10 Best Spotify Alternatives You Should Try (2023)

Certain associations bring various ‘joyful’ moments, like spending time with friends or family members, where we feel good surrounded by people who care. Adding on the same, there are music apps known for their friendly features that make our lives easy.

For example, we have greatly relied on Spotify for so long, given the “easy-to-use” app that has its presence on Windows, Mac, Linux, mobile apps, SmarTVs, video games consoles, etc. However, certain associations with time give way to alternatives.

Reason? Due to the arrival of substitutes with more advanced and better features, the free version of Spotify has limitations that necessitate the owners to consider other options. Here is the list of the top 10 Spotify alternatives everyone should use in 2023.

10 Best Spotify Alternatives 2023:

Below is the list of Spotify alternatives that has given reasons for people to experience a joyful and pleasant time. They can now create a personalized list with easy-to-navigate features that will smoothen their experience

1. Deezer:


It is not hard to go with an app with more features, and you can better enhance your association in music. Through its feature “SongCatcher,” you can find the name of the song and artist is displayed, and accordingly, you can add to your favorites.

Music potentially cheers you up. So, when you feel bored, you listen to some of your personalized lists. So how to create one?  Don’t worry. If you have missed creating a personalized soundtrack on Spotify, then cheer up; Deezer offers  “Flow,” where you can create and compose a list based on your favorites and recommended songs. Now, you can only have a list of the personalized songs that you love to listen to for hours.

Rightly so, when it comes to the top 10 Spotify alternatives. Compared to Spotify vs Deezer, the top of the chart always goes to Deezer. It is a hub of songs with 70 million songs. While the free version is mostly similar to Spotify (except for fewer advertisements), you can opt for the premium version just by paying $10.99 per month.

2. Amazon Music:

Amazon Music

Amazon Music offers a class that carves a niche for itself. You can dive into the world of music with a massive and never-ending catalog of songs of over 60 million. Yes, your Prime subscription gives you awesome songs of different genres that you love to listen to with unlimited skips and ads free experience.

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Likewise, you can download the tracks and fully control your playback with Alexa. Similar to standing in front of the sea where the farthest you can see is only water, it offers a sea of the library and new releases where all you can experience are “songs”. However, one thing which you have to contend with is its outdated user interface.

3. Soundcloud:


What is the most obvious company you enjoy while feeling bored or down? Well, you would listen to music, as it refreshes your mind. You are giving your company Soundcloud, another one of the best Spotify alternatives. Comprising over 200 million files relating to music and podcasts, it is heaven for indie artists compared to Spotify. You can create a personalized list of songs. However, the only exception is that it doesn’t have renowned actors. It has a free version with ads, but you can get premium membership by paying $9.99/month for an ad-free.

4. YouTube Music:

YouTube Music

You know that you have found one of the top 10 Spotify alternatives when searching for your favorite video is the simplest. Rightly so, thanks to the detailed catalog, which houses millions of videos and views. Say or type your desired video, and you will get it.

Adding to the simplicity is the interface that is easy to navigate. The main page is abundant with different playlists, and you can try the one your heart and mind permit. Get out of boredom and enjoy the company while surrounding yourself with the company of your favorite songs and spending quality time. A great feature is that you don’t need WiFi to listen to music or watch videos.

What more do you need when you continue working with other apps and run YouTube in the background by listening to music for hours together? All this and more features just by paying a premium package for $9.99.

5. Apple Music:

Apple Music

How would you react while associating with Apple Music, known for integrating with the OS? The experience is at another level since no third-party apps are required. A catalog of over 50 million songs and an easy interface makes your association fruitful. From creating a personalized playlist, while going through recommended songs according to the hits and genres, there is a whole world waiting for you.

Discover new music daily that is a tonic for a world of humming hip and happening songs that would make your day. Now, for just $4.99 monthly, you can view playlists and albums belonging to artists and genres.

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6. Pandora:


Pandora offers another top 10 Spotify alternatives. It has over 80 million active users, and that’s the figure that one can relate to as one of the oldest apps. Rightly so, as that means its music library is quite huge.

It started as an internet radio service that creates personalized channels based on the user’s favorite songs. The free version has ads between the songs, limiting the ability to skip songs. If the ads concern you very much, then don’t worry. There is Pandora Premium which becomes an on-demand version following the lines of competitors. You can opt for a monthly subscription at $9.99 a month. Now you can get your favorite music on demand from the library, which is huge and extensive.

7. Bandcamp:


What better platform than Bandcamp, a hub for independent musicians to get their skills and art in front of the world? Yes, it uses features from social networks that display your music. It helps to sell your merchandise with the facility of e-commerce. The aspect that sets Bandcamp ahead of Spotify is the feature of streaming your music, where clients can buy your discography in physical or digital formats.

Music is an art, and who else can better understand it than a musician who, after taking the premium version, can send private messages to fans or know the location of buyers? Similarly, you can also know little things like how buyers have gotten in touch with you.

You can upload a whole set of audio files (batch upload) to the platform and add videos to music and the products you sell. For those who are supposed to pay a premium price, you can send VIP songs through private links. If that’s not enough, you can add a custom domain. If you are bored with certain songs over time, you can easily disable them too.

8. Funkwhale:


Another best Spotify alternative is Funkwhale. It is made by people for people and has a friendly community of contributors to showcase your creativity and hidden talent to the world. Being a project which runs with the community’s contribution, you can listen to and share music and audio within an open network.

Your music library is yours, and you don’t have to worry about getting it disappearing from the platform. The feature exclusively available here is that you can upload your library to the available websites or pods that constitute the app and stream them to friends. It is free.

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9. LiveXLive:


It is easy to create the personalized playlist that LiveXLive empowers you with. Yes, based on the specific artists, genre, song, etc., you can create one, and it has suggestive options according to your preference. So, it makes listening to your favorite song easy and simple.

While the free version comprises ads between the songs, the upgraded version lets you enjoy it smoothly. Yes, you have a friendly and awesome way of listening without the tension of skipping. Since the free version, it has a skip limit of 6 per hour for every station. It has its presence for Android, iOS, LiveXLive, and Roku. The premium version has a $9.99 monthly subscription where you can play music on demand and personalize your playlist.

10. Tidal:


Continuing with the top 10 Spotify alternatives, here is one more. Tidal has the edge over Spotify as the sound quality is simply soothing, and you will immediately notice the difference. It also has HiFi quality. Tidal lets you get closer to the next level of listening to music that has improved sound quality. If you want to associate yourself with the app to experience songs in their best quality, then look no further.

Also, you can easily transfer your favorite songs from other apps to Tidal without losing them. You can even be among exclusive fans to buy tickets for your favorite artists for their shows before they open for the masses.


Finally, aforesaid are the top 10 Spotify alternatives. You now know the different genres of music that will give you company by healing your mind and body and taking away tension. Yes, it has such a soothing phase that it is hard to resist. A great collection of your favorite music is just a few seconds away from your reach.

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