Beautiful AI Review – Features, How to Use & Pricing

Whether a student, executive, or manager, you know the challenges of crafting an impactful presentation. Designing and organizing content on slides while maintaining a cohesive flow can be daunting, not to mention the hours invested in content research.

Even with powerful presentation tools like Microsoft PowerPoint, one must possess significant proficiency to make an impactful presentation. Beautiful AI somehow simplifies and accelerates the process. 

Beautiful AI is an AI-powered presentation platform where you can create captivating presentations without much time and effort. It uses advanced machine learning and generative AI to transform your ideas into stunning, professional presentations. Everything is handled by the AI, from content generation to editing and structuring

Let’s explore Beautiful AI in detail and find out whether this AI invention is worth your time and money. 

What is Beautiful AI?

Beautiful AI is a web-based platform where you can craft eye-catching presentations without wasting effort and time. All you have to do is specify your content and preferences, and the tool uses artificial intelligence to transform your ideas and create polished presentations effortlessly.

There is no need for laborious editing tasks like adjusting fonts, colors, themes, layouts, or animations – Beautiful AI takes care of it all for you.

beautiful ai presentation

Microsoft PowerPoint presentations look outdated and predictable, and there is not enough visual appeal to them. On the other hand, beautiful AI presentations maintain a consistently appealing aesthetic and design, leaving a lasting positive impression on your audience.

  • Create the most complex presentation in hours. No more spending days on PowerPoint. 
  • Convey your ideas in a way that resonates with your audience.
  • Enjoy flicking through numerous templates, slides, and media; Presentation-making has become fun. 
  • Create unique-looking yet professional presentations. 
  • Seamlessly export and share your creations using a single URL for maximum convenience.

Whether you need a presentation for your upcoming class, a team meeting, or to pitch a sales concept to your client, you no longer need to waste your time on research, design, and editing. Beautiful AI presentation software can quickly create slides that will communicate your thoughts to your audience in the most effective manner. 

beautiful ai promt

Since it’s a web platform, it will work on any device connected to the internet. According to the website, it has over 1 million active users. 

Beautiful AI Features:

Beautiful AI is definitely among the best AI presentation makers available in 2023. Here are some key features of the platform. 

1. Beautiful AI Templates:

The platform offers numerous pre-designed templates curated for various purposes and industries. Instead of beginning from a black sheet, you can use these stunning templates, which are fully customizable and can reduce your workload by up to 50%. 

inbuilt Beautiful AI Templates 

You’ll find templates suitable for virtually any presentation concept you can imagine, including but not limited to Sales pitch, marketing, business meeting, education, you name it. Click on the template to know what it offers and what kind of presentations you can create.

Lastly, you can customize every template’s colors, themes, and fonts to give it the look of your brand and identity. 

Here are some popular options:

  • Social media auditing 
  • Budget review 
  • Product launch strategy
  • Brand guidelines
  • Influencer marketing
  • Investor presentation
  • Project management
  • Sales projection
  • Research project
  • Training & Seminar

2. Smart Slide Templates:

Beautiful AI also offers various design templates, so you don’t have to spend hours designing tables, diagrams, charts, graphs, etc. Instead, you can jumpstart your project by choosing a slide from a smart template library.

Again, each presentation slide template is customizable, offering infinite design options and variety.

Beautiful ai Smart Slide Templates

Here are a few options:

  • Popular slides – Timelines, Sales funnels, Ven Diagram, Gantt Chart Slides. 
  • The Basics – Headline, Section Break, Text Slide, Title, Image, and many others.
  • Lists – Number list, Bullet Slide, Agenda Slide. 
  • Data & Charts – Donut Chart, Area Chart, Line Chart, Table Slide, Pie Chart, Waterfall Chart, etc.
  • Visual Impact – Icon Slide, Webview, Full Video, Photo Grid, Headline, Selection Break, Word Cloud, Timer. Etc.
  • Diagrams + Timeline – Countdown, Calendar Slides, Pyramid, Target, Cycle, Process Diagram, Flowchart, Funnel, Timeline, and many more. 
  • Comparisons – Infographic slide, XY plot, Data comparison, Pictograph, SWOT analysis, and more. 
  • People + Products – Quotation, Organization chart, Contact, About Us, Team, Logo Grid, etc. 
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Pick the ones you require for your presentation and add content immediately. With smart slide templates, you can structure your content efficiently and bring your design creativity to life in minutes. 

