How to Download Facebook Videos – Easy & Quick Methods

Facebook is a great way to escape reality for a moment. One of the most famous social networking sites, Facebook, has millions of new video uploads daily. You can watch them for hours without getting bored. But are you wondering how to download Facebook videos?

You are at the right place. We will fill you in on the method of downloading Facebook videos with the Proper steps for android, iOS, and desktop and with images for the steps.

Social networking sites like Facebook do not let you officially download the video for copyright and revenue reasons. They encourage you to post the direct link of the video or post it on your feed so that it will continue to rack up views and the ads revenue for them. Although they give a “Save Button” on each video instead of downloading it, it only saves in your favorite list of watching.


Fortunately, there are still ways to do it. You can watch these videos offline when you do not have an internet connection or want to save some recipes you like for future use. No matter your reasons, there are ways to download this video on PC, iOS, and android. Now, let’s start to learn the process.

How To Download Facebook Videos On Desktop?

As we already said, Facebook gives the Save button next to almost every video but will only save the video in the Save Video section of your account, which is not our primary goal. We want to download it permanently.

Because if the owner of the video deletes the original file, we will also lose them from your account. Also, we could not watch the video of the “Save Video” section offline. But this move is restricted by Facebook.

If you want to download a video, ensure they do not have copyright restrictions. Otherwise, you can land yourself in trouble. Nevertheless, we trust you to use the Facebook download video wisely. 

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The proper steps for downloading Facebook videos seem confusing, so we have to provide appropriate steps for desktop download with images for steps. You can easily download the video if you follow the steps. These steps work on the chrome web browser for both Mac and Windows. The instruction is as follows:


1. Using GetfVid?


Although the above method is simple and easy, it has a big drawback. You cannot choose the Facebook video quality using the methods mentioned above. All the videos are available on the standard quality of your device. Although it is not a big problem for all, some of us like to watch videos only in HD quality. To overcome this limitation, we have devised the perfect method GetfVid.

As Facebook holds many videos with different qualities, we need a method by which we can download videos with just a few clicks. A cumbersome way and low quality can suck the joy of watching a Facebook video offline.

That is why we have found the perfect solution in GetfVid. It is a free online site that lets you download videos from Facebook without registration. Plus, unlike other sites, it allows you to download private videos. To download Facebook videos, we provide the steps for the desktop with an image as follows:


How To Download Facebook Videos On Mobile For IOS?


Downloading Facebook videos on mobile is a different game from downloading videos on a desktop. After all, a desktop comes with various options to download video, but a mobile does not.

Although many third-party apps claim they will do the job, we only had a little luck with most of them. Hence you must have tried long searching for a Facebook downloader but had yet to find an ideal solution.

After a lot of testing, find one website that works like a charm when downloading videos from Facebook for iOS. You can also use this method for desktop and android. Its name is This method is not only for iOS but also for android. 

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You will need to download Firefox Browser on your iPhone or iPad. Because does not work correctly in safari. However, you can only download the videos which are publicly shared. The Proper steps for downloading Facebook videos on iOS are as follows:


How To Download Videos From Facebook On Mobile For Android?


Android certainly has more options than iOS when downloading Facebook videos. But all third-party apps will work is not guaranteed. Plus, there is always the risk of losing personal data to these apps. Therefore, we must choose a trustworthy and effective app for downloading Facebook videos.

Suppose you need to find out which app is the best for downloading Facebook videos for android. We have found the answer for you, the TubeMate app. Downloading Facebook videos With TubeMate is like a breeze. Below we have explained how you can download FB videos with TubeMate in proper steps and with images for steps.

Download Tubemate on your android device, but you can not download it from the Google Play store as it has the feature to download YouTube videos. So Google has blocked the app. so it can not affect its revenue from YouTube. Uptodown or SlideME are verified sites from which you can download the app.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to download videos from Facebook on a Samsung device?

Unlike other android devices, you do not need any third-party app or website to download video on a Samsung device. You can directly download it from this method. Go to the chrome browser and open the Facebook video you want to download. Tap on it to play in full screen. Long press the video, and you will get the download option. And click on it, and the process is complete.

How to download videos from Facebook by Plugin?

Adding a plugin to download Facebook videos is easy. We use FBDown for it. Go to the chrome store and type “FBDown Video Downloader” to find the attachment. Click on add to chrome button to install. Open any video you want to download on Facebook, and your plugin will detect it, and its icon will turn green. Click on the icon and select the video quality. Lastly, like downloading your video, and that is it.

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What is the best app for downloading Facebook videos for android?

The TubeMate app works best if you want to download Facebook videos on your android device. You have to download it from a verified site like Uptodown or SlideME, as the play store does not have it.


Now you understand how to download Facebook videos with the Proper steps for android, iOS, and desktop. As you have seen in the article, it is easy to download Facebook videos on different devices. You need to know the right trick for the problem. An effective website and application will make your downloading work easier on Facebook.

However, if you want, you can directly download the videos from the chrome browser. If next time you like any fantastic video on Facebook, download it by using any of the methods mentioned in the article and enjoy that video if you have offline time too. Hopefully, you have liked all the processes.

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