How to Activate Netflix on TV –

How To Activate Netflix On TV

Netflix is one of the most desired online streaming platforms. It has reached almost every corner of the world. Millions of people choose to watch shows, reality TV dramas, movies, and soap on this platform. The Netflix trending show always becomes the talk of the town and instantly grabs the world’s attention.  So, if you … Read more

YouTube TV Promo Codes 2023 – Get Upto 50% Discount

Youtube TV Promo Codes

Nowadays, users have a lot of options when it comes to online streaming platforms. But the option becomes narrower when you want all leading channels in one place. YouTube TV is one of the streaming platforms offering a list of exemplary live channels at a reasonable price of $64.99 per month. However, customers can get … Read more

WhatsApp Proxy Server – How to Configure, Setup & Use?

WhatsApp Proxy Server

WhatsApp has launched its latest Android, iOS, and Windows update for proxy servers. With this feature, users can use WhatsApp without an internet connection or if there is any app usage disruption. A WhatsApp proxy server can be helpful for users to use the services of the media platform even if it is banned or … Read more

HBO Max Statistics 2023 – Users, Growth & Facts

HBO Max Statistics

HBO Max was launched to compete with other T.V. streaming show platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. However, HBO Max had a T.V. media in the U.S., HBO, which was accumulated with the shows and streams of Warner Bros, which had Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, TBS, and TNT. HBO Max already had an existing … Read more

Google Statistics 2023 – Users, Revenue and Growth

Google Statistics

Google has become the most used multi-tasking user platform web search engine having around 270 million users. Google operates on nearly 40,000 queries based on the user’s search requirement per second, which nearly accumulates to 3.5 billion daily users globally. Life has become so much easier after the availability of search engines like Google, where … Read more

How To Stream Crunchyroll On Discord?

How To Stream Crunchyroll

Scouting for ways to stream Crunchyroll on Discord? Crunchyroll is the most favored platform available on Discord. It will provide over 1000 show titles to watch anime series with your friends and colleagues as the platform is being recognized day-by-day, where users can search for various anime shows and stream them online. Discord provides a … Read more

WhatsApp Web Login: Access On Desktop Anytime, Anywhere

Whatsapp Web Login On Web Desktop App

WhatsApp is becoming our habit for messaging our friends and family. It is one of the most widely favored messaging apps boasting 2 billion users worldwide. But do you know that WhatsApp is not only for your phone? It can also work on your desktop.  If you want to use your phone sparingly, the WhatsApp … Read more

Facebook Statistics 2023: Users, Growth & Facts

Facebook Statistics

Facebook is undoubtedly the most-prominent user platform in terms of social media applications. Still, the platform is now preferred more by the old age than Gen Z because of its growing popularity among 50-64 years aged users. However, the platform is still the third most searched social media app globally, only after Google and YouTube. … Read more

Telegram Statistics (2023) – Users, Facts And Figures

Telegram Statistics Facts And Figures

Telegram is a utility-based direct messaging platform where users can send and receive text, voice, video calls, and media file messages. It resembles Facebook messenger in terms of its usage. Telegram has around 550 million user base, which makes it similar to the size of a country for its huge number of users and will … Read more

TV Viewership Statistics & Data (2023) – Advertising, Ratings

TV Viewership Statistics

Television has been the main source of our entertainment for decades. We all love watching our favorite show whenever we get free time. As technology advances, TV is becoming smarter. There are chances that our entertainment through television will increase in the future. Although the ways we watch television now may be entirely different from how … Read more