3. DesignerBot AI Presentation Maker:

This is where the magic happens. Beautiful AI offers an AI presentation maker called DisignerBot. It uses generative AI to brainstorm ideas and generates texts and visuals in seconds. Give a prompt, and you will have the required content at your fingertips, which you can use in your presentations. 

DesignerBot AI Presentation Maker

If you are building a presentation from scratch, all you have to do is write a prompt explaining your fundamental concept, and DesignerBot will generate the initial draft within moments. From there on, you can use smart slide templates to edit your slides per your requirements. You can modify the texts, generate AI images, and reshape your slides using the AI editing tools of DesignerBot. 

4. Third-party Integrations:

Beautiful AI offered third-party integrations with Slack, PowerPoint, Dropbox, and to streamline the workflow. 

Present and Share
  • Slack – Receive real-time alert messages in Slack whenever changes are made to a shared Beautiful AI presentation. You also get notified when someone invites you to collaborate on a project, join a team, or share a presentation with you. 
  • PowerPoint – You can integrate a Beautiful AI add-in to your PowerPoint and get access to hundreds of customizable smart slides, presentation templates, icons, photos, and videos. 
  • Dropbox – It allows you to add images and videos to your presentations directly from your Dropbox account. Additionally, you can export your presentation directly to your Dropbox shared folders.  
  • – If you use work OS to handle your professional tasks, you can download Beautiful AI from the app marketplace and start working on your project instantly. 

5. Photo and Video Library:

Beautiful AI also provides a huge library of stock images and videos for your presentations. Through partnerships with Pexels, Unsplash, and Pixabay, we offer a remarkable selection of high-definition media resources, all included in your subscription.

Say goodbye to the time-consuming Google searches for the ideal visuals for your slides – Type what you need, and you’re good to go. 

Beautifu ai library

How to Use Beautiful AI?:

Using Beautiful AI is extremely straightforward. As mentioned, you don’t need graphic design expertise to craft eye-catching yet professional-looking slides. Here is how you start:

1. Sign Up:

  • Open your web browser and go to the homepage of Beautiful AI
  • Click on Get Started, located at the upper-right corner of the homepage.
  • Next, Select a premium plan that best matches your requirements and click on Try It Free.
  • Provide your email and create a password to register on Beautiful AI. 
Beautiful ai login details
  • Alternatively, you can log in directly using your Google account.
  • Once logged in, proceed with the payment to purchase your membership.

Once done with Beautiful AI login, you are ready to create presentations.  

2. Create A Presentation:

To start presentation building, you have two options. You can pick a library template or start on a black canvas. 

1. To Start from the Blank:

Go to Library and click Blank Presentation on the toolbar’s left side.

Beautiful AI offers some attractive themes you can use to make your presentation from the get-go. Scrolling through them lets you see the page layouts, header style, and color palettes. Simply choose the theme you like and click on Create Presentation. 

2. To Start With a Template:
  • Click on the Create New Presentation option at your home screen’s top. You are also provided with a sample presentation you can explore to understand features and settings better.
  • On the left toolbar, select Team Templates or Start Templates, scroll through the library, and pick the one that fits your purpose.
Beautiful ai start with template
  • Click on Import PPT if you want to work on an existing template on your computer.
  • Select the template and click Use This Template to begin working on slides.
  • You can also click on the ⏭ to add animation to your object (Auto and on-click), record or import audio for presentation, and define when a slide changes.
  • You can use the left toolbar to adjust each slide on the editing page. There are options to change foreground and background colors, adjust the layout, and import visual elements to your slide.
  • You can add comments, tag a user, assign ownership, or invite a team member for collaboration from the right toolbar.
  • To add a new slide, click on the + icon on the right side of the current slide.
  • Flick through the smart slide templates and choose the appropriate slide you want for your presentation. You can also use a blank slide. 
choose the appropriate slide

3. Add Content to Your Slides:

Each slide presents certain editing options at the bottom. You can Add Images, icons, logos, and videos from the library.

  • To insert text, click on the text box and write your message. You can customize your text’s appearance using the editing tools and adjust the font size, color, alignment, style, and more.
Add Content to Your Slides
  • Click on Add Image and browse through the Beautiful AI media library. You can also use the built-in search option to search for the image. Use the corner of the image to adjust the size and location of the image.
adjust the size
  • Depending on your chosen layout, you will have different editing options for adding and modifying charts, feeding data points, etc. You can import data from a spreadsheet or enter it manually. Furthermore, you can customize your chart by changing colors, labels, axes, etc.
customize your chart


4. Present and Share: 

You can use the Grid icon on the top for a bird-eye view of your slides. You can add, duplicate, or delete a slide from your presentations. 

