22 Best iPhone Widgets To Boost Your Productivity

Hello all, how are you doing? Hope everything is okay with you; welcome to the new informative article. Without any lag, I would like to invite you to look at the topics we are going brief. So here we have many awesome, useful, effective widgets that work smoothly on your iPhone devices; these apps are designed with integrity and are user-friendly.

Manage all your apps from the home screen, and then you are at the right place; look at all the useful iPhone widgets in this article. 

Best iPhone Widgets

Top 20 Best iPhone Widgets You Must Try in 2023

iPhone Widgets are the short options for every iPhone user where they can shortly do things. If you want to use your iPhone smoothly then you must need the best iPhone Widgets. What are you waiting for? read more to know the best iPhone Widgets in 2023 to make things work easily and smoothly.

1. Launcher:

This is the app that helps you to customize multiple widgets and organize your best apps in one place, one of the most popular apps. If you are looking for the best iPhone Widgets for iPhone, you should try this amazing iPhone widget; easy installation.

You can install this app; it is easy to use, user-friendly, and doesn’t need to spend much time on it.

Iphone Launcher

Offers safe and secure service; the main motive of this app is to receive positive responses from users worldwide. With this app, you can call, email, and also facetime the people you contact most, get directions to specific places, or search nearby businesses. 


  • Offers a free version. 
  • Affordable paid version. 
  • Intigrity. 
  • Smooth and lightweight. 
  • Safe and secured. 
  • Customizable. 
  • Awesome advanced features with powerful abilities. 
  • Compatible with iPhone and iPad.
  • Manges calls, emails, facetime, and messages as well. 
  • The most popular iPhone widgets in the market. 

2. Widgetsmith:

Widgetsmith is the ultimate app that provides various useful and powerful features to customize your home screen and lock screen preferences. This fantastic app is also compatible with iPhone and iPad, although customization options in ios are not anything close to the Android. 


If you want to feel the uniqueness of your device, then you can customize it with advanced and powerful features provided by the Widgetsmith app. 

The app can manage all categories in your devices like Photos, Dates, step counting, battery, reminders, calendar, weather, air quality, and much more. You can get monthly and annual subscriptions at affordable costs, and you can be able to customize them as you wish. 


  • Assist you in creating new widgets for your iPhone and iPad. 
  • Offers highly customizable features. 
  • Customize app icons, photos, and to-do lists on your home screen. 
  • Smooth and secure 
  • Best to check the weather, locations, health & activity in a single app. 
  • Easy to navigate. 
  • Works well. 
  • You can create widgets in different shapes. 

3. Color Widgets‪s:

A unique app that allows you to add colorful widgets to your iPhone devices, you can download it from the App store. 

We can see all the beautiful color widgets here in this application, and it would be one of the best monitors for your phone to monitor your mobile usage. It also enhances the visual appearance of mobile, and this app never fails to satisfy you with its wide range of features. 



  • Gives the best look to your device. 
  • Well-designed app to personalize widgets of your iPhone. 
  • Resize option. 
  • Covers most categories like calendars and clocks, battery status, provides weather reports and tracks your activity. 
  • Free trial. 
  • Available paid versions are affordable cost. 

4. ScreenKit:

A powerful app to customize your iPhone widgets whenever you want and manage all your app icons, it provides a stunning look for your iPhone device, adding the widgets to the home screen and lock screen. Easy to download with a few easy steps, the best thing about this app is that we can get up to 5000+ designed icons with various stunning looks. 

ScreenKit iPhone Widget

It also allows you to manage most of the categories on your mobile, such as photos, music, clock, calendar, time, and much more.  With 500 beautiful themes, this app is here to give you various looks of widgets every time, and you can use the free version. 


  • It lets you manage all categories in your iPhone device. 
  • Entertains you with multiple themes and widgets. 
  • The free version is available with basic features. 
  • Highly customizable. 
  • Offers cute and colorful widgets. 

5. Soor Music Player:

This one is another app for iPhone, a premium music player to listen to all your favorite music stuff, one app, 3rd party music app. Yet, it provides all the information about the music on your mobile. Such a genuine application provides you with the best ability to listen to music on your iPhone. 

Soor Music Player

It is possible here with this app to share all your favorite songs and add music here; Soor Music Player offers the best music in multiple genres, and it offers a massive music library with a huge collection of songs.

