Microsoft Rewards: How To Get Gift Cards For Free

Undoubtedly, Google has established a dominant online search market, capturing a significant share of user traffic with its exceptional search engine and popular Chrome browser.

However, a renowned technology giant, Microsoft, has been striving to close the gap with its offerings, including Internet Explorer, Bing, and the Edge browser. In line with this pursuit, Microsoft has introduced the Microsoft Rewards program, aimed at enriching user experiences and offering incentives for utilizing Microsoft services.

Over the past few years, the revamped Microsoft Edge browser has emerged as a formidable contender in the competitive web browsing landscape, challenging established leaders such as Google, Mozilla, and Opera.

Boasting a host of features designed to elevate the browsing experience, the latest enhancements to Edge, including Bing AI and Image Generator, have generated quite a buzz.

However, the icing on the cake is undoubtedly the Microsoft Rewards program, offering users a multitude of benefits to the users.

In this guide, I will review the Microsoft Reward program and cover its top attributes. We will also discuss the possible benefits and assess whether it’s worth your time. 

What Is Microsoft Rewards Program?

Microsoft Rewards is a loyalty program that allows users to earn points for performing various activities across Microsoft’s ecosystem. The program is primarily designed to encourage users to stay in the Microsoft ecosystem and use its products, such as Bing, Edge, Xbox, etc.  

To earn the benefits, you must participate in activities ranging from using Bing as the default search engine, shopping at the Microsoft Store, playing Microsoft games, participating in quiz surveys, and more. For each activity, the company awards you some points you can use for various purposes later.

Users can accumulate points over time and redeem them for various rewards, including gift cards, free memberships, sweepstakes entries, discounts on Microsoft products, and charitable donations.

Microsoft launched the reward program in 2010, focusing exclusively on rewarding Internet Explorer users for conducting regular Bing searches and participating in special promotions. Users could accumulate credits through these activities and redeem them for various rewards.

Unfortunately, due to the negative reputation and performance issues associated with Internet Explorer, the program failed to garner significant user interest. 

Fast forward to 2016, Microsoft released a revised reward program bundled with the newly launched Edge browser, which aimed to address the shortcomings of Internet Explorer and provide a more optimized browsing experience for users. 

How To Participate In Microsoft Rewards Program?

Perhaps the most appealing factor about Microsoft rewards is that it’s extremely easy to participate. There is no need to download software, fill out forms, or solve the muzzles; download the Microsoft Edge browser, and you are good to go!

How To Participate In Microsoft Rewards Program

You’ll first need to create a Microsoft account, granting you access to a wide range of products within the Microsoft ecosystem. This includes popular offerings such as Outlook, Office 365, Skype, Xbox, and more. The rewards program is integrated into the Edge browser and activated when you use it. 

Participate In Microsoft Rewards Program

The next step is signing in to your Microsoft account through Edge, but be sure to check the box that states, ‘I want to join Microsoft Rewards,’ to ensure that you’re enrolled in the program.

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Are Microsoft Rewards Legit?

As a user of Microsoft Edge myself, I can personally attest to the legitimacy of the Microsoft Rewards program and its potential benefits. The program has a long-standing history and is available in over 230 countries worldwide.

To ensure transparency and convenience, Microsoft provides a dedