Telegram Statistics (2023) – Users, Facts And Figures

Telegram is a utility-based direct messaging platform where users can send and receive text, voice, video calls, and media file messages. It resembles Facebook messenger in terms of its usage. Telegram has around 550 million user base, which makes it similar to the size of a country for its huge number of users and will count as the sixth largest country.

Telegram is designed to compete with the popularity of Whatsapp. Still, it differs from the basic Whatsapp messenger as the platform allows users to use a particular account on multiple devices. However, it is not the same way around for Whatsapp, as Telegram focuses on following completely different rules and regulations for its users.

The developers of Telegram believe that the app is more secure and steady if it is available to use on multiple platforms than other Facebook-owned social media platforms. This article will help you with the top Telegram statistics for viewers looking for some interesting facts and figures on Telegram. Keep reading the guide if you want insight into user statistics, revenue, and some top facts about Telegram.

Telegram Statistics Facts And Figures

Telegram Statistics- Top Facts:

When Telegram was released in 2013, the app was known for the security it provided to its users, which no other messaging app could give to its users. In 2014, the app had a 35 million user base. Below are some top Telegram statistics you must look into and have an app overview.

  • Telegram has around 500 million monthly active users using the platform.
  • The year-wise growth of the messaging platform has an increment of 40%.
  • The number of downloads reached 214 million in the past six months.
  • The United States has 2% of Telegram users.
  • Telegram’s maximum user base comes from Telegram Tips, having 7.5 million users.
  • Telegram has 220 million installs which belong to India.
  • The most renowned countries where Telegram is used efficiently are Iran and Uzbekistan.
  • Telegram app received the top downloads in 2021, which counts 430 million downloads and approximately 1 billion installs.
  • The app saw its most prominent usage in 2016 when 15 billion message transmissions took place via the platform.

Telegram User Statistics:

Since its inception, Telegram has received huge growth in its user base, with a constant evolution of 40% yearly. Telegram’s CEO reported that the app received 25 million potential users in a 72-hour window.

Telegram User Statistics
  • Telegram has around 55.2 million regular active users, which accounts for approximately 550 million monthly active users.
  • Telegram has a user base of 58.6% male and 41.4% female users.
  • The app receives 8.33 million new accounts created daily, and in August 2021, it received 1 billion installs, making it the 15th-largest download besides other apps.
  • Telegram became the second largest downloaded app on iOS, having 9.8 million downloads in January 2021, and tops on Google Play Store with 39.32 million installs.
  • On average, users send one hundred fifty messages daily via the app.
  • India accounts for 220 million downloads in India which stands for 22% of the total Telegram installs.
  • Telegram receives its user base accounting for 85% via the mobile app version on Android.

Telegram Country-Wise User Statistics

The largest user base of Telegram comes from India, which accounts for 20% of the total Telegram users. The messaging platform also accumulated a large user base from countries having high interdiction and inspections, including Iran, Russia, and Uzbekistan.

1. Americas:

  • Telegram’s potential reach among U.S. users reached from 1.85% to 3% between 2019 and 2020.
  • As of January 2021, the platform received 1.62 million downloads via the Google Play Store in the United States.
  • Reports say that 23% of Brazilian people used Telegram regularly in 2021. However, nearly 3% of users in Brazil are estimated to use the platform.
  • Telegram is preferred by 5% of users in Canada regularly.

2. Asia-Pacific:

  • Moscow people aged 25-34 accumulated 40.1% of Telegram users in 2020.
  • The messaging platform received 31.62 million MAUs in Russia in 2021.
  • South Korean users estimate a 3.9% user base on the Telegram app.
  • The market share of Telegram in Australia is around 4%, and it is considered a minority text-based user platform preferred by users.
  • Telegram estimates 30.1% of users in Singapore.
  • Telegram users in Hong Kong account for 13.8% of users in 2021.

3. Africa:

  • Telegram is considered a renowned messaging app in Nigeria, having a 56.3% user base.
  • However, South Africa has a user base of around 19.7%, less than expected.
  • The accumulation rate in Ghana is approximately 40.8% and is expected to represent well in the region.