The library has 75+ million songs from different genres. You can enjoy the best music by using this amazing Soor Music Player; it provides the best compatibility with both iPad and iPhone. 

We can see the details of the name, such as the writer, artist, and album name, and it’s easy to navigate this fabulous application.  With a unique gesture, this app has never failed to entertain you with the best music and provides colorful themes to set in this music player.


  • One of the best iconic apps for performance. 
  • A huge library with 75+ million songs collection. 
  • Easy to share music on this app, and also we can add music to this app. 
  • Offers beautiful themes. 
  • Displays the details of every single song. 
  • Offers universal search options. 
  • Easy to search songs. 
  • Offers multiple genes. 
  • Provides lyrics. 
  • Easy to drag and drop. 

6. Google News: 

Want to know about the most happening news globally, then here we are; Google News provides the best news about anything worldwide. 

You can enjoy the news in various categories as it provides the best news; with an accurate news feed, it provides the best updates anytime. You can choose your favorite topics to get the news about, it provides all the latest updates in this app. 

Google News iPhone Widgets

It is a wonderful app to get the best about the world, it has a huge library, and you select the topics you are interested in. Or you can search any topic based on your interest; with all new headlines and daily updates, this app will never fail to reach your expectations. 

Easy to navigate, integrated, and genuine, award-winning national reporters work for this app to provide the best stuff happening in every corner of the world. 

With artificial intelligence to analyze all the content published on the web at any moment, it organizes the article and news into storylines to make people more interested in Google News. Get all the updates like local, national, and international news coverage all day on your iPhone device, and this new google news is specially personalized for you. 

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But if you want brief information about your favorite topic or news, you can tap on the headline to go brief. Not only read the news from your favorite genres but also can follow your favorite publishers and journalists to get the best news from all over the world. 


  • Provide new updates from all over the world. 
  • It makes you keep up with news that you care about. 
  • You can follow news publishers and your favorite journalists. 
  • Provides top five stories. 
  • Easy search option to get news according to your favorite topics. 
  • Get the most coverage. 
  • With gorgeous images, this app will make you show interest in your favorite topics even better. 
  • User friendly. 
  • Pretty cool to use. 
  • Provides the news in visual formats, unavailable in any other news app. 
  • Provides news in simple language to make people understand easily. 
  • Provides the best news in fresh presentation. 

7. Fitness:

Fitness is one of the most popular apps in the market, it is compatible with iPhones, and the main motive of this app is to let people be close to their fitness goals. You can get all the summary of your fitness goals, it helps you to be fit, and it tracks all your activity. 

Fitness iPhone widget

If you download this app, there will be no need to install any other fitness apps; this one will help you finish all the tasks in your fitness journey. 


  • Get instructions to finish your fitness goals. 
  • Offers affordable subscriptions to get fit. 
  • Offers video-based library for works outs  
  • Onscreen metrics to track your fitness workouts. 
  • Introduces new workouts every week. 
  • Provides bigenner programs.
  • Integrates with apple music and enjoys every workout with music flow. 

8. WhatsApp:

WhatsApp, don’t you think that we are all familiar with this amazing app? It is the finest app with massive features. Instant messaging is one of the most popular ways to communicate with people these days, it can be more convenient than emailing, and phone calls.

The one popular app that everyone uses nowadays is WhatsApp; yes, WhatsApp got so much love from users all over the world. All we need to use this amazing app to download this app; you can chat with all our phone contacts and people using the WhatsApp messaging app. 

whatsapp widget iphone

It’s a communication app you can install on your smartphone, and this is more than a default messaging app, one of the finest and most popular apps worldwide that provides amazing features. You can send and device test messages, video calls, send pictures, audio files, video files, WhatsApp calls, and more. 

This amazing app will save you from buying texting plans and extra falling minutes, it offers end-to-end app encryption. It is a safe app as long as you don’t use it to talk to strangers; easy to download and completely free app. 

You can update any videos or photos as your WhatsApp status, and you can customize your status; it offers last seen and online status so that you can get to know the online people. By checking the last seen, we can check the person’s active status on WhatsApp and block them if we are not interested in being in contact via WhatsApp. 

We can set any image as our profile and customize it; easy to use with internet data we can use it from anywhere in the world. Send voice messages, and if you don’t want to see the messages you send, you can delete them; this app provides an option called the delete for everyone option, and another option is deleted for me. 


