How To Get More Followers On Instagram [Best Growth Hacks]

Are you sick of seeing the same number of people following you on Instagram? Do you intend to increase your platform audience and reach, and learn how to get more followers on Instagram? If you’re looking for creative and efficient ways to increase your Instagram followers, this guide is for you.

These strategies will help you stand out from the crowd and attract more followers on Instagram, whether you’re a person or a business looking to expand its customer base or build your brand. We have you covered, from optimizing your profile to taking advantage of hashtags.

Tips On How To Get More Followers On Instagram

Tips On How To Get More Followers On Instagram

You’ve come to the right place if you want to expand your online presence and increase your number of followers. Building a devoted following can seem like a daunting task in this fast-paced digital age, but don’t worry!

You can increase your number of followers beyond your wildest expectations with a little imagination and some well-thought-out tactics. So, let’s get started and learn some fun and efficient strategies for expanding your social media following.

1. Post High-quality Content:

Post High-quality Content

A successful Instagram account is built on the foundation of posting high-quality content. Consider investing in high-quality photography and videography for compelling content. To get clear and well-lit shots, either use natural light or spend money on quality lighting equipment.

When creating content, consider color, composition, and framing. Alter your photographs utilizing applications like VSCO or Lightroom to improve the varieties, splendor, and differentiation.

Consider using professional video editing software to produce videos that are visually appealing and engaging. To keep your feed interesting and fresh, don’t be afraid to try out new content formats like IGTV, carousels, and reels.

Above all else, concentrate on creating content that appeals to your target audience and is in line with your brand or niche. Over time, this will assist you in developing a committed and devoted following.

2. Use Relevant Hashtags:

Use Relevant Hashtags

A powerful strategy for expanding your Instagram reach and acquiring new followers is to use relevant hashtags. Your content is made more discoverable to people who are looking for specific themes or topics by categorizing it with hashtags.

To reach a wider range of people and boost your visibility, mix and match broad and specific hashtags. You can also make hashtags that are in line with your campaign or brand.

Avoid using too many hashtags because it could come across as spammy and lower engagement. Instead, you should try to use 5 to 10 relevant hashtags per post.

You can also make your Instagram Stories more visible by including hashtags. To get the best results, keep an eye on how well your hashtags are performing and modify your strategy over time.

3. Engage With Other Users:

Engage With Other Users

It’s a great way to connect with other Instagram users, boost your visibility, and gain new followers. Start by following accounts that are relevant to your industry or niche to engage with other users.

If their content is in line with your brand, share it and like and comment on their posts. Creating a sense of community around your account and establishing your presence on the platform will benefit from this.

In addition, respond to messages and comments left by your followers. This demonstrates that you are committed to developing a relationship with them and value their input.

You can also start conversations with users by using Instagram’s direct messaging feature. Think about collaborating on content creation or joint promotions with other influencers in your niche.

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4. Post At The Right Time:

Post At The Right Time

If you want to reach as many people as possible on Instagram and gain new followers, one of the most important factors is when you post. The ideal time to post on Instagram varies based on your location and target audience. Try posting at various times of the day to determine when your followers are most engaged and active.

You can also use Instagram Insights to learn about how well your posts are doing and what your followers are doing. You can keep track of metrics like impressions, engagement, and demographics of your audience with this tool.

Make use of this data to guide your posting strategy and improve the reach and engagement of your content. Take into account your target audience’s time zone. Schedule your posts to coincide with the time zones of your followers who live in different parts of the world.

5. Run Instagram Ads:

Run Instagram Ads

Advertising on Instagram is a highly effective strategy for expanding your audience and acquiring new followers. You can ensure that your content is seen by the right people by targeting specific demographics, interests, and behaviors with Instagram ads.

To get started with Instagram ads, connect a business profile to a Facebook Ads account. Choose the goal of your advertising campaign, such as increasing website clicks or raising brand awareness. After that, choose your ad placement (such as in the Instagram feed or Stories) and target audience, as well as your budget. 

For your advertisement, create content that is engaging and visually appealing, such as high-quality images or videos. Include a call to action that gets people to follow your account or go to your website with a clear and compelling message.

Using Instagram Ads Manager, keep an eye on how well your ad campaign is doing and adjust your strategy as necessary to get the best results.

6. Share Behind-the-Scenes Content:

Share Behind-the-Scenes Content

A great way to connect with your followers and give them a glimpse into your life or business is to share content from behind-the-scenes. This may assist in establishing authenticity and trust, which may result in increased engagement and loyalty.

Content behind the scenes can include anything from sharing personal moments or experiences to demonstrating the manufacturing process of a product.

Showing followers how products are made or the day-to-day operations of a business can help them better understand how the products or services they love are made. As a result, they may have a greater appreciation for the brand and be more likely to support it.

Individuals can humanize their brand and become more relatable by sharing personal moments or experiences. Sharing a workout routine, preparing a meal, or even just laughing with your family are all examples of this.

7. Use Instagram Reels:

Use Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels is a relatively new feature that lets users make short, fun videos that last anywhere from 15 to 30 seconds long reel. Reels are a fun and creative way to show off your personality and brand and entertain your followers at the same time.

