Snapchat Won’t Open? Here’s How to Fix it

Snapchat is one of the most used social media platforms globally. The two features which set it apart from other platforms are privacy and its beautiful filters. With billions of downloads and approximately 363 million daily active users, Snapchat has remained at the top of the charts from day 1.

It has a user-friendly interface with lots of features. You can download the app from the Play Store or the App Store. But, sometimes, there are flaws in the best also. The app is perfect for its users, but sometimes it won’t perform as expected. In straightforward language, Snapchat won’t open as usual. There can be numerous reasons behind this issue.

Snapchat Won't Open

In this article, we’ll tell you potential fixes which may solve the issue of “Snapchat Won’t Open.”

Why My Snapchat Won’t Open?

Why My Snapchat Won’t Open

There are instances where your Snapchat won’t operate like it usually used to. There’s no particular reason behind this error, but several reasons can be tantamount to causing this error. Refer to the following reasons.

  • The servers of Snapchat are down.
  • Outdated Snapchat app
  • Bugs in the Snapchat Update
  • Unstable Internet connection
  • Corrupt data

What To Do If Snapchat Doesn’t Opening?

Now that we have discussed the reasons behind the issue, let’s move toward the solution part. It is to be noted that since there’s no particular reason behind this error, there’s no particular solution. You must try all the solutions and see which works for you.

1. Check Snapchat Servers:

The first thing to check if the Snapchat app isn’t opening for you is whether or not it’s an outage with the Snapchat servers. Before performing any other step, do check this out first. After performing all the steps below, you will realize that the app is down, and you’ll be disappointed.

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If you feel is snapchat down today, you can check in a few different ways.

  • You might first check if any outages have been reported using a website like These kinds of sites provide up-to-the-minute details about the current status of many websites. Click on this link and check whether the servers of the app are working fine or not.
  • Secondly, you can check whether the servers are down on the Twitter app. You can check to see if other people are experiencing the same problem. The Snapchat Support Twitter account can also be referred to for accurate updates.

2. Check Your Internet Connection:

My Snapchat Won’t Open - Check the internet connections

The second step is pretty much obvious. You have to ensure that the internet you are connected to is stable. An unstable internet may be a cause of this error. If you are connected to Wi-Fi, try changing the network to your data network or vice versa. If you use a mobile network, make sure the mobile network permission is given to the Snapchat app.

Check Wi-Fi; if it is not working correctly, then maybe restart the router. If still not working, then you may want to call your service provider to your home to fix the same.

3. Restart the Snapchat App:

restart snapchat

If you’ve already tried the aforementioned solutions and realized that the network is exemplary, the only issue is at your end, then try the following mentioned method.

The next thing you should try is to close the app and remove it from the background processor by swiping up from the bottom of the screen to bring up recent apps and removing Snapchat from the recent tray.

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Now, open the app again and check if the problem persists.  If not, then try restarting your device itself. After restarting, open the app and see whether the issue has been resolved or not.

4. Check For Updates:

Snapchat Update

Sometimes, outdated apps contain bugs that may hinder the usage of your app. Updates are there to remove those bugs from the app. So, you should always regularly check if there are updates available.

Just open your respective play store or app store, depending on your device. In the search bar, search for Snapchat. Check if there are updates available. If yes, update the app as soon as possible. Enable automatic updates to update the app whenever there are updates available.

5. Clear Snapchat App Data/Cache:

All the apps you install on your phone use internal storage to save both permanent and temporary data. If there’s an issue with such permanent or temporary data, the app may cease to operate correctly.

Simply clearing this data or cache will allow you to effectively restart Snapchat “from scratch” without deleting the application. Here’s how you can delete the app data or cache on android devices.

  • On your device, open the “Settings” app.
  • In the settings app, tap on “Applications.”
  • From the list of apps, look for “Snapchat.”
  • Once found, tap on it, and it will take you to the app settings.
  • From there, you’ll have the option to delete the app data or cache. Refer to the below guide to know the difference between the two.
Clear Snapchat App Data/Cache

Clearing the cache will only eliminate the temporary data, not the permanent data that the app needs. If you delete the “data,” you will lose all of your data, like login credentials, media, etc. Make sure you back up all your files before you delete anything.

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If you tap on delete data, the app will be the same as downloading it from the play store. You will need to log in again to open your account.

6. Contact Snapchat Help Support:

contact snapchat help support

If the servers are working fine and none of the above-mentioned methods didn’t work out for you, then may the issue is something else. In that case, don’t waste your time and contact the help support of Snapchat. Tell them your problem ad they’ll definitely help you.


Waking one day and finding that your favorite app Snapchat won’t open can be frustrating. To solve the error, you may perform the above-mentioned solutions. And still no results, then contact the help center of Snapchat.

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