attacked Roblox in 2012, Caused Roblox Web to Shutdown 

Back in 2012, a user had two accounts that he copied from some other user. Further, Roblox banned his account due to that. In revenge, the person hacked the Roblox website and even captured its economy. This led to the shutdown of its website, and now the person is one of the platform’s moderators.

94. The Vault 8166 Leading to an Accident during Gameplay 

Back on 15th November 2016, a gamer was playing a teleporter game when he was a victim of an accident. Alternatively, he started the campaign Evil Is Operating Behind Our Eyes. It has a privileged location, Vault 8166, where different people can access other users’ profiles. No one had seen the post later. However, the person uploaded footage of the Vault that was horrific and specified Warning, we are watching you. After some bizarre and scary incidents, a character attacks, and the recording distort. It also killed them, but nothing much is known about this underrated mystery.

8 Facts About Roblox: Not Safe For Kids

Though popular amongst kids, several events specify that it’s unsafe for kids. Be it horror, action, or adult experiences, let’s roll over to them.

Roblox: Not Safe For Kids

95. Roblox: The Children’s Game with a Sex Problem

Roblox is a platform that adheres to children’s privacy and protection. Yet, several games violate it, where they openly discuss adult-ish stuff with the players.

96. Obby Games Scares Children to the Core of their Hearts 

Obby Games is where kids wander from here to there to complete challenges. Yet, monsters and horrendous toys stand Midway that has shaken children’s hearts.

97. Survive the Killers Teribbly Stabs and Shoots Children

Another game is for kids but not for those below 13. Players have different ammunition, and a serial killer wanders here and stab or shoot them. The relentless attack has a destructive impact on kids.

98. Dance Club is All About Dirty Moves and Romantic Scenes

One of the games, Dance Club, isn’t safe for kids. Players tuning into the game are all here; others perform dirty moves. Even they see inappropriate adult scenes in front of kids.

99. Shower Simulator is where Players Take a Collective Bath Irrespective of Genders

Reports suggest that kids have played with Shower Simulator. It’s where players take a bath together in swimsuits. This is where their adult conversations with sexual content happen amongst them.

100. Shedletsky’s Dirty Place Involves Playing Sex Games with Kids Under 13

Shedletsky’s dirty place is a game that emphasizes grabbing the attention of kids below 13. All adult activities, events, and sex games are played with kids once they enter the home. They don’t understand what gets on but have a harmful impact, and some even get nightmares.

101. Roblox Accused of a Young Girl’s Safety 

A parent sued Roblox, Discord, Snapchat, and Instagram. Some people connected with her young girl on Roblox. Afterward, they insisted the minor communicate with them on other platforms. Further, they manipulated and forced her to take prescription drugs, drink alcohol and even smoke. Later they demanded her sexually explicit photos, and she even transferred them money.

102. Roblox Parent Accounts Gave Easy Access 

Roblox once supported Parent Accounts also. Rumors suggest that a glitch on Roblox lets users act as a parent for any player. They were doing so and required only the other player’s username. It gave parents’ accounts access to check their moderation history. Such inappropriate parent accounts even threaten their privacy.


If you were searching for 100+ Roblox Statistics, you would have gotten your answer. The platform was started in 2006, with its initial name being Dynablocks. Soon after that, people were finding it difficult to pronounce, and that’s when the makers rebranded it to Dynablocks. It’s a home for developers as they earn all from game development with it.

Surprisingly, it’s the most popular and largest crossplay gaming platform, more significant than Minecraft. Its popularity is in North America, including States and Canada. Most of its users are children and teens. Secret sources have also hinted at scary mysteries in their experiences on Roblox. Specific reports and games also suggest that it’s not safe for kids. But parent supervision makes things simpler. So, what are you waiting for? Dig into the 3D virtual gameplay now!

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