Reels can be used to make a variety of content, including dance challenges, behind-the-scenes glimpses, funny skits, and tutorials. The creative possibilities are endless when you can add music, text, and special effects.

Your Reels have the potential to be seen by people who do not yet follow you because they are displayed on the Explore page. In addition, they offer a means of showcasing your personality or brand concisely and engagingly, which can assist in establishing a connection with your followers.

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Reels can help you stand out from the crowd and show off your distinctive brand or personality, whether you’re a business or an individual.

8. Host Giveaways:

Host Giveaways

Giveaways can be a fun and exciting way to reward your followers and spread awareness of your brand or products. It is essential to the success of your giveaway, to provide a prize that your audience will value, and create a giveaway that is consistent with your brand motto.

Write a post or story outlining the rules and how to enter your giveaway to get started. You can request followers to like the post, tag friends, and even share it on their own stories or feeds. Try to include a clear cutoff time for the giveaway and a method for selecting the winner.

When choosing a prize, think about something relevant to your brand or niche. This could be a product, a gift card, or a one-of-a-kind experience related to your brand. You should select a prize that is both attainable and valuable enough to entice participants to take part in the giveaway.

Your account may benefit from receiving more attention and new followers if you offer giveaways. By encouraging people to tag friends and share your post, you can increase your reach and exposure on the platform. It may assist your followers in forming a sense of community and loyalty.

9. Focus On One Niche:

Focus On One Niche

A crucial strategy for increasing your Instagram following is to concentrate on a single niche at a time. This indicates that you ought to select a single topic or field of interest and produce content centered on it. You can attract a dedicated audience that shares your interests by concentrating on a single niche and establishing yourself as an authority in that field.

It is essential to select a niche in which you are knowledgeable and have a strong sense of passion. This could be about fashion, cooking, fitness, or health. By picking a specialty that you appreciate, you will be more spurred to make content and draw in your crowd.

Ensure that your content is consistent and relevant after selecting your niche. For more exposure and new followers, you can engage with other accounts in your niche and use relevant hashtags.

10. Post User-Generated Content:

Post User Generated Content

Growing your Instagram following, getting more people to engage with your content, and creating a community are all benefits of sharing content created by other users. Any kind of content, including photos, videos, and reviews, that have been created by your followers is considered user-generated content.

You can showcase your followers while also providing social proof that your brand or products are valued and appreciated by reposting user-generated content. It demonstrates that you value and appreciate your customers and followers, which can foster trust and loyalty.

You can use a branded hashtag that you can search for or ask your followers to tag you in their posts to post user-generated content. You can repost the content on your account and give credit to the original creator once you have permission to use it.

In general, posting user-generated content is a straightforward but efficient strategy for expanding your Instagram following, increasing engagement, and creating a community.

How To Get More Likes And Followers On Instagram?

How To Get More Likes And Followers On Instagram

First, you need to make a content calendar if you want to consistently post high-quality content that people like. You can ensure that the content you post is in line with your brand’s objectives. Additionally, it helps you avoid posting at the last minute, which may not be as effective.

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Second, you can save time and make sure that your posts go out at the best times for your audience by scheduling them in advance. You can schedule your posts using a variety of tools, like Later or Hootsuite. It is also important to know how to recover your Instagram account if it’s been hacked by someone

Thirdly, you need to stay away from fake followers if you want to keep a real following and keep your engagement rate from going down. While fake followers can artificially increase your number of followers, they won’t interact with your content, which can lower your engagement rate.

Lastly, planning the profile grid can help you create a feed that is cohesive and visually appealing and reflects your brand’s identity. To create a profile that is both cohesive and pleasing to the eye, stick to a consistent aesthetic and color scheme.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does Instagram pay for 1k followers?

Users are not compensated by Instagram for reaching a certain number of followers. Sponsored posts or brand partnerships may help some users make money, but this isn’t directly related to how many followers they have.
The user’s niche, engagement rate, and reach all play a role in determining how much money they can make from sponsored posts and brand partnerships. Some content creators or influencers make a few hundred dollars per post, while others make thousands or even tens of thousands.
While some Instagram users may be able to make money through partnerships or sponsored posts, the primary objective should be to produce and share high-quality content, interact with your audience, and establish a genuine following.

Which is the best app to get Instagram followers?

It’s important to remember that using services or apps to get followers on Instagram can be risky and could get your account flagged or even banned by Instagram. Fake followers, bots, and automation tools are strictly forbidden on Instagram, and using them can damage your account’s credibility and authenticity.

It is recommended to concentrate on creating high-quality content, engaging with your audience, employing relevant hashtags, and remaining consistent with your posting schedule rather than relying on apps or services to gain Instagram followers.

Although these methods require time and effort, they are the most effective way to acquire genuine followers who are interested in your content and more likely to respond to your posts.


If you’ve always wondered “How to get more followers on Instagram”, your search ends here. Our list of these tips and tricks is surely going to keep you covered with all the information you need to kick-start your Instagram follower’s journey! Just remember, it doesn’t happen overnight. All you need is patience, confidence and this list to turn your thoughts into reality. All the best for your voyage!

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