Google Statistics 2024 – Users, Revenue and Growth

Google has become the most used multi-tasking user platform web search engine having around 270 million users. Google operates on nearly 40,000 queries based on the user’s search requirement per second, which nearly accumulates to 3.5 billion daily users globally.

Life has become so much easier after the availability of search engines like Google, where you can find all your information. Here’s a guide to help you with all the latest Google statistics and facts you must know about the search engine.

You will also learn how well this search engine has its optimization techniques and better understand all the statistics.

Google Statistics

Google Overview:

Here is a quick overview of everything you need to know about Google.




Foundation date

4 September 1998


Mountain View, California, United States

Parent Company

Alphabet Inc.

Key Members

Sundar Pichai (Managing Director), Thomas Kurian (CEO of Google Cloud), Ruth Porat (Chief Financial Officer)

Google Statistics- Top Picks:

Below is the list of top Google statistics you must know if you want to learn more about Google and its functioning.

  • The global mobile data traffic for search engines accumulates to 96.8%, which resides by Google.
  • The total number of search results increases by 10% every year for Google.
  • The most used search engine by any country, Google, is India having 94.2%, active users.
  • 77% of users search on Google approximately three times a day.
  • Every business enterprise that invests $1 on a Google ad receives around $8 on the particular ad.
  • There are few chances for any user to switch on the second of Google search results, having 0.78%.
  • If the meta description of any website contains a question, it increases the CTR to 14.1%, which provides a better search ranking.
  • Google had a net worth of around $23 billion when it was released for public use as a search engine platform.
  • Users are inclined to use the voice search feature provided by Google, which estimates around 20% of people use the voice command.

Statistics On The Net Worth Of Google:

Google came into existence in 1998 and has created a huge impact worldwide. Here are some statistics on the overall net worth of Google.

  • The Alphabet company has a net worth of $1.598 trillion, ranking as the fifth most valuable company globally.
  • Google was released for public use on August 19, 2004, with its initial public offering (IPO).
  • Google’s market share was available at $85 per share when the company went public in 2004.
  • The company’s share is now available at $2300 per share as of May 2021.
  • The company made a huge profit from advertising, with a revenue of $146.9 billion and total revenue of $181.69 billion in 2020.
  • The first quarter revenue of Google in April 2021 was $55.31 billion.
  • Google decided to sell the company to Excite in 1999, which CEO George Bell then rejected.
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Google Active Users Statistics:

Google has around 1 billion active users using the parent company’s products and services. Some of the interesting facts about Google’s active users are as follows.

Google Active Users Statistics
  • Nearly 2.4 million searches take place every minute by users on Google looking for solutions to their queries.
  • Google is the highest visited search engine ahead of YouTube, with around 82.6 billion users approaching the website and YouTube having 32.1 billion visits.
  • Google has the highest customer foundation for the organization, with around 250 million users using the search engine.

Google Revenue Statistics (2004-2021):

Google Revenue Statistics

As for the most recent report, Google’s revenue was around 256.7 billion U.S. dollars, including a large portion of the amount received from advertising of approximately 209 billion U.S. dollars for the year 2021.

Google has a market share of 92% as of January 2022, which makes the parent company a huge giant in the search engine rankings platforms other than Baidu, Duck Duck Go, Yahoo, etc. Google has maintained a huge market share since its inception in 1998 and has undoubtedly no competition with other search engines available on the internet.


Revenue In Billion U.S Dollars





































Google Country-Wise Active Users:

Although Google has billions of users globally, here is a list of stats that tell you about the active users based on the country.

  • Google has 246 million users that regularly use the platform in the U.S.
  • Google has 4.3 billion users globally, based on the data for 4.72 billion internet users and a market share of 92.24%.
  • The marketing giant recorded 3.5 billion new visitors in April 2021 in the U.S.A.

Countries Where Google Is Banned:

Google may have become a marketing legend by its vast market share and active users. It is yet a bit far away to conquer the world. There are four countries where the use of Google is prohibited or does not account for even half of the market share.

  • China has a highly protected Great Firewall system, making it difficult for hackers or cyber criminals to hack their systems and extract data. China uses its tech-based developed search engine Baidu, which accounts for 69.55% (2021) of the market share.
  • North Korean officials used Google for their Administrative work. However, in 2018 due to political issues, the government discontinued using Google and switched to Baidu.
  • South Korea has the fastest internet speed globally, which they use to visit search engines named Naver or Korean Google (common name).
  • Russia uses search engines other than Google, like Yandex having a market share of 55% in the search engine market.

Google Employee Base Statistics:

An efficient team backs every company. Here are some stats on Google Employee Base worldwide.

  • Google had its first employee named Craig Silverstein, a Ph.D. student at Stanford University.
  • Google had 84,000 employees working full-time in the U.S.A, having offices in 26 U.S. states in 2021.
  • The parent company, Alphabet, had a total employee base of 135,301 from across the world that was currently working at Google as full-time employees.
  • Google has 70 offices placed in 50 countries which include Finland, the Czech Republic, Canada, Germany, Turkey, and New Zealand.

Google Country-Wise Market Share Base:

Google is dominating the world market share as per the search engine platform ranking in almost all countries except China, where the search engine platform is banned, and users have to use Baidu, along with Russia, where users prefer to use Yandex.

Google Market Share In Comparison Of Other Search Engines:

Google has been a dominating search engine platform for the last two decades because of its extensive usage and availability to users across multiple platforms. Depending on the source, Google had a market share of 86.6% or 92.24% in 2021.

Search Engine Platforms

Q1 (February 2021)

Q2 (April 2021)
















Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the most searched terms on Google?

The most searched terms on Google are:
Youtube- 1.4 billion
Facebook- 1.2 billion
Amazon- 580.7 million
Weather- 543.3 million
Google- 475.3 million
These are some of the most searched terms on Google globally.

What is the average duration for any visited search result?

The minimum time that a visitor visits the search engine is 54 seconds.

What are the alternatives that Google must work on to provide a better experience?

The parent company, Alphabet, needs to work on its voice assistance feature to search for queries, as 90% of people use Siri (Apple), and nearly 26% use Alexa (Android).


Google has constantly been upgrading its services and providing the best possible user experience to its visitors so that it can be the most frequent platform for any user to come to and search for their queries.

You must know that the users turn to other search engine platforms if the portal takes more than three seconds to load the search results. The visitors look for a quick solution to their problems and issues and need an instant solution to meet their requirements.

Thus, this guide contains the most prominent Google statistics for users to help them have a better insight into the search engine platform. 

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