Once you are finished editing, click on the Preview button in the top-right of the screen. You can present the current slide, present from the beginning, or preview the animation of your presentation.

preview the animation

To share the slides, click the share button to invite collaborators, generate a link to the presentation, or send a secure invite using a custom email. 

beautiful ai invite collaborators

5. Download PPT and PDF:

You can easily download your presentation in PPT format and share it with people so they can access it without Beautiful AI. Take the following steps:

  • Open your presentation within Beautiful AI and click on the three-dot icon at the bottom of the left toolbar.
  • Next, click on Export Slide
  • If you wish to export a single page, opt for the Export Slide to PPTX
  • Select Covert to Classic Slide if you intend to download the entire presentation.
  • You can also export the slides to Google Slides by clicking the button in the same menu. 
  • The requested presentation will be downloaded as a PPT file that you can open using Microsoft PowerPoint or any compatible software. 

Similarly, to export the presentation as PDF, follow the steps:

  • Click on the Beautiful AI presentation you just created and click on the Share button in the screen’s top-right corner. 
  • Click on the Download button in the pop-up window. 
  • From the drop-down menu, choose PDF
  • Assign a file name and location and click the Download button again. 
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Your Beautiful AI presentation will be saved to your device. 

Note – None of these exported slides are editable. 

How Much Does Beautiful AI Cost?

Interestingly, Beautiful AI doesn’t offer a free plan or trial period (without payment). However, if you have a Beautiful AI promo code, you can enjoy a substantial discount on monthly or yearly subscriptions. 

Beautiful AI pricing plan

Here is the latest Beautiful AI pricing:

1. Pro $12/month, $144/year:

  • Suitable for individual executives, students, etc.
  • Unlimited slides access
  • AI content generation
  • PowerPoint import and export
  • Viewer analytics and reports

2. Team – $50/month, $480/year:

  • Tailored for team collaboration
  • Custom company/brand theme 
  • Custom template library 
  • Access to collaborative workspace 
  • Unified slide library 
  • Shared asset library 

3. Enterprise – Custom pricing:

  • Ideal for big firms looking for advanced security, control, and support. 
  • Dedicated onboarding
  • Unlimited team resource
  • Audit events
  • Team training 
  • Priority support 
  • User provisioning (SCIM)

Beautiful AI Pros and Cons:

After spending a significant time on the platform, here are the things I liked about Beautiful AI:

  • One of the finest interactive sales presentation software with AI assistance. 
  • You can craft visually appealing presentation slides up to 10 times faster than usual in a few minutes. 
  • Easily export your slides in PDF or PowerPoint format. 
  • Works on any smartphone, computer, and tablet; no downloads required. 
  • Budget-friendly pricing.

On the other hand, there are significant drawbacks that I noticed with the platforms:

  • Getting used to the interface and the array of tools might take a while. 
  • There is no way to use it offline. 
  • The website is sluggish and slow to respond, which makes the experience unpleasant.
  • There is no possibility to test the features without paying, as no free plan is available.   

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Beautiful AI free?

Beautiful AI is not free and does not offer a free trial either. The cheapest plan starts at $12/month. 

What are the best Beautiful AI alternatives?

Slidebean, Tome, and Kroma are among the best beautiful AI alternatives. 

Can I make business slides from Beautiful AI?

Yes. You can browse Beautiful AI slide templates to select the one that aligns with your needs and create business slides with a polished and professional appearance.

Is Beautiful AI better than PowerPoint?

Beautiful AI can be a faster and more effective way to produce presentation slides; however, in terms of customization and business tools, PowerPoint is still miles ahead. 

What is a Beautiful AI PowerPoint presentation?

Beautiful AI uses advanced generative AI technology to create presentations similar to those of Microsoft PowerPoint. You can share these presentations using a direct link or by emailing people.  

Final Word:

So, does Beautiful AI justify its value? It’s one of those platforms you must use to learn it. While I was quite frustrated by the slow-responding website, I was blown away by the variety of presentation and slide templates. Imagine the time you spend creating and decorating a slide from the ground up.

With beautiful AI, it’s as simple as a drag-and-drop. Not only do you save those precious, valuable hours that would otherwise be spent brainstorming and beautifying your slides, but the result is stunning.

On the flip side, a free account with limited features would be nice, but at $12 per month, the value you get from a platform of this caliber is worth the investment.

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