How To Cancel Paramount Plus Free Trial in 2023?

Entertainment is a great source to pass some time, refresh and freshen up your mind. While previously, people used to watch movies and shows on television or by visiting the theatre, this all changed with the introduction of OTT platforms which work on a subscription basis. 

By paying for the subscription, you can access a lot of movies and shows, all in one place. Some of the most popular OTT platforms are Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu, but there is a platform that is going under the radar of many audiences.

It is the Paramount Plus, and if you are its user, then it’s essential to know the answers to these questions “How to get the Paramount plus Free Trial” and “How to Cancel Paramount Plus Free trial”

Here in this article, I will explain canceling paramount free trial on different devices. Please go through the guide and implement it according to your device.

How to Cancel Paramount Plus Through Website?

If you have subscribed to the membership of Paramount Plus directly from the OTT platform, you can cancel it by visiting their website. This means that you should have signed in to your membership account in a browser either from your Mobile, smart TV or gaming console as well as pc.

Here is the step-by-step guide with which you can cancel your Paramount Plus subscription through their website- 

  1. First, you must choose your preferred browser and visit the Paramount Plus website by clicking on
  2. Once you open the website, sign in to your account through which you have bought the subscription. 
  3. To sign in to your account, you need to enter the email ID and the password linked with it.
  4. Once you have successfully signed in to your Paramount Plus account (which has the prepaid subscription); you need to find the name of your account. Let’s say, In this case, it’s DAVE.
How to Cancel Paramount Plus Through Website
  1. Click on your account name, which will open up many other options. Out of all of them, click on the “Account” button. 
  2. Once you have clicked on the “Account” button, a new page will pop up, so scroll down the page until you find the “Subscription” option. You will also see a “Cancel Subscription” option beside it. So, click it

How to Cancel Paramount Plus on iPhone?

As mentioned earlier, you can cancel the Paramount Plus membership through their website by signing in to your Google account and following some steps. You need not do any of those as you don’t have to visit their website if you use it on your iPhone. All you need is a Paramount Plus application. 

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Following are the steps that will help you to cancel your Paramount Plus membership/subscription through your iPhone- 

  1. Firstly, you need to toggle to the settings of your phone.
Cancel Paramount Plus on iPhone
  1. You will see your name in the settings, so click on it.
  2. Once you click on your name, many options will appear out of which you need to click on the “subscription” button.
  1. If you don’t find the “subscription” button on the settings, then tap on the “iTunes & Appstore” button. 
  2. After completing the step 4, you need to tap on your apple id 
  3. After tapping on the Apple id, many options will appear, out of which click the View Apple ID” button.
  4. Now, you will have to sign in to your Apple ID and then scroll down and click on the “Subscription” button.
  5. After clicking the “Subscription” button, click on the “Paramount+” option.
cancel my paramount plus
  1. You must press the “Cancel Subscription” button. By chance, if you don’t find the “Cancel Subscription” button, either the subscription is already cancelled or won’t automatically renew.  

How to Cancel Paramount Plus Free trial on Android?

One thing you should know is that if you are using the free trial of the Paramount Plus subscription on your android device, then you can regulate or control it through the Google Play Store. 

If you want to cancel your Free Trial from Paramount Plus, then follow the listed steps- 

  1. You should navigate your android device and open the Google Play Store application.
android cancel my paramount plus
  1. In the top right corner of the screen, you will find an account icon. All you have to do is click on the account icon.
  1. Then you need to click on the “Payment & subscriptions” button
cancel paramount plus on android
  1. Tap on the “Paramount+ button
  2. You need to click the “Cancel Subscription” button and follow the required steps to complete the cancellation. 

How to Cancel Paramount + Free Trial on Apple TV?

Just like the other ways of cancellations mentioned in this article, this one is also very easy. If you own Apple TV and want to cancel your Paramount Plus free trial, then you should follow the listed steps- 

  1. You need to go to your Apple TV and open the “Settings” application.
  2. You need to choose your account; for that, click on “Users & Accounts.” 
  3. Now, you need to click on the “Subscription” tab
  4. You need to navigate and click on the “Active Section” then you need to click on the “Paramount +” button
  5. Finally, you need to click the “Cancel Subscription” button and tap on the “Confirm” option. 

