Myself Samuel, Author and Founder of this blog, a full time DOP Artist and writer. Want to offer you a full entertainment package. My lifetime interests are into Movies, Web series & Music, and completely into entertainment and I love to capture greatest shots for Movies, Events and Wildlife and had a thought to start this brand called New Vision Theaters.

Since my 20’s I have had an exceptional view towards films and music. My friend used to say that I have a great sense of taste about movies and I also use to give them recommendations on which movie they should watch on weekends. 

Later on, I discovered that by creating short clips and doing some edits I made really cool videos of movies in order to make others get an overview about the movies. Newvisiontheatres will help you enjoy the best movies and music pertaining your favorite Actor, director or musician. I have made reviews about the movies that you have never heard of and would love to show them in an interesting manner.

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My most genuine attempt to make you well verse with Movies and music seen in detailed manner in my blog and upon that if you feel you got any further views, comments or queries as such contact