Snapchat Planets: Best Friends Solar System Order 2024

Snapchat+ users have recently discovered Snapchat Planets, part of the newly introduced Friends & Best Friends Solar System feature. If you are also confused about what it is and how it works, this guide will explain what Snapchat Planets means and how you can flaunt them wisely.

It’s been a good amount of time since the Snapchat Plus subscription was introduced, which brings additional perks and features to the app. There are several great features that you can unlock by paying for Snapchat+, and the Friends Solar System is one of them. Let’s explore the solar system, its planet order, and the cool features briefly.

What are Snapchat Planets?

Snapchat plus solar system friends

Snapchat has a Best Friends Solar System feature, exclusively available for Plus subscribers. Planets are a part of the system and represent the level of your friendship with other users on the app. The app has eight planets, just like the real Solar System.

You are represented by ‘Sun’, and your friends are assigned a ‘Planet’ based on your proximity to Snapchat. For instance, if someone is your closest Snapchat friend, you’ll notice that they are ‘Mercury’ for you (as Mercury is closest to the Sun in the Solar System).

Snapchat Plus Planets

Similarly, the intensity of the friendship decides which friend gets which planet in your friend’s Solar System. So, Planets represent your list of Best Friends on Snapchat. Pluto is not a part of the feature as it was removed from the Solar System in August 2006.

How does the Snapchat+ Friends Solar System work?

Snapchat+ subscribers can access a Friends Solar System representing their Best Friends using various planets such as Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, etc. If you are a Snapchat Plus user, you’ll see a ‘Best Friends’ or ‘Friends’ badge with a gold ring on your friends’ Friendship Profiles.

The ‘Best Friends’ badge means that you both are among each other’s eight closest friends and ‘Friends’ signifies that you are one of their eight closest friends but they are not one of yours. When you tap on this badge with a golden ring, you’ll see your friend sitting on a Planet.

You will also see your face in the middle of the Sun. This represents your friendship. The closer your friendship is, the closer the planet is to the Sun. This is how Snapchat’s Friends Solar System works.

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All Snapchat Planets in Order & What They Mean:

Snapchat users are often confused about the Friends Solar System and Planets thing. This is because the app only displays images of the planets and doesn’t provide their names, positions, or meanings. To solve this problem, we are going to explain all planets in order, with their pictures, and their meaning here.

1. Mercury:

Mercury is the first planet of Snapchat’s Friends Solar System, just like the real one. It’s the closest planet to the Sun. Hence, it’s used to represent your best friend on Snapchat with whom you connect the most and have the longest Snap streak going.


In the Snapchat+ Friends Solar System, Mercury is represented by a red planet with five red hearts around it and a few glittering shine emojis.

2. Venus:

Venus is the second planet in the Snapchat solar system and represents your second closest friend. It is the hottest planet in our solar system and shows how hot your friendship is with someone.


In Snapchat’s Friends Solar System, Venus is represented by a light brown-colored planet with yellow, pink, and blue hearts around it.

3. Earth:

Earth is the third planet in the Snapchat solar system and represents your third best friend on the app. Just like it’s the only planet in our solar system with life, it shows how lively your friendship is with someone.


In Snapchat’s Friends Solar System, Earth is the easiest to identify as it features the same blue and green colors with a moon, stars, and red hearts around it.

4. Mars:

Mars is the fourth closest friend on Snapchat’s solar system and represents your fourth closest friend on the app. It’s another very distinctive and easy-to-identify planet.


In the Snapchat Friends Solar System, Mars is pretty easy to figure out as a red planet with colorful stars and purple and blue hearts around it represents it.

5. Jupiter:

Jupiter is the fifth planet in the Snapchat solar system and represents your fifth closest friend on the app. It’s the biggest one on all the planets and shows how great your friendship is.


In the Snapchat Friends Solar System, Jupiter is shown as a reddish-orange planet with dark orange strips and colorful stars around it.

6. Saturn:

Saturn is the sixth planet in the Snapchat solar system, and it represents your sixth closest friend on the app.


In the Snapchat Friends Solar System, Saturn is shown as an orange planet with a ring and several stars floating nearby.

7. Uranus:

Uranus is the seventh planet in the Snapchat solar system and represents your seventh closest friend on the app.


In the Snapchat Solar System, Uranus is displayed as a green planet with glittering emojis and no hearts.

8. Neptune:

Neptune is the farthest planet to the Sun and the same is seen in the Snapchat solar system. It represents your eighth closest friend on the app.


In the Snapchat Solar System, Neptune is shown as a blue planet with a wavy texture and no hearts around it. There are only some glittering emojis around it.

How to See Snapchat Planets for Free?

To see your Best Friends list, you must buy the Snapchat+ subscription. If you can’t access it, you can’t see planets on Snapchat. However, you can also see them using the Snapchat+ free trial for free. Follow these steps to learn how to do that:

  • Go to Snapchat and tap on your profile.
  • Tap on the Snapchat+ banner present below your name.
Snapchat Plus
  • Now go through the details and then tap on Next.
  • Next, tap on “Start Free Trial.”
Start Free Trial
  • Add any payment method as you don’t have to pay immediately.
  • Once your Snapchat+ subscription is active, relaunch the app.
  • Navigate to the Chats section and open any friend’s chat.
  • Tap on their Bitmoji icon to visit their profile.
  • Tap on the ‘Best Friend’ or ‘Friend’s badge to see planets.
Best Friends badge

That’s it. This is how you can see Snapchat planets for free. Finally, you can cancel your Snapchat+ subscription before the trial expires to avoid getting charged. Once the free trial is over, the price will be automatically deducted from your payment source.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What do the Snapchat Planets mean?

A: Snapchat Planets represent your best friends in the app’s solar system, a Plus membership exclusive feature. Each planet, such as Mercury, Venus, Earth, etc. is used to display how close your friendship is with someone on Snapchat. The greater your friendship is, the closer the planet to the Sun is used to represent it.

Q: How can I see the Planets on Snapchat?

A: To see which planet represents a friendship, launch Snapchat, navigate to the chats section, open your friend’s chat, and tap their bitmoji icon from the top left corner. After that, please tap on the friendship badge to see which planet you are in their Solar System.

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Q: Can you see Planets without Snapchat Plus?

A: No, it’s impossible to see Planets on Snapchat without a Plus subscription. You won’t be able to see which planet you are in your friend’s solar system. However, you can still ask your friend to send you a screenshot to know which planet they are in yours if they are a Snapchat+ subscriber.

Q: What is Jupiter on Snapchat?

A: Jupiter is the fifth planet in Snapchat’s Best Friends Solar System. It is used to represent your fifth closest friend on the app. If you see a friend sitting on a big orange planet with colorful stars around it after tapping on the Snapchat Best Friends badge, it’s Jupiter.

Q: What is Venus on Snapchat?

A: Venus is the second closest planet to the Sun and the hottest in the solar system. Similarly, it represents your second best friend on Snapchat in the Friends Solar System and shows how hot and lively your friendship is. Meanwhile, your best friend is Mercury.

Final Take:

Snapchat’s Best Friends Solar System is a fun feature that keeps users hooked to the app. It’s yet another interactive in-app experience such as Snap Streaks, Badges, Astrology, Games, etc, for which Snapchat is famously known among Gen Z and Millenials.

Snapchat users often flaunt their friendships using planets on other social media platforms. It’s one of the many great features of the Snapchat Plus subscription. If you have access to Snapchat+, you must try and see your friendship planets right away.

That’s all for this guide. Feel free to use the comment box if you have any doubts or queries regarding Snapchat. We’ll be glad to help you more.

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