How to Cancel Paramount Plus on a Roku?

If you have signed up for the Paramount Plus through Roku, then there are two ways through which you can cancel your subscription. One would be by cancelling it through the web, and the other would be from your Roku device. 

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Method 1: Through Roku Browser

Following are the steps through which you can cancel your subscription through website-

  1. Firstly, you would need to visit the Roku website.
  2. After visiting the Roku website, you need to sign in with the email account liked to your Paramount membership.
  3. Now, you have to navigate and click on the “Manage my Subscriptions” option.
  4. Now, you would have to select the subscription channel that you want to cancel.
  5. Lastly, click on Unsubscribe, and then you are done.

Method 2: Through Roku App

Following are the steps through which you can cancel your subscription through the Roku device-

  1. Firstly, you need to navigate to the home screen.
cancel my paramount plus subscription
  1. You will have to highlight the paramount plus channel that you want to cancel (you should not click it, only highlight it) 
  2. After highlighting it, you need to click “*”, which you will find on the Roku remote.
  3. Once step 3 is done, click on “Manage Subscriptions” and finally click on “Cancel Subscription”
how to cancel paramount plus on roku

How To Cancel Paramount Plus on Amazon Fire TV?

You cancel your Paramount plus subscription anytime within the billing period. One thing that you must remember is that this decision must be made wisely. If you don’t cancel it within the billing period, your subscription can be auto-renewed. 

You need to follow the listed steps if you own an Amazon Fire TV and you want to cancel your Paramount Plus subscription- 

  1. Firstly, you will have to navigate to your Amazon account. 
  2. After you have gone to your Amazon account, you need to navigate to the section named “Memberships and Subscriptions”.
how do you cancel paramount plus
  1. A list will open, which you need to navigate and click on the “Manage Subscriptions” option.
  2. A new page will appear after completing the 3rd step. Upon which you need to navigate as well as select the “Manage Your Prime Video Channels” and then you will see a link, on which you need to click.
  3. You will have to navigate to the channels section of the Prime Video. Once it’s done, a list of options will appear, selecting the “Paramount plus Subscriptions.” 
  4. Finally, you have to click the “Cancel Channel” button, and it’s done. 

Refund for Paramount+ Subscription:

You can cancel your monthly or annual subscription and free trial anytime you want before the billing cycles. One thing you should note is that the subscriptions of almost every OTT platform come with auto-renewal.

So for canceling, you need to cancel your subscription before the end of your billing cycle, or else your membership will automatically be renewed with your money. 

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The refund policy of Paramount+ is very clear. It states that you won’t get a refund if you cancel your membership within any period of your billing cycle, nor for the remaining days or the entire month. Even though this policy is very strict, there are few exceptions when the customer faces critical situations under which the company deems it necessary to grant him a refund. 

Even though you won’t get a refund for canceling your subscription, you will retain the ability to enjoy the content. It’s just that your subscription is canceled from the financial side, which means it won’t auto-renew.

You should note that the decision to give the refund is entirely up to the company, and it is not in the customer’s hands. This is why you must be careful before purchasing the subscription or canceling it. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Paramount + Charge any Fee for Cancellation?

You would be happy to know that Paramount plus does not charge extra fees for canceling your subscription. But you must remember that you must do it within the billing period. 

If I cancel and re-subscribe, can I get a new free trial?

No, if you cancel your subscription and then re-subscribe, then you won’t get any new free trial. 

After canceling, can I re-subscribe for paramount plus?

Yes, if you cancel your subscription for some reason, you can subscribe to it at any other time. 

Can you cancel Paramount Plus before paying?

Yes, you can cancel your Paramount Plus subscription anytime and you still can access to the service through the end of your billing cycle.


Paramount plus is a great OTT platform where you can enjoy different types of content, whether movies or TV shows. But the problem appears when one wants to cancel their subscription for some reason. But if you want to know “How to Cancel Paramount plus Free Trial”, you don’t need to worry as you can do it through many ways such as web, mobile and many more. 

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