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Instagram is not just known for its features but also for the privacy it offers. Many people use Instagram to upload their photos and videos. However, some people like to keep it private, and others keep it public. The difference is that in private, only your followers can view the photos and videos you upload. However, in public accounts, your profile can be seen by anyone.

It doesn’t matter whether they are your followers or not. But is it possible to see the complete profiles of private accounts on Instagram? Is Instagram Profile Viewer even a thing? Read to find out.

This article will discuss everything about the Instagram Profile Viewer: Is it even a thing in 2023?

What Is Instagram’s Private Profile Viewer?

First, it’s essential to know that Instagram’s privacy rules say that no third-party app or tool can access the private information of Instagram users. This includes private profiles, which can’t be seen by anyone who isn’t explicitly allowed, i.e., followers of that particular profile. Any app or website that says it can show you private Instagram profiles is probably a scam or could be harmful.

Some so-called Instagram profile viewers claim to let you see private profiles. But these are usually scams that try to get your personal information, install malware on your device, or charge you for a service that doesn’t work. Be careful with any website or app that asks for your Instagram login information, as this could compromise the security of your account.

These Instagram Profile viewers may give you a complete public account. But why do you need such platforms when you can access the public account on the Instagram app without even following them?

So, it is safe to say that Instagram Private profile viewer is nothing but a scam. There’s no way you can view any private profile on Instagram without following them. So, don’t get into these scams and save yourself some time.

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How To View Private Instagram Profiles?

As mentioned above, there’s no illegal way to view private Instagram profiles. You can’t view private Instagram profiles with the help of any 3rd party apps or websites. So, cut yourself some time. However, there are some legit ways to view private Instagram profiles. Though not wholly legit, it will make your work easier.

1. Create A Meme Or Random Page:

You can make a Meme page or any other page of any sort. Through this page, you can send requests to your friends and the particular person with whom you want to view the profile. Set your page in such a way that it doesn’t feel like it is a random fake account.

Upload 10-12 photos or videos, follow some accounts, and get follow back before sending a request to the person to whom you want to see the private profile. But remember that this is not legit; it is only for entertainment purposes, and we don’t recommend such acts.

2. Ask Your Friend’s Account:

If your friend follows the person of whom you want to view the private, then you can ask for his id to view the profile of that particular private account. Or if the friend is not ready to give you his account, then maybe ask him to screenshot the profile and send you. When you screenshot a private profile on Instagram, it is not notified to them.

Can I See Who Viewed My Instagram Profile?

You must have sometimes wondered how to see who views your Instagram profile. Though you get to know who has watched your story on Instagram, is it possible to see who viewed your Instagram profile?

Instagram doesn’t notify users that someone has seen their profile. It is not possible to know who has seen your Instagram profile. So, if you look at someone’s profile but don’t like or comment on a post, they won’t know who has seen the photos. Just like Facebook, Instagram doesn’t let its users know who has seen their profile.

This is true for Instagram users who have an account and people who use the web to look at Instagram without an account. It is also established that business accounts will show statistics about how much traffic they get, but they won’t show the specific name of users who viewed their profile. It is always about the numbers and not about the names in business accounts. So, no need to worry about that.

Does Instagram Show Who Viewed Your Profile?

As discussed above, Instagram doesn’t let its users know who has viewed their profiles. You’ll know who has seen your story or who has liked your posts and videos, but there’s no way to know who has viewed your profile on Instagram.

So, unless someone likes and comments on your post, there’s no way to know that any person has visited your profile and even taken a screenshot. This is common for both private and public profiles.

How To Save Instagram Profile Picture?

When we talk about profile pictures, there are several 3rd party platforms that allow you to download the profile picture of any private or public Instagram account. One such platform is the Instadp website. It allows users to download Instagram reels and profile pictures of accounts. Here’s how it’s done.

  • Head on to the link.
  • Click on “Instagram Profile Picture Downloader.”
  • Type the username or paste the link of that account in the box and tap on “Get.”
  • The profile picture will appear on the screen. Tap on the download button to save the picture.
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Frequently Asked Questions:

These are some frequently asked questions regarding this topic.

Is it possible to view private Instagram accounts without following them?

No, there’s no way to view the complete profile of a private account on Instagram without following them. The apps and websites that claim such access are scams.

How do you see full DP on Instagram?

Instagram officially doesn’t have any feature that lets you see any profile’s full DP. However, as mentioned above, you can download a profile picture using a third-party app.

What is the full form of Instagram DP?

The full form of Instagram DP is Display Picture.

How to download someone’s Instagram profile pic?

Instagram doesn’t allow you to download someone’s profile pic. However, there are certain 3rd party apps that can download profile pictures of profiles. One such platform is the website. Refer to the article to get the complete procedure.


In conclusion, there is no such thing as an Instagram profile viewer that can show you private profiles; even public profiles can only be viewed directly on the platform. It’s essential to be cautious of any website or app claiming to be an Instagram profile viewer and avoid providing personal information or login credentials. Instead, use Instagram responsibly and respectfully, following the platform’s guidelines and respecting the privacy of other users.

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