How to Add Text to Your Instagram Reels?

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms around the globe. It is more than just social media. People use it to connect with their family and friends and also make reels and other videos. Many users have made it a source of living. And they do everything to make their content unique.

Instagram reels are a new trend that people are into. To make their reels more beautiful and unique, people wonder how to add text to reels on Instagram. Adding text can give a fine tone to your reel, making it more likely to go viral. If you also want to know the process, you are at the right place.

In this article, we’ll tell you how to add text to reels on Instagram.

Why Add Text to Reels On Instagram?

Before we dive into the “how,” let’s explore the “why” behind adding text to your Instagram Reels. Here are some of the main reasons why adding text to your reels can be a good idea.

  • Enhance Storytelling: Text can complement your visual content by providing context, explaining the story, or conveying emotions. It adds depth to your Reels and makes them more engaging.
  • Grab Viewer Attention: Text overlays can act as attention-grabbers, ensuring that your viewers stay hooked from the very beginning of your Reel.
  • Convey Information: Whether you’re sharing a recipe, fitness tips, or a travel vlog, text can be a valuable tool for conveying important information to your audience.
  • Boost Engagement: Engage with your audience on a personal level by using text to ask questions, share anecdotes, or provide interesting facts.
  • Branding and Personalization: Customize your Reels with text that matches your personal style or brand identity, making your content easily recognizable.
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How to Add Text on Reels?

Now that we know some reasons behind adding text let’s move into the process. Here’s how to add text to reels on Instagram. You can add text on both versions of the operating system, i.e., Android and iOS, with some slight differences. So, we’ll discuss both methods.

1. On Android

If you are an Android user, follow the below steps to add text on reels on Instagram.

  • Open the Instagram app. Make sure you have the reel ready with you. If not, make a reel in which you want to add text.
  • At the top left corner of the screen, select “Your Story”.
  • If you haven’t made the reel yet, slide the screen until you reach the “Reel” page. Make a reel video. If you already have a video made in your gallery, tap the icon at the bottom-left side and select your reel.
  • After selecting, tap on “Preview” to go to the editing screen.
  • At the top-right corner, tap on “Aa” icon.
  • A line will appear on the screen. Start writing the text that you want to add to your reel.
  • After tying, use the tools above to edit the text size, font, and style to your needs. You can also use your two fingers to increase or decrease the size of your text.
  • After making the necessary changes, tap on “Done”. Text is added to your reel successfully.

2. On iPhone

If you are an iPhone user, you can also add text to your reel on Instagram. The method is almost the same. Here’s how it’s done.

  • Open the app and select “Your Story” at the top-left side of the screen.
  • Select your reel from the icon at the bottom left. If you haven’t made any reels yet, make a reel.
  • After making/selecting the reel, tap on “Preview” to go to the editing screen.
  • To add text, tap on the “Aa” at the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Type the text you want to add to your reel. You can use the tools to edit the text like size, font, and style. Use your fingers to increase or decrease the size of the text.
  • After making the necessary changes, tap on “Done”. Text is added to your reel successfully.

How to Add Text to Reels at Different Times?

If you have learned to add text to reels, you can easily make it appear at different times on your reel. Here’s how it’s done.

  • Follow the above instructions to add text to your reel.
  • After adding the required text, you’ll see a box at the bottom of your screen. The box will have the text that you just added to your reel. Tap on it.
  • A slider will appear. Move the slider to that point of the reel where you want to add the text. After adding, tap on “Next” to adjust the next text to show up.
  • If you want multiple texts to be added at multiple frames of your reel, do each one separately by adding text each time.
  • Tap on “Done” to view the results.

Frequently Asked questions:

If you have still some doubts, refer to the questions below.

Is there a character limit for the text I add to my Reel?

No, there’s no limit; you can add a substantial amount of text to your reel, but keep it concise and engaging to maintain viewer interest.

Can you change the text’s appearance during the Reel, such as fading in or out?

Yes, you can control the text’s appearance by adjusting its duration and position on the timeline. This allows you to create dynamic effects, such as text fading in or out at specific moments in your Reel.


To conclude, adding text to your reel is a great way to make your content more unique and trendy. The process of adding text is pretty much simple and doesn’t require any technical expertise. The process is mentioned above. Follow the process, and you are good to go. So, why wait? Start adding text to your Instagram Reels today and take your reels to new heights!

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