Spotify Pie Chart: See Your Monthly Chart 2024

Spotify users love to check their stats and usage. The company releases “Spotify Wrapped” every year, which recaps every user’s year with stunning visuals. However, the year-end experience comes only once a year. If you wish to find something like Wrapped every month, then the Spotify Pie Chart is your savior. Here’s the Spotify Pie Chart, how to make one, and how to see your monthly chart.

If you remember the pie charts from your school days, then Spotify’s version is very similar. However, the data includes your favorite songs, artists, and genres. It explains all your music streaming habits in a simple-to-understand manner. You can also share it on your social handles for your friends to see.

What Is The Spotify Pie Chart?

Spotify Pie Chart is a third-party tool that lets you view your monthly music listening habits visually appealingly. It is similar to Spotify’s annual Wrapped experience that explains what songs you played and what artists you listened to the whole year.

However, Spotify Pie presents the data every month. This means you can your usage every month. Darren Huang, a University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) student, created this tool. He created and launched the tool for both PC and mobile users. It’s going viral these days.

Pie Chart

When you visit the official website, it says “Bake Your Monthly Genre Pie” wittingly, and the title “Spotify Pie” is available just below it. From there, you can generate your Pie and what you were up to on the popular streaming service in a particular month.

How Does The Spotify Pie Chart Work?

Spotify Pie analyzes your music streaming data and organizes it into a visually interactive pie chart featuring all the genres and artists you’ve listened to. It takes advantage of the fact that each song on Spotify is classified into a very specific genre and counts the songs from the artists you’ve listened to the most.

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This great tool features popular genres like rock, jazz, hip hop, etc, but also includes underrated genres such as nu-metal, post-grunge, album-rock, prog rock, Canadian metalcore, and others. You must sign in using your Spotify account and grant the necessary permissions.

After that, Spotify Pie will gather the data, analyze it, and create a stunning chart showcasing your music listening habits within a few minutes.

How To Make Your Spotify Pie Chart?

Making your own Spotify Pie Chart revealing your monthly music listening habits is very simple. Head to the Spotify Pie website from here (it opens in a new tab). Now click on the big green “Login to Spotify” button.

Login to Spotify

Next, sign in to your Spotify account by entering your credentials or through a linked profile like Google, Apple, etc. Once you’ve signed in, you’ll be asked to grant permission to Spotify Pie to collect and process your data.

Spotify Login

After that, Spotify Pie will do the required processing, and you’ll have to wait a minute or two. Finally, the Pie Chart will be available on the screen, and you can see different genres depicted with different colors. Below the chart, you can also see a list of your favorite or most-played artists.

Share Your Spotify Monthly Pie Chart On Social Media:

Now that your Spotify Pie Chart is ready, it’s time to share it on social media. You can find the share buttons beneath the chart to post it directly on Twitter, Facebook, or other platforms. You can also capture a screenshot of the pie chart and manually share it on your profiles.

Spotify Pie on Twitter

Many social media users are sharing these pie charts lately to reveal their music listening habits. You can also do the same. It will help your friends understand you better, and you may get a great response from your followers.

Can You Make A Pie Chart For Apple Music?

No, it’s not possible to make a Pie Chart for Apple Music like Spotify yet. That’s sad news if you are an Apple Music user looking to join the Spotify Pie chart trend. However, there’s a workaround, but it’s not as simple as the method used by Spotify users.

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There is a website called that provides all the stats and charts you’d need for your music streaming habits. It supports linking your Apple Music account, and you can find the required statistics. After that, you can create your own Apple Music pie chart using the data and share it with your friends.

Last FM

Can You Make A Pie Chart For YouTube Music/ Amazon Music?

No, the Spotify Pie website doesn’t support making charts for YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, or any other music streaming service user either. Only Spotify users can use it to create fun charts. If you’re using any platform other than Spotify for playing songs, you’ll have to use the alternative method shared above.

Just head over to and connect your account. After that, you can find the stats and insights about your usage. You can then use this data and create a pie chart of your own, whether it is for YouTube Music, Amazon Music, or any other service.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I see my Spotify pie?

A: You can see your own Spotify Pie chart by heading over to this website (opens in a new tab) on your mobile or PC and then signing in to your Spotify account. Afterward, you can view and share the chart with your friends on social media.

Q: Is Spotify Pie safe and trustworthy?

A: Yes, Spotify Pie is a completely safe and trustworthy website. It’s an unofficial third-party tool that requires you to sign in with your Spotify account, but it only collects the data of your music listening habits. No other information is needed to be shared. Hence, you shouldn’t worry about using it.

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Q: Does Apple do a Spotify Pie?

A: Apple Music users don’t have a tool like Spotify Pie yet. The Spotify Pie website doesn’t support Apple Music or any other streaming service. They get the official Apple Music Replay once a year, but there’s no third-party tool they can use to make a monthly pie. However, Apple Music users can find their “Top 25 Most Played List” within the app.

Final Thoughts:

Spotify Pie Charts are trending these days. You can now join the craze by making your own and sharing it on your social handles immediately. It’s a fun way of letting others know what type of music you like to listen to, and there’s a good chance that people of the same taste may find you.

That’s all for this post. Feel free to use the comment box if you need help regarding anything mentioned here. You can also use it to drop some fiery Spotify recommendations. We’ll be happy to hear from you.

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