  • Private messaging facility. 
  • End-to-end app encryption. 
  • Send and receive messages, videos, audio files, and video calls to anyone of your contacts. 
  • Offers customer support service. 
  • Easy to use. 
  • Customizable. 
  • The app is free. 
  • Last seen option.
  • Various features like hiding last seen and active status are the same as last seen. 
  • Supports group video calls and WhatsApp audio calls. 
  • Customizable status upload. 
  • Safe and secure app. 

9. Shortcuts:

For quick access, you will now be able to find your apps; for that, you have to use the Shortcut app on your iPhone. This amazing app will help you to find the apps in the shortcut method, with the help is this app now you will be able to download Instagram videos, and not only that but you are also able to post tweets on Twitter. 

Shortcuts iPhone Widget

The simplest app that any iPhone user can use is easy to use and works smoothly on your device with great integrity, and this app is here to entertain you anytime. We can not find some of its features in any other app, specialty design for people who are enthusiasts for trying new apps. 

A portable app that fits so well in your device, undoubtedly, it won’t let you fail to add all your favorite apps to your iPhone. You can launch any app with a tap on the back of your iPhone; smooth app and lightweight. 


  • The app is easy to use. 
  • Cool app to add shortcuts. 
  • Easy to launch all your favorite shortcuts in less time. 
  • Easy to download Instagram videos and easy to Tweet on Twitter. 
  • Time saver app. 

10. Triple:

Triplt is an iPhone widget that allows you to plan your traveling, and it is the best and most accurate organizer to organize all your traveling plans. It makes your trips easier with this app, hassle-free and easy to use, available on the app store. 

Triple iPhone Widgets

Triplt is a service that will take all of your information and put it in one concise itinerary, and you can get your confirmation from the airlines or your lodging.


  • A smartest travel planner organizer. 
  • Lightweight application. 
  •  Provides all the details of your traveling, include with flight number. 
  • This app also offers a free plan. 
  • Customizable. 
  • Get essential traveling information in this app. 

11. Weather:

One of the useful iPhone widgets is to know the weather report; we can get all the weather reports regarding the present weather condition. Compatible with iPhone, get real-time weather reports in this app, a free widget; you can navigate this fabulous application within any signup process. 

Highly customizable, possible to customize mostly, like font, colors of elements. Compatible with any modern browser. 

Weather iPhone Widgets


  • Easy accessibility. 
  • Get all weather reports. 
  • Customizable 
  • Safe and secure. 

12. Google Maps:

We all know that Apple is one of the world’s multi-marketing companies; with many outstanding products and apps, this is on the top companies list. But unfortunately, this is not the best one for providing route maps better than Google maps, and it has been proven Google Maps is the best and offers the best experience while you are traveling. 

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It will always provide access to plenty of powerful widgets; the Google Maps widget is for traffic updates and weather reports. Gives updates about the traffic situations in your area and shows nearby restaurants along with customer reviews. 

Google Maps iPhone Widgets

Easy to use, just put in the maps where you want to head; that is all you have to do to use google maps, and it will show the routes. Today worldwide more than 1 Billion people use this amazing app every month to get route maps on their devices, it continuously updates your information about the location. 

With 50 million daily updates from the community and the public sector, think of the map as being alive. Its services got the best reviews from critics and privacy experts. It offers free services to people with voice directions; it helps senior citizens drive safely and reach their destinations on time with the safest route maps. 

Provides short routes to help you to reach your destinations in less time safely, is easy to use, provides directions, moderates traffic updates in your area, and much more. 


  • Offers free service. 
  • Provides traffic updates and short route maps. 
  • Shows the safest route maps. 
  • Weather reports with accurate reports. 
  • Provides all nearby restaurants and all popular places. 

13. Google Assistance:

Google Assistance is one of the easiest apps to use; easy to work, it works on voice control, and it works integrated with most apps. Want to browse or stream something, then you can use this voice assistant to get the information you want by giving a voice command. 

Google Assistant iPhone Widgets

It guides you well, and we can get weather updates by asking it; say Hey, Google, and your required information will provide that accurately. You can use any language to get information in this feature and check weather conditions, time, and any updates about anything. 

It works on Speaker, on mobile, on TV, on a watch, and in a car, and with easy navigational functions, this feature is one of the highlight widgets for iPhone. 


  • Give voice commands to get information about anything. 
  • Easy to use. 
  • Offers multiple language support. 
  • Free, safe, and secure features. 
  • Offers full control of this feature. 