4. Europe:

  • France witnessed a rise in users as of January 2021 to around 305.31 thousand installs from the Apple Store and 481.57 thousand downloads from Google Play Store in the same year.
  • The app received 400,000 downloads in the Netherlands in 2019, and 8% of feedback said they used Telegram in 2020.
  • Belgium accumulated the largest download numbers in 2020, having 30,643 downloads.
  • Telegram has created an impact on 32% of Italy users.
  • 25% of Spain users use Telegram regularly.
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Telegram Revenue Statistics:

As per the latest reports, it is known that Telegram has yet to generate revenue from the app, but the founders have created a strategy to initiate the subscription process on the platform where users might have to pay to use certain app features.

However, Telegram attempted to release a cryptocurrency via the platform, which was revoked by SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) in 2019. Since then, the developers have not tried to initiate another attempt.

Telegram Revenue Statistics
  • The founder of Telegram has a net worth of $17.2 billion.
  • The cryptocurrency of the Telegram app, Gram, was discontinued in 2020 after the founders could not register the sales of $1.7 billion tokens.
  • Telegram created funding of $1.7 billion in 2018 to initiate its platform strategies and provide economic support to the platform.
  • Due to the civil penalty, Telegram had to return $1.2 billion to its investors in 2020.
  • Telegram has undoubtedly gained huge popularity since its launch but failed to generate monetary income from the app. However, the founders say they pay the company’s bills which account for over $1,000,000, using other resources.
  • The wide user base is a useful source from which the platform can benefit when the company initiates its freemium features for the users and generates income.

Telegram Privacy Statistics And Facts:

Telegram is considered among the most prominent app in terms of security and privacy of users, which has enabled the platform to be recognized and used significantly because of its highly encrypted security services.

  • Secret chats in Telegram allow the users to have four-layered data encryption, an automatic message delete function, and features like anti-tracing.
  • The app is enabled with a double server-client and client-client data encryption layer.
  • Telegram has challenged people with a contest where they will get to win $300,000 can crack the Telegram messages coding and view user messages.
  • A hacker community used the IP address, contact details, and ID proof on the Telegram database to infiltrate 15 million Iranian users.
  • Of these, 680,000 users were under-aged women targeted by the deep fake bot.
  • Telegram app became a platform to malfunction around 2.1% of the online-marketing base in Singapore in 2021.
  • Telegram is simultaneously used between January and March 2021 for 130 internet attacks. 
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Some Interesting Telegram Statistics:

Telegram is a major platform that has spent zero money on marketing and advertisement. Whatever the founders’ funding source, the app continues to provide its services to the users. Here are some outstanding Telegram statistics with in-depth knowledge to give you an overview of Telegram.

Some Interesting Telegram Statistics
  • Telegram app reported 365 million registrations in 2019 which is huge and received its highest potential users from Uzbekistan.
  • The company CEO, Pavel Durov, funded $3.4 billion for the app’s processing.
  • Telegram has around 20,000 stickers in the app, more than users can expect. Moreover, the freemium features initiated by the creators will also contain premium stickers to encourage new artists.
  • After WhatsApp was banned in Brazil for 48 hours in 2015, Telegram received a sudden rise of 5.7 million users on the platform.
  • Telegram has 13 different languages for users.
  • The messaging platform offered $200,000 to the person who could hack the MoneyTalk service available on the forum.
  • The most subscribed channel on Telegram by users is Hindi HD movies having 4.2 million subscribers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many users did Telegram receive daily?

The platform received 1.5 million newcomers daily in 2020.

How many users installed Telegram during the Hong-Kong protest period?

The platform received an unexpected rise to 323% of users yearly as first-time downloads during the July 2019 Hong Kong protest.


Telegram statistics show that since its launch, the messaging platform has come a long way since 2013. The platform also played a vital role in many cyber-attacks and defended violent video content sharing via Telegram. 

So this is all we have on Telegram, including major facts and figures about its services and user usage. Moreover, being the most-safest messaging platform, it has many other useful features.

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