Telegram Statistics (2023) – Users, Facts And Figures

Telegram Statistics Facts And Figures

Telegram is a utility-based direct messaging platform where users can send and receive text, voice, video calls, and media file messages. It resembles Facebook messenger in terms of its usage. Telegram has around 550 million user base, which makes it similar to the size of a country for its huge number of users and will … Read more

TV Viewership Statistics & Data (2023) – Advertising, Ratings

TV Viewership Statistics

Television has been the main source of our entertainment for decades. We all love watching our favorite show whenever we get free time. As technology advances, TV is becoming smarter. There are chances that our entertainment through television will increase in the future. Although the ways we watch television now may be entirely different from how … Read more

How to Activate Netflix on TV using

How To Activate Netflix On TV

Netflix is one of the most desired online streaming platforms. It has reached almost every corner of the world. Millions of people choose to watch shows, reality TV dramas, movies, and soap on this platform. The Netflix trending show always becomes the talk of the town and instantly grabs the world’s attention.  So, if you … Read more

Hollywood Film Industry Statistics & Facts 2023

Hollywood Film Industry Statistics

The Hollywood film industry is important in enriching the American lifestyle and the economy through its vast revenue intake. Moreover, in 2021, Hollywood ranked second regarding box office returns, one step below China but surpassed many economic countries in Asia and Europe, including Japan and the United Kingdom. Hollywood Surpassed the film Industry in the … Read more

Twitter Statistics (2023)- Facts And Figures

Twitter Statistics- Facts And Figures

You must be aware of the recent changes in Twitter work policies, staff management, blue tick availability, reinstating Twitter spaces, and the most prominent of all was the resignation of Elon Musk as Twitter CEO. However, the platform managed to build a user base of 237.8 billion active users regularly and 368 million monthly active … Read more

Apple Statistics For 2023: Users, Growth & Facts

Apple Statistics Users, Growth & Facts

Apple is a world-renowned technology company that came to rise with its smartphone brand iPhone. It was established in 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, who was trying to create a computer. At that time, we could not have imagined that this company would be a household name worldwide one day. Apple has seen … Read more

YouTube Statistics 2023: Users, Growth & Facts

Youtube statistics

YouTube has become the most favored video-sharing and streaming platform since its inception in 2005. The platform has grown bigger, more powerful, and more rapid since its creation and has more than 2.6 billion users. So understanding YouTube Statistics will be the best way to understand its credibility. It is expected that YouTube will have … Read more

Instagram Statistics For 2023: Interesting Facts And Figures

Instagram Statistics Facts And Figures

Instagram has become the fastest-growing social media platform among users because of its evolving and changing features, such as message disappearing, reels, and a creator desk for its users. The app is preferred among those who like being socially active in today’s world. The platform increased its economic base by accumulating users and generating high … Read more

TikTok Statistics (2023) – Users, Growth & Facts

TikTok Statistics

TikTok has emerged as a rising platform among users, especially young people, because of its trends and the large availability of major brands and product advertisements, making it the most-favored user platform between the ages of 13-60 years. TikTok has developed a marketing competition among the most prestigious market entrepreneurs because of its rising popularity. … Read more

Is Instagram Down Right Now – Why Is Insta Not Working?

Is Instagram Not Working

Instagram is a favorite networking site where users upload and share their statuses and emotion through pictures. To make the site more user-friendly and alluring, Instagram constantly updates. It is one of the major reasons that cause a lot of vulnerability to the platform.  So, don’t be surprised if you go to the app and … Read more