70+ ChatGPT Stats and Facts in 2024

In 2024, we can see the significant progress that ChatGPT has made in language processing and generation. This AI-based platform has been helping people worldwide generate human-like text, answer their queries, and provide an enhanced language experience.

Many people use it for their work as it produces almost human-like content. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. ChatGPT is capable of more than for what it is used. It is used worldwide, but not many users know of it, and some interesting facts.

People wonder what exactly ChatGPT is and what its capabilities are. For that, we have compiled a list of many ChatGPT Stats and unknown facts that you’ll be shocked to know.

This article will tell you 30+ ChatGPT stats and interesting facts.

What Is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an AI-based platform that uses natural language processing (NLP) techniques to generate human-like text, answer queries, and provide users with an enhanced language experience.

OpenAI developed it and used the GPT-3.5 architecture, a powerful language model that can generate human-like text. ChatGPT is designed to be easy to use and can be accessed through a web-based interface.

greg chatgpt stats

Here’s an overview of ChatGPT.

OpenAI’s Chat GPT: Highlights
Owned by OpenAI
Headquarters Pioneer Building in Mission District, San Francisco
Launch Date 30 November 2022
Userbase Count Over 100 Million
Knowledgebase Till Sept. 2021
Daily Users 13 Million
Model Fine-tuned GPT-3.5 (text-DaVinci-003)
Dataset Size 570 GBs; 175 Billion Parameters
Queries Per Day 10 Million Approx.
Cloud Infrastructure Microsoft Azure
Forecasted Revenue $200 million by the end of 2023, $1 billion by the end of 2024

When Was ChatGPT Released?

When was Chatgpt launched

ChatGPT was released in stages like GPT-1 to GPT-4. The original version, GPT-1, was released on June 11th, 2018, with the most recent development, GPT-4, released on March 14th, 2023.

ChatGPT Stats And Facts:

Now that we have understood ChatGPT, let’s move on to some key statistics and facts.

ChatGPT Stats
  • ChatGPT has one million users just after one week after its release.
  • About 1 billion people visit the ChatGPT website every month, and about 100 million actively use it.
  • The tool gained 1 million users in just five days, the fastest growth rate for a consumer application in history.
  • OpenAI estimated that ChatGPT will make $200 million in income by the end of 2023 and $1 billion by the end of 2024.
  • ChatGPT has 570 gigabytes of written data, about 164,129 times the number of words in the Lord of the Rings series, including The Hobbit.
  • On Microsoft’s Azure Cloud, the tool costs about $100,000 per day or $3 million per month to run, and each word it makes costs $0.0003.
  • In January 2023, the site had an average of 13 million unique users per day, and the number of visitors was growing by about 3.4% per day.
  • Most people who visit OpenAI’s website are between the ages of 18 and 34 (62.52%), and most are men (65.68%) rather than women (34.32%).
    53% of people can’t tell that AI, not humans created the content.
  • When GPT-3 came out, it caused the price of AI tokens crypto to go up by up to 76.7%.
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Active Users Of ChatGPT:

After GPT-4 was released in March 2023, more than a billion people visited the ChatGPT website. Compared to February 2023, the number of active users was less than 1 billion. Here’s the total number of users who visited the website in different months.

Sr.No Month The number of total visits on the ChatGPT website. 
1 March 2023 1.6 billion
2 February 2023 1 billion
3 January 2023 616 million
4 December 2023 266 million
5 November 2023 152.7 million

Which Country Has The Highest Users Of ChatGPT?

Currently, the USA has the highest number of active users on ChatGPT, followed by India. Here’s the list of other countries that has the highest user base of ChatGPT.

United States 11.72%
India 10.67%
Japan 4.29%
France 3.98%
Indonesia 3.45%
Canada 3.04%
Other countries 62.85%

ChatGPT- Fastest Platform To Cross One Million User Base

ChatGPT Fastest Platform To Cross One Million User

As mentioned earlier, the ChatGPT platform crossed a one million user base just a week after its release. It is the fastest platform which crossed a one million user base. Here’s a comparison data of ChatGPT with other platforms.

Sr.No. Platform Year Time required to cross 1 billion users. 
1 ChatGPT 2022 5 days
2 Instagram. 2010 2 months
3 Spotify 2008 5 months
4 Dropbox 2008 7 months
5 Facebook 2004 10 months
6 FourSquare 2009 13 months
7 Twitter 2006 2 years
8 Airbnb 2008 2.5 years
9 Kickstarter 2009 2.5 years
10 Netflix 1999 3.5 years

ChatGPT Daily Users

From the date of its release, ChatGPT has taken the world by storm, quickly gaining a large number of users. The AI machine had an amazing 100 million users just two months after its release. This makes it one of the fastest-growing consumer platforms in recent history.

With 13 million daily visitors and a steadily growing user base, it’s no surprise that ChatGPT is expected to hit an even more impressive milestone: one billion users by the end of 2023. ChatGPT’s rapid growth is proof to how well it reads language, how easy it is to use, and how well it can connect people in a natural way. 

Some Limitations of ChatGPT

ChatGPT is great, but it has some limitations not everyone knows. Here’s a list of some limitations. 

