Who Unfollowed Me on Instagram – How Can I See?

When you are trying to become an Instagram influencer, each follower counts. Meta owns Instagram. It is the same company that owns Facebook and WhatsApp. These social media sites try to maintain user privacy as much as possible. Although it is usually helpful in some cases, at the same time, it creates some hindrances, like checking who unfollowed me on Instagram.

An average Instagrammer typically has 150 followers and can easily track the follower and unfollow them on your account. Similarly, when you are on Instagram to share your talent, like a cooking recipe, you like to send a funny message, or you are only interested in fashion browsing. It does not matter to you how many followers you are gaining and how many you are losing.

But things are vastly different if you are trying to build your online business. You have to keep track of each Instagram activity. Acquiring a new number of followers becomes a priority for you. But maintaining those same followers is equally essential for the Instagram influencer. 

Who Unfollowed Me On Instagram

In all this struggle, things turn quite stressful when the un-follower number on Instagram starts increasing. You can check who unfollowed you manually, which is a tedious task. 

You will abhor it when you have thousands of followers, and as the number of followers increases, this task will become next to impossible if you want to check them one by one on Instagram. If you are stressed by the question of who unfollowed me on Instagram, you are at the right place. Here we will talk about who unfollowed you on Instagram.

How To See Who Unfollowed Me On Instagram Manually?

instagram app

Suppose you are one of those people waiting for the notification from Instagram to alert those who unfollowed them on Instagram. Wake up! Instagram never sends notifications of the personal activity of one user on Instagram to another user. It’s a violation of personal privacy according to Instagram policy.

So, you will have to take matters into your hands if you want to find who unfollowed you. Typically, when we see a drop in the number of followers in our account, we instantly think about a specific person. 

Especially when your followers are friends and family members, in this case, you can type the person’s name in the search bar, and if he does not appear in the list of followers, start wondering what feud between you two has led to it.

But it is not always a feud that leads a person to unfollow you. Many times you remain unaware that the other party unfollowed you. In this case, you can check your list of followers and go through each name to see who has unfollowed you. You can do this by the following method:

  • Start your Instagram app.
Instagram application
  • Go to the bottom right corner of your screen, where your profile icon is. It would be best if you tapped on it.
Instagram profile menu
  • This step will lead you to the profile section. Click follower in this section to see the list.
Instagram followers
  • Here, people who followed your account will appear on the list.
  • Start scrolling the list to see who has unfollowed your account.
Instagram follower search
  • If you want to search for a specific person directly, type their name on the search bar.
  • If the searching person does not appear, they have unfollowed you.
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That’s it! These were the simple steps by which you can keep track of the follower of your account. It is simple and easy but can prove extremely tedious if you have thousands of followers. You cannot keep scrolling through your list of followers each time you want to check who unfollowed. Well! There is a fix for this problem. To learn, keep reading the next section.

How To See Who Unfollowed You On Instagram Using An App?

If you are a long-time Instagrammer, you must have noticed that earlier, we could easily find all the different types of apps for Instagram. Some used to tell you who has watched your profile recently, and others allowed you to download the Instagram reel. But after two years, everything changed, and there is a significant reason behind it.

In 2018, Instagram significantly changed its privacy policy and community guidelines. As a result, many third-party apps that allow certain functions on Instagram suddenly stop working. Since then, exploiting the loopholes of this social media platform has become tremendously tricky for these third-party apps.

However, thankfully there are still some apps that work fine with Instagram. We tried various apps and found some of the best apps that work to discover who unfollowed on Instagram. We have outlined them for you.

1. Follow Cop:

followcop app

Follow cop is an ideal option if you are looking for a free app, but the problem is it is only available for android users. We have tested this app, which tells who unfollowed the account. However, you will get this information only by growing through different ads and pop-up apps. After all, nothing is free in life. If you don’t mind watching the ad, download it on your android phone and start tracking the un-followers.

2. FollowMeter:

followmeter app

If you are not tech-savvy, FollowMeter can be an excellent choice. It has a user-friendly interface and a clean and easy-to-understand dashboard that tells all the necessary metrics of Instagram, including who unfollowed you on Instagram, who followed you, and many others.

This excellent app has a separate section for unfollowers. You need to tap on it. FollowMeter works both on android and iOS. Plus, you can purchase a subscription to remove annoying ads and unlock new features. This app will help you immensely if you operate a business or are an influencer.