14. Calendar and Reminders: 

Get quick reminders with this application about important dates; reminders won’t let you fail to remind you on particular dates. Updates you on all the upcoming events in this widget; it offers a free version to use on your iOS device.  

Calendar and Reminders iphone widgets

A simple app with many modern functionalities will help you remember all important and upcoming events. It won’t fail you to remember your loved one’s birthdays or anniversaries. Get this fabulous widget for your iPhone; simple yet effective, so get this one. 


  • Customizable. 
  • Simple widget with multiple useful features. 
  • User friendly. 
  • Compatible. 
  • Straightforward app with no clusters. 

15. FoodNoms:

If you are a foodie like me but getting fat by eating all high-caloric food without guidance, then you must try this amazing widget. Compatible with iPhone devices and providing all the useful information about the food you take, you can now eat all your favorite items in a low-calorie format. 

FoodNoms iPhone Widgets

You can customize all your food plans with this helpful widget; with this food tracker widget now, you will be aware of how healthy you are eating, and you can track all nutrition calories whatever the food you take in your day. 


  • Offers a free version. 
  • No registration is required. 
  • Easy to download. 
  • Helps to track all your food calories. 
  • Offers paid version at affordable price. 
  • Advanced features. 
  • Highly customizable. 

16. Calm:

Having a bad hectic work schedule, unable to get peace of mind, and wanting peace of mind to get sleep, we suggest the best app to comfort your mind from all stressful activities.

One of the most powerful meditation apps to calm your mind, it offers guidance, stretching exercises, and meditations to relax your soul and body from a stressful lifestyle. Some meditation courses offer a subscription you could try by sitting at home, but there is a masterpiece activity called nighttime gratitude. 

Calm iPhone Widgets

With a gentle voice, it gives you the best directions to do certain meditations to make you feel stress-free; it will make you fall asleep with the meditations in this widget. It narrates your sleep stories to get better sleep; with multiple genres, you can enjoy these stories at the end of the day to sleep peacefully. 

The greatest part of this widget is that you can check your sleep cycle and how well you think you might have slept; of course, you can also indicate what you may have contributed to that sleep. So you can consider this one of the best and finest iPhone widgets of all time; now, you do not need to live a stressful life when you have multiple activities to reduce your stress with this amazing widget. 


  • Stories with beautiful voice narrations. 
  • Medications that may help you to get better and complete sleep. 
  • Free download. 
  • Easy to navigate. 
  • User friendly. 
  • Popular and genuine app. 

17. Battery:

The “Batteries “is one of the smart widgets for the iPhone, pre-installed and compatible with iPhone, AirPods, or Apple Watch. It shows you the battery consumption of apps you use on your device and syncs your apple devices; with great customizations, this widget is here for you. 

Battery iPhone Widgets

It will send a warning when you drop the battery percentage of your phone to alert you to charge the device, and it boosts up your device’s battery life with better performance. 

If you are looking for a better and more useful widget that tracks your battery performance, you should grab this amazing widget to experience another level; then you must try this one. It worked well on your device since it is a pre-installed app, then is no need to install any other third-party apps. 


  • Pre-installed. 
  • Bets battery tracker. 
  • Smooth and user-friendly app. 

18. Files:

Files app may be one of the important apps on your iPhone; it is equal to the finder, but your iPhone can access your files like local files and files in iCloud drive. 

You can also access files in other cloud systems like dropbox, a special widget for iPhone users with high-end secure levels. With several different sections, this will show you the primary locations where you stored all your important files, so get this one. 

Files iPhone widgets


  • Easy to use. 
  • Shows all the important files with the count. 

19. Spark Mail:

An inbox manager that is so useful we don’t even need to check our emails on our computers anymore; with many other useful features, this app is always there for you to deal with your emails. 

It includes quick replies, email templates, and a smart view of your mail, you can use it for free for personal use, and many of the features are also available on other devices. With a stunning layout, this app will surely amaze you; in the smart inbox feature, you can see general emails and plenty of features and templates. 

Spark Mail iPhone Widgets

You should purchase the best email widget for your iPhone for professional use; here, we have many categories which pin in this category you can reply to, archive, and much more to do. 

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  • Offers lots of categories. 
  • The pin is one of the most useful things in this widget. 
  • Lightweight and works smoothly. 
  • Multiple templates. 
  • Offers Beautiful layouts. 
  • You can set a snooze option for important emails., 
  • Track emails directly from your home screen. 
  • Ease of work. 
  • The paid version of the app is available at an affordable cost. 
  • Manage all your emails with it. 

20. Screen Time:

With the help of this amazing widget now, you can get to your screen time, and now you will be able to track the screen time of your device. Best and most accurate widget for iPhone. So with this app, you can reduce your screen time; it is easy to navigate, and all you have to do is hold the lock screen and tap the customize button, which appears on top of the screen. 

Screen time iPhone Widgets

It displays more information about your screen time; want more information about your screen time, this is undoubtedly the best and most useful widget to run on your device. Comes in various sizes to fit well in your devices; we can select based on our required information. 

It shows the screen time spent on every app you spend, providing accurate time so that you can reduce your time on particular apps. Now there is no need to waste our time on unnecessary apps, so get this one to know the screen time of your device. 


  • Comfortable to use. 
  • Provides your screen time accurately that you spend. 
  • Get the accurate screen time of every app you spend your time on. 

21. Spotify:

Spotify is one of the advanced music platforms where we can listen to millions of songs, and it offers free internet music. Here we can stream a million songs in our favorite genres, and it can be the greatest widget for your iPhone to run. 

Spotify iPhone Widgets

One of the most popular music apps in the world, we can listen to songs in multiple languages as it offers the best music on this platform. You will fall in love with this widget if you are a music freak, so get the widget now to add to your home screen to listen to all your favorite songs without getting into the app directly which saves a lot of time. 


  • Advanced music platform. 
  • Worth using. 
  • Highly recommended. 
  • Compatible with iPhone and many other devices. 

22. Google Photos:

Google Photos app is one of my apps to save all my photos, the app is compatible with iPhone and Android, and you can save all your photos and videos in this app by logging Google account. It offers a wide range of features, so you can add this widget to your iPhone to use this app. 

Google Photos iPhone Widgets


  • Safe and secure. 
  • Offers backup.  
  • Best Gallery View.

How to Add Widgets to iPhone?

Widgets are the most likely application you can see in a one-click or receive information from time to time. There are three types to add widgets on your iPhone

  1. Lock Screen
  2. Home Screen
  3. Today View

1. Lock Screen:

With only one look you can get a piece of whole information by adding widgets on the lock screen of your iPhone. Here are some examples: for the upcoming calendar events, battery level, temperature, or air quality.

Widgets on Lock Screen Iphone
  • Tap and long press the lock screen of your iPhone and wait until the customize button displays, then hit on the customize button
  • Choose Lock Screen
  • Select add widgets
  • You may add widgets to the lock screen by tapping and holding them.
  • After this process is done hit on the close button symbolizes ‘x’, then click on Done.

If you still want to add a new widget then you can create a new room or else you can remove a widget by clicking on ‘-‘.

2. Home Screen:

  • Touch and hold the space or a widget on the home screen of your iPhone and wait for a while until and unless the app got movement or in other words jiggles.
  • On the top left corner of the iPhone click on ‘+’ which appears after you give a long press on the widget.
  • Choose a Widget
  • Select the size of the widget
  • Then click add a widget
  • Hit Done.
Widgets on Home Screen Iphone

3. Today View:

  • Swipe the screen from the right corner of your lock screen or home screen.
  • Touch and hold the space or a widget on Today View of your iPhone and wait for a while until and unless the app got movement or in other words jiggles.
  • On the top left corner of the iPhone click on ‘+‘ which appears after you give a long press on the widget.
  • To choose a widget scroll down the screen and select one of the three sizes.
  • Select Add Widget.
  • Hit Done.
Widgets on Today View Iphone

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the iPhone widget? 

The widget eases your work; it will provide the accessibility to manage apps right from the home screen. 

Is it easy to add widgets to the home screen? 

Easy to do that; with a few easy steps, you can add any widget to your home screen to use, guys. 

Are these free and secured?

We can get most of these widgets for free and get them at an affordable cost. 


As we mentioned, many useful iPhone widgets are truly compatible, fit so well in your device, and are also customizable. These widgets provide instant access to all the essential updates from the apps you use most; without getting into the apps directly, you can manage directly from your home screen. 

So you can save time by spending a lot of time entering into the apps directly and dealing easily with these amazing widgets. That’s all for now, and I will be posting the informative stuff in a simple format like this to make even ordinary readers understand, so keep supporting us like this; thanks for the love and support.

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