  • As the model is trained on a large body of text, it may represent biases and misunderstandings in that data.
  • ChatGPT can have trouble understanding inputs that are too noisy, too vague, or have typos.
  • ChatGPT can only give answers based on what it has seen in the training data. It may not always be original or think outside the box.
  • As a machine learning model, ChatGPT can be affected by inputs that trick or confuse it.
  • ChatGPT may give direct, straightforward answers that don’t consider the question’s meaning or context.
  • The model has been trained on a wide range of topics, but it might be unable to answer questions about niche or specific subjects.
  • Even though the ChatGPT model is taught to ignore inappropriate requests, it sometimes does what it is told, even though it is inappropriate or answers questions that are bad for it.
  • ChatGPT doesn’t have enough general knowledge or common sense.
  • Some users were able to get around the content policy and give out dangerous directions by using prompt engineering.
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ChatGPT Information is Limited to 2021

ChatGPT is a very advanced language model made by OpenAI. Its goal is to give users knowledge and answer their questions in the best way possible. But it is important to remember that the ChatGPT platform is trained about information until 2021. That means it doesn’t know anything after 2021. This means it might not have the latest information about things that have happened or changed since then. Even though this is a limitation you should be aware of when using ChatGPT, it is still a very useful way to learn about a wide range of subjects.

How Much Does It Cost to Run ChatGPT?

There are no official data from OpenAI regarding the cost they incur while running ChatGPT. But there are some other platforms and research which suggest some numbers. Here are some of them discussed.

Introducing ChatGPT
  • Experts in the software business say that ChatGPT costs at least $100,000 daily, or $3 million monthly, to run. This is because ChatGPT runs on top of Microsoft’s Azure Cloud technology, which costs $3 per hour for a single A100GPU supercomputer cluster.
  • Because the average ChatGPT answer is about 30 words long, some think the company pays about one cent for every user question. This comes out to about $0.03 per word that ChatGPT generates.
  • The CEO of OpenAI, Sam Altman, has said on the record that the costs of running ChatGPT are very high. In response to a Twitter user, he said, “We will have to find a way to make money off it at some point because the computing costs are so high.”

How Much Does It Cost To Use ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is free to use right now. The free version gives you a fully functional “research preview” of ChatGPT. This lets OpenAI determine the system’s strengths and flaws and get feedback from early adopters. OpenAI has also released “ChatGPT Plus,” a paid version of the tool. This costs $20 monthly and is meant to help ChatGPT make money.

How Much Money Does ChatGPT Make?

OpenAI predicted that ChatGPT’s income would be around $200 million by the end of 2023 and that it would be $1 billion by the end of 2024. If these estimates come true, the tool will have made an average of $547,945 per day in 2023 and $2,732,240 per day in 2024. According to Semafor, OpenAI would be worth $29 billion if Microsoft put $10 billion into it, which the Microsoft company is planning to do.

Which Country Doesn’t Have ChatGPT Support?

Most countries in the world support ChatGPT. Support here doesn’t mean that they contribute or donate of any kind. Support here means that ChatGPT is available in those countries. ChatGPT is used in almost all countries except the following.

  • China
  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • Belarus
  • Venezuela
  • Afghanistan
  • Iran
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How Long Did It Take To Train ChatGPT?

If a single NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPU trained the ChatGPT platform, it would have taken about 355 years to train with the data it has now. But it has been said that OpenAI trained ChatGPT with 1,023 A100 GPUs. This means the training could have been done in as little as 34 days.

Basics About ChatGPT Plus

Many users were happy that ChatGPT was released, but not all users were aware of its features. Let’s talk about some basics of ChatGPT Plus.

  • OpenAI recently announced ChatGPT, one of its most famous chatbots. It is based on GPT-4, which is far more advanced than its predecessor GPT 3.5.
  • The company released ChatGPT Plus on February 1, 2023. It is an upgraded form of the chatbot that will cost $20 per month.
  • With ChatGPT Plus, users will be able to use the AI chatbot first, even during busy times.
  • This means that the AI machine will be able to answer your questions faster and work better for you.
  • OpenAI also says that people who use ChatGPT Plus will be the first to know about new features and changes as they come out.
  • Right now, only people in the United States who are invited by OpenAI can use the ChatGPT Plus plan.
  • But the company plans to make the plan available in more countries and areas soon.
  • If you use ChatGPT a lot, the paid plan might be a good choice.
  • With faster response times and early access to new features, this powerful AI chatbot will be even more helpful.

Unknown Facts About OpenAI

OpenAI is the company behind ChatGPT, and not many users know about it. Here are some brief facts about the company.

  • Sam Altman is the head of OpenAI.
  • Microsoft, Khosla Ventures, and Reid Hoffman, who helped start LinkedIn, all invested money on OpenAI. 
  • Elon Musk, Greg Brockman, Sam Altman, Ilya Sutskever, and John Schulman started OpenAI in 2015.
  • As of 2023, the worth of OpenAI is estimated to be $29 billion.
  • Microsoft spent $10 billion on OpenAI in the year 2023.
  • OpenAI has the ability to generate a text from an image for 2 cents.
  • Companies like Microsoft, Khosla Ventures, and Infosys support open AI.
  • In 2019, OpenAI went from a non-profit to a “capped” for-profit. They set the maximum profit on any investment and try to create 100x profit.
  • In the year 2020, OpenAI came out with GPT-3. It is a language model that has been taught with the trillions of words that are available online.
  • In 2021, the company released DALL-E. The software uses the info given to make images that look realistic.
  • Reports say that the secondary share sale gave OpenAI a value of $20 billion.
  • The group predicts that it will make $200 million in 2023.
  • OpenAI estimates it will make $1 billion by the end of 2024.
  • The company has more than 100 employees.


ChatGPT is growing fast at an incomparable pace. The platform is highly usable and used by over 1 billion users worldwide. That means over 10% of the world’s total population uses ChatGPT. It is a great platform, and here we have mentioned some of the unknown and great insights. Read the article and share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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