3. Follower Trackers Pro

Follower tracker pro app

The third option in the app is Follower Tracker Pro, which is only available for iOS users. It will keep you updated with all the following games on Instagram. You will be able to notice who has unfollowed you and whom you are following, that is not following you back, and much more.

But to access all the features, you must subscribe to this facility. Its monthly subscription is $5.99, and for six months, you will have to pay $17.99. if this app suits your taste the best, you can annually subscribe to it for $23.99.

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How To Check Who Isn’t Following You Back Using An App? 

After checking who unfollowed me on Instagram, users are most curious about who isn’t following them back on the app. If you are a business owner, it becomes more critical that your target people are aware of what new you are going to do, which you indeed tell in one of your Instagram posts.

Therefore, to save you from the further struggle of finding the method for who isn’t following back on Instagram. We have listed more options, but it will be good if you choose the app which can do both tasks. An app that can tell who unfollowed and who isn’t following will save you time and effort. But if you want to study more options, here is a list of a few apps:



This app is free for users. It will keep you updated on who followed you and who isn’t following you on Instagram. It will also make you realize which followers interact more with your post. But Unfortunately, android users can not use this app as it’s only available for the iOS platform.

2. Unfollowers & Followers:

Follower Unfollower app

Another great option for iOS users is if they want to know who unfollowed and isn’t following them back on Instagram. You can also learn who is interacting most with your post. It works similarly to followers but has a more user-friendly interface. It also provides a subscription service if you want to avoid ads.

3. Combin:


Combin is a great app when it comes to providing information related to your Instagram account. It will detect who unfollowed you and whom you are following, and they don’t follow back to your account and quality audience. 

The app term “quality audience” refers to those profiles that are most friendly and interactive to your Instagram activity. You will get a free trial, but only for a limited period. After that, you must pay $15 per month to use the app service. Overall it is an excellent option if you have sufficient funds.

How To Unfollow Your Unfollowers On Instagram?

Following back is nowadays a social media etiquette. So it’s normal that after finding out about the people who have unfollowed you on your account, you will want to return the favor. You can do it manually on your Instagram account by searching its profile and tapping unfollow. You can also use a third-party app like Unfollowers & Followers, which lets you unfollow without searching. The best part is that you can also find who has already unfollowed you before installing this app.

  • Login to your Unfollowers & Followers account.
Follower unfollower Trackers
  • Go to follow your back section of the Homepage.
  • Choose which account you want to unfollow first and tap adjacent to its name to unfollow.
  • It will immediately reflect on your original Instagram account.

How To Stop Losing Followers On Instagram?

The following game on Instagram is tricky. There could be many reasons behind losing your follower, such as now they are not interested in your post, unfollowed you because you have yet to follow them back, and much more. 

Still, there are some common mistakes that many account holders repeat. Being inactive and not engaging with followers are some of the most common grounds for losing followers. We have outlined a few methods to stop losing followers on Instagram.

  • It would be best if you remained active on Instagram. Your followers must have some expectations when they start following you. They will start losing interest if they find you last posted a while ago.
  • Engaging with your followers is as important as posting on Instagram. Forming a personal connection with followers will help you in the long run.
  • Live stream as much as you can. It is a fantastic way to show your followers the real you.
  • Make use of interactive stickers. You can organize poll stickers, anonymous questions, and much more. This way, fans will also get to express themselves to you.
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Frequently Asked Questions:

How to find out who unfollowed you on Instagram without an app?

If you want to discover who unfollowed you without the app, manually browsing the list of followers is the only method remaining. To access the list, tap on the bubble icon on the screen. It will lead you to a followers list, browse each name and find who has unfollowed you. You can type his name on the search bar to find the specific person. If you do not get the result, the person has unfollowed you.

How do you see whom I removed on Instagram?

You will need to go to your profile and check the post. Now tap the likes of the post. Scroll down the list and see if you have unfollowed the person accidentally. You can follow them back.

Will a friend know if I unfollow them?

No, your friends will not know unless they manually check the list of followers or specifically search for you. Instagram does not notify users about the private activity of another user. Users would not receive any notification on being unfollowed on Instagram.


We hope this article about “ Who Unfollowed Me on Instagram” helps. We have listed all methods you can find who are not following your account. There are some great third-party apps mentioned in the article which you should try. 

But remember not to get obsessed with it. Instagram is already addictive, but when you get the tool that gives an attractive analysis of your Instagram followers’ trends. It is hard to let go. People continuously check their phones to keep track of followers. You need to understand social media is not for escaping the reality that will not be healthy when you do it for a few minutes.

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