Picuki Instagram Viewer: What Is It And Is It Safe To Use?

Want to view Instagram stories anonymously? Try using Picuki for Instagram. Since Instagram is among the most popular media-sharing social networks worldwide, many people love viewing and sharing their images/videos on it. It provides various security features, including keeping your profile private. Doing this will limit the Instagram users to view your posts until they follow you.

Sites like Picuki are the best ways to view any Instagram profile anonymously, even without logging in. You have to copy the URL or Username of the profile, and this website will display all the posts and stories of it. If you are new to Picuki for Instagram, read this post until the end, as we’ve shared everything related to it.

What Is Picuki Instagram Viewer?

Picuki is a free website that lets you see private Instagram profiles, stories, and posts without an account. It acts as an anonymous Instagram viewer, masking your identity so the profile owner does not know you viewed their content. Picuki bypasses Instagram’s privacy settings by generating a unique temporary account for each view, allowing you to stay anonymous while browsing private profiles.

This website is not affiliated with Instagram, so we will recommend you use it only for research and educational purposes. If you’re searching for ways to view someone’s stories or posts without letting them know, Picukri is what you need. Go ahead, and read this post till the end to know more about this amazing anonymous Instagram viewer.

Picuki Profile Analytics

Does Picuki Allow You To Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously?

Yes! Picuki’s anonymous Instagram viewing is one of its main features. When you use Picuki to view a private Instagram story, it generates a temporary account to request on your behalf. This means the profile owner will not see your username in their story viewers list – only Picuki’s temporary account.

So you can safely watch private Instagram stories, highlights, and IGTV videos anonymously using Picuki without the other person knowing. Right now, this service is available only as a website, so if you are searching the Picuki app or Picuki browser extension, you won’t be able to get it and stay away from extensions that claim to be Picuki.

How To Use Picuki For Instagram?

Using Picuki to view Instagram stories without an account is not rocket science. The website has a clean and easy-to-use interface that allows everyone to use it without any issues. All you have to do is to use the profile’s username or a hashtag to view the content posted related to it.

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If you enter a profile’s username, you can view its stories, posted images/videos, and tagged media. The website shows the total number of posts, followers, and following.

If you enter a hashtag, you can view all the content posted. You can then view the content in full size or click on the Download button to download the media file for offline viewing.

1. Use Picuki To View Instagram Posts:

The first and most popular feature of the Picuki website is viewing the stories and posts of a particular profile or hashtag. Currently, the website supports only public profiles, and if you want to view stories and posts from a private account, you will have to log in with an Instagram account which is a follower of the target profile. Here’s how you can use this feature:

  • First, visit the official Picuki website -> https://www.picuki.com/
  • Now, enter the Instagram Username or a Hashtag in the given box.
  • Click on the search button, and the website will look at the content posted by that username or hashtag.
Picuki Instagram Viewer
  • You can continue browsing the content to find a suitable post.
  • Once found, click on the post, and it will open separately.
  • Now you can read the post’s caption and see the tagged accounts and hashtags used.
  • It will also display a few comments and the total number of likes on that post.
  • Click on the icon display on the top of the media to view it fully.
View Instagram Media

2. Use Picuki To Download Instagram Media:

If you want to use Picuki to download Instagram videos and photos anonymously, click the Download button displayed when you open the media file. Not able to find it? Follow the steps mentioned below to download full-size Instagram media for free:

  • Open the Picuki website and search for any hashtag or profile.
  • Once you’ve found the post you want to download, click on it.
  • Wait for the post to open, and it will display a Download button right below the media file.
Picuki Download Instagram Post
  • Simply click on the Download button, and your media will be downloaded to a local disk.
  • When you are on the list page, click on the Down Arrow button to download the post without opening it.
Picuki Download

3. Use Picuki To Edit Media:

Another great thing you can do with Picuki for Instagram is edit the media files on its website. It uses iframe technology to allow users to enjoy the basic editing options on the official Instagram. It is very easy and handy when you want to repost the content on another profile but don’t want it to match the original one. Here’s how you can edit media files on Picuki.

  • Open the Picuki website and find the media file you want to edit.
  • Click on the Edit button displayed below the media file.
Picuki Edit
  • When you click on the Edit button, some new options will appear on the media file.
  • You can apply filters, adjust different settings, add stickers, crop, or do anything.
Picuki Instagram Photo Editor
  • Finally, click on the Download button to save it for offline viewing.

Is It Safe To Use Instagram Private Profile Viewer?

Since most private Instagram profile viewers do not ask you to sign in or provide any personal information related to any account, they are quite safe. Though many websites, tools, and apps are available that collect data in the background, you must refrain from using those and consider using Picuki for Instagram to ensure your data is secure.

We have tried using Picuki and found it amazing, as there are no minimum requirements to try the service. Just submit an account username or a hashtag to begin using it. All the results are displayed in a grid layout, along with the total number of likes and comment each post has received. You can then click on a particular post to view it in a large size and explore many related information.

Picuki Trending

Suppose you are an Instagram creator searching for posts to repost on your profile/pages. In that case, you can consider using Picuki’s Trending option to find the trending content and hashtags of different categories.

Click on the Trending Button in the menu bar to show all posts trending worldwide. You can also click on the Hashtags displayed on the trending page to find posts specifically for that hashtag or category.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Have questions regarding Picuki, the only working private Instagram viewer without human verification? We have already addressed the common queries below, and you can read them to understand the service better.

Still confused about how to use it? The services it offers? How private is the tool? Or something else? Throw your questions to us; our experts will help you understand everything.

Is It Safe To Download From Picuki?

Picuki is a well-known site that popular technology publications have featured, so we consider it as safe. However, as with any third-party service, there is always a small risk when downloading apps or browser extensions. To stay safe, only download from Picuki’s official website and keep your security software and browser up to date.

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Can Someone See If I Use Picuki?

No, Instagram cannot tell if you are using Picuki for Instagram to view profiles and stories. Picuki generates temporary accounts for each view, so Instagram cannot know an external tool was used. The profile owner will only see Picuki’s temporary account name in their viewer list, not your actual username.

Is There Any Instagram Viewer Like Picuki?

Yes, there are other similar tools for viewing hidden Instagram content anonymously. Some alternatives to Picuki include InstaStalk, IgAnony, and Insta Stories Viewer. While many work in a similar way, they do not have as many features as Picuki. Picuki remains one of the most popular and full-featured anonymous Instagram viewers.

Why Isn’t Picuki Working?

There are a few common reasons why Picuki is not working for you or you are getting Picuki 403 Forbidden error: Instagram updating its system to block the tool temporarily, unstable internet connection, browser compatibility problems, and overloading Picuki’s servers. Waiting a few hours or a day for Picuki to release an update often resolves the issues.

Is There A Picuki App Available?

At this time, Picuki is only available as a website. Before some time, the service offered a browser extension too, but the official took it down. There is no native Picuki app for iPhone or Android. However, Picuki works well within mobile browser tabs on smartphones.

Final Words:

Picuki for Instagram is currently one of the best ways to anonymously view Instagram stories, reels, photos, and videos. You are missing out on something interesting if you have not used it yet.

According to reports, the service will soon launch a Picuki Instagram reel downloader to help you watch reels anonymously.

We have tried to bring in all the possible information about the Picuki for an Instagram website, and we hope you can use it without any issues.

More websites like Picuki might be available, but nothing matches its quality. If you have issues like Picuki Instagram stories not working, contact us for help via the comments below.

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