10 Instagram Analytics Tools For Data-Driven Insights

From its humble beginning as a photo-sharing app, Instagram has become one of the biggest business hubs. Millions of Instagram users have struck gold by implementing smart marketing strategies for their products. Instagram analytics tools can help you assess your performance, compare it against your rivals, and offer effective tools to plan a counter strategy. 

If you aspire to expand your reach, engage a broader audience, and promote your brand effectively, you must do what successful marketers do.

However, picking the right analytics solution can be a huge headache, as over 60 such tools are available online. I will guide you through the finest options to make things easier.

Top 10 Instagram Analytics Tools in 2023:

Based on the reviews from popular Instagram influencers and feedback from our team, I have curated this list of the 10 best Instagram analytics tools. Let’s dive in:

1. Social Pilot:

social pilot social media scheduling tools

Let’s begin with Social Pilot, one of the fastest-growing Instagram analytics tools in recent years. This tool allows you to link all your Instagram business accounts and analyze them from a single platform. It produces cumulative analytics reports for your posts and provides insights into your audience demographics so you know what strategies are effective for your brand and what isn’t.

With Social Pilot, you can get a complete overview of your content performance, which you can compare with various profiles across social media platforms to gauge relative growth.

Moreover, you can get a comprehensive breakdown of your audience, including their age, gender, and location, allowing you to develop strategies that will create maximum impact on your audience. 

Additionally, you can schedule your posts for when your audience is most active and identify recurring patterns and trends to fine-tune your Instagram strategy.

  • Analyze your profile, posts, stories, and reels individually. 
  • Investigate your followers’ online activity data to determine the optimal posting times.
  • Assess individual post performance and engagement metrics.
  • Get a detailed report of your hashtag performance, including average reach, engagement, and more.


  • Professional – $30/month (10 social accounts)
  • Small Team – $50/month (20 social accounts)
  • Agency – $100/month (30 social accounts)
  • Agency + – $200/month (50 social accounts)

2. Sendible:

Sendible campaign scheduler

Sendible is an affordable Instagram analytics tool that caters to all kinds of marketers, agencies, and brands. It allows you to onboard your clients and team members for streamlined collaboration and in-depth performance analysis. 

With Sendible analytics tools, you can extract valuable insights from your Instagram profile, pinpointing the most effective strategies to make a significant impression on your audience. You can quickly generate comprehensive analysis reports for multiple profiles, encompassing metrics like content reach, likes, impressions, comments, demographics, and audience growth.

  • Uncover your best-performing posts and automatically recycle them using a scheduler. 
  • Use a drag-and-drop report builder to craft professional reports customized for each client.
  • Explore the strategy that generates the highest website traffic using the Google Analytics report.
  • Identify your most loyal followers and schedule posts during their peak engagement times.
  • Automatically dispatch reports to crucial stakeholders, team members, and clients daily, weekly, or monthly.


  • Creator – $29/month ( 6 social profiles)
  • Traction – &89/month (24 social profiles)
  • White Label – $240/month (60 social profiles)

3. Rival IQ:

Rival IQ instagram analytical tool

Rival IQ is a top-tier Instagram competitor analysis platform that can give you a significant edge over your social media competitors. It provides real-time insights into various social media handles so you can plan a winning strategy to improve your relative performance and beat the competition. 

With Rival IQ’s competitive social media surveillance and benchmarking tools, you can determine a brand’s strategy, track follower growth, assess posting frequency and engagement rates, and identify its most popular content.

You can also keep tabs on your profile performance and find out profile impressions; followers gain/loss, the optimal time to publish, and more. With all these key metrics, you will understand what works for your competitors and what strategic changes you need to outshine your competitors. 

  • Analyze the preferred post types by monitoring the mentioned sentiments and conversations about your brand. 
  • Run a head-to-hear report against your main Instagram rival. 
  • Create insightful audits with custom reports from multiple social platforms. 
  • Easily explore best/worst-performing content, popular topics, hashtag analytics, and more. 
  • Identify your audience (age, gender ratio, locations) and plan your content that resonates with them. 
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  • Drive – $239/month (10 tracked brands/profiles)
  • Engage – $349/month (20 tracked profiles)
  • Engage Pro – $559/month (40 tracked profiles)

4. Iconosquare

Iconosquare scheduler

Moving on to Iconosquare, a powerful Instagram statistics website where you can evaluate your brand’s performance and optimize your content strategy to surpass competitors. 

The platform offers key Instagram insights for your account and your competitors so that you can judge your relative performance. Iconosquare hashtag and competitor tracking help you understand the latest trends and analyze your rival’s winning strategies. 

You can also understand the engagement level of your posts and make necessary content adjustments accordingly. Furthermore, you can track vital metrics, including followers’ growth, engagement rate, audience preferences, and more. You can strategically schedule your posts to maximize impressions and impact by identifying the most active timeframes.

  • Easy-to-use Instagram analytics to enhance your presentation for your team and clients. 
  • Constrict a custom dashboard featuring the specific insights you wish to track. 
  • Receive automatic updates to your email inbox. 
  • Export any data for any period through visual graphs with a simple click.
  • Examine the growth and demographics of your community, including location, language, age, and gender.


  • Pro – $49/month (3 social profiles)
  • Advanced – $79/month (5 social profiles)
  • Enterprise – $139/month (10 social profiles)

5. Hootsuite:

Hootsuite scheduling tools for marketers

Hootsuite is a premium social media analytics software that delivers exceptional scheduling and analytical tools tailored for agencies and brand managers. It incorporates multiple social profiles into a single hub, enabling you to determine the best-performing strategies to grow your brand ahead of your competitors. 

Hootsuite offers advanced analytics tools that can highlight how your content directly impacts web traffic, lead generation, and revenue. You can also review key metrics, such as engagement, reach, peak engagement hours, followers’ activities, and demographics. Based on these Instagram follower stats, you can pinpoint the ideal time to publish your posts for maximum impression. 

  • A unified platform to keep track of your brand performance, audience, and competitors. 
  • Generate personalized reports and compare historical data to analyze your overall performance.
  • Easily distribute analytics reports to your team and clients directly from the Hootsuite dashboard.
  • Determine which profiles are the top revenue generators.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of paid Instagram ads.


  • Professional – $99/month (10 social accounts)
  • Team – $249/month (20 social accounts)
  • Enterprise – Custom pricing (starts with 50 social accounts)

6. Sprout Social:

SproutSocial social media scheduling

My next recommendation is Sprout Social, one of the top Instagram analytics tools that can swiftly propel your brand forward within a matter of days. It expedites the data collection process and highlights key performance indicators for the brands to focus on. 

It features a user-friendly centralized dashboard where you can monitor all your connected Instagram profiles and their relative performance metrics. This includes total Instagram impressions, follower activity, post engagement, top-performing content, and more.

You can use these benchmarks to compare your growth against competitors or with your past performance and discover new opportunities to expand your foothold. 

Additionally, thanks to shareable and ready-to-present reports, you can demonstrate your results to your team members or clients. 

  • Track Instagram Stories, reels, and posts to measure impact and craft future content strategies.
  • Measure follower growth, engagement rate, and most loyal audience so that you can curate content to their preferences.
  • Discover the latest hashtag trends used by your competitors and top influencers. 
  • Download PDF reports or export CSV data for performance analysis. 
  • Use Instagram Story analytics to measure the long-term impact of your stories via clicks, replies, save, and more. 
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  • Standard – $249/month (5 social profiles)
  • Professional – $399/month (Unlimited)
  • Advanced – $499/month (Unlimited)
  • Enterprise – Custom pricing

7. Minter.io:

minter io Instagram Analytics Tools

Focusing primarily on Instagram follower analytics, Minter.io is a pocket-friendly option for individual marketers, agencies, and brands. You can track your Instagram audience growth and followers’ demographics and activities. You can find out where your followers come from, their age and gender, etc.

With Minter.io, you can understand the evolution and preferences of your audience so that you can tailor your content to their specific interests. Furthermore, you can also scrutinize your content strategy, uncover your popular posts, and identify when they receive the highest engagement.  

Lastly, Minter.io provides comprehensive insights into your post and story performance, offering key metrics such as impressions, likes, shares, comments, reach, and more.

  • Generate comprehensive PDF reports on post and profile engagement rates, daily follower gain/loss, popular filters, and more. 
  • Find the best-performing hashtags. 
  • Access your Instagram stories data for as long as you want.
  • Keep track of your brand mentions and respond directly from the dashboard.  
  • Get a detailed breakdown of your paid and organic likes, comments, reach, and impressions.
  • Compare your account performance with others. 


  • Silver – $9/month
  • Gold – $19/month
  • Platinum – $39/month

8. Crowdfire

Crowdfire social media Analytics Tools

Crowdfire is the best Instagram analytics app, free for influencers and small agencies. This platform allows you to streamline the reporting process and better understand your ROI (ROI).

Crowdfire empowers users to build custom reports from all their Instagram profiles displaying the data points of their choice. You can conveniently schedule weekly or monthly performance reports to be delivered directly to your email.

You can also use Crowdfire competitor analysis to spy on any Instagram profile, identify their top-performing posts, unveil their successful strategies, and gain an overview of their performance. With these key metrics at your disposal, you can analyze where you stand against your rivals and what adjustments you need to make to outclass them. 

  • A lifetime free account with generous features. 
  • Review your Instagram business account’s performance (daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly)
  • Check the detailed performance of each post individually. 
  • Use templates to build custom reports and download ready-to-use PPR and PDFs.
  • Download the Crowdfire app for Android or iOS, or add a Chrome extension for faster access. 


  • Free – $0 (3 social accounts)
  • Plus – $9.99/month ( 5 social accounts)
  • Premium – $49.99/month (10 social accounts)
  • VIP – $99.99/month (25 social accounts)

9. Smartmetrics:

Smartmetrics Instagram Analytics Tools

Smartmetrics is one of the few dedicated Instagram analytics tools available right now. It tracks your profile, posts, and stories hourly for real-time updates. Thanks to the centralized dashboard, you can have a weekly or monthly overview of your Instagram account’s statistics, such as followers, posts, and more. 

Everything is displayed in simplified charts and graphs, making it easy to comprehend your performance. You can get insights into your followers’ demography, age, and gender, as well as metrics like profile views, post engagement, follower fluctuations, impressions, and the conversion of interactions into website visits.

This helps you understand your target audience better to plan an effective strategy and create the content your audience loves to see. 

You can extract professionally designed reports for specific timeframes to analyze your growth against competitors or historical performance. 

  • A user-friendly and cost-effective web-based analytics tool suitable for beginners.
  • Over 30 Instagram metrics about your Instagram posts, stories, and profiles. 
  • Export or share the reports with clients in PDF and CSV formats.
  • More than 20 metrics for hashtag analysis.
  • Tracking interactions with your followers, responses to your stories, and hashtag engagement.
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  • 3 profiles – $9/month
  • 7 profiles – $15/month
  • 15 profiles – $39/month

10. Keyhole:

keyhole all in one Instagram Analytics Tools

Wrapping up our list, Keyhole is an all-in-one platform for Instagram analytics free online. It allows you to look into multiple Instagram profiles, brand mentions, influencers, and social media campaigns. Keyhole is known for its ability to extract historical and real-time performance reports. 

Keyhole is probably one of the most complex Instagram analytics tools, providing many solutions for social campaign management, profile analysis, influencer tracking, and trend exploration.

You can keep tabs on your direct competitors and analyze their activities, including follower growth, posts, and engagement rate for any given timeframe.  

Notably, Keyhole’s standout feature is its Influencer tracking capabilities. You can easily hunt down the top influencers across diverse niches on Instagram, compare their performances, and generate ROI reports for any influencer collaboration. If you want to step into an influencer marketing business, Keyhole can be a great asset. 

  • Instantly retrieve ready-made reports for quick presentations.
  • Track mentions of your brand across Instagram and various online platforms.
  • Access personalized insights and real-time optimization recommendations.
  • Identify the top dogs in the industry and compare your mentions against them. 
  • Keep tabs on the performance of hashtags and keywords.
  • Discover the peak hours when your followers are most engaged, and plan your content strategy accordingly.  


  • SMB & Freelancers – $99/month (5 social profiles)
  • Corporate – $299/month (20 social profiles)
  • Agency – $599/month (50 social profiles)
  • Enterprise – Custom pricing (200+ social profiles)

Instagram Analytics Tools Comparison:

Here is a comprehensive analysis of the top Instagram analysis tools:

Tool Starting Price Best For Rating
Social Pilot $30/m All-in-one 7.5/10
Sendible $29/m Small agencies and influencers 8/10
Rival IQ $239/m Big-scale brands and businesses 9/10
Iconosquare $49/m Social media marketers 8.5/10
Hootsuite $99/m Big agencies and brands 9.5/10
Sprout Social $249/m Big agencies and brands 9.5/10
Minter.io $9/m All-in-one 8.5/10
Crowdfire Free Beginners and agencies 7.5/10
Smartmetrics $9/month Insta marketers, small agencies 9/10
Keyhole $99/month Brands and agencies 8/10

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Instagram analytics tools free?

Usually, Instagram analytics tools are not free. However, Crowdfire offers a lifetime free account that you can use to understand the basics. 

Can I use Instagram analytics for other accounts?

Yes. Most Instagram analytics tools provide a competitor analysis feature that allows you to examine any Instagram account. 

What is the best Instagram hashtag analytics tool?

Sprout Social, Smartmetrics, and Hootsuite are the best Instagram analytics tools. 

Which platform generates the best Instagram analytics reports?

Smartmetrics and Iconosquare generate the best-looking Instagram analytics reports. 

Final Word:

When dealing with dozens of data points, manually keeping tabs on each is daunting. While the Instagram analytics tools discussed in this guide cater to a range of professional requirements, all have the potential to unlock significant opportunities for your brand across various social platforms.

As far as Instagram is concerned, a good analytics tool can help you gain followers, increase your engagement, uncover trendy captions/hashtags, and size up your competition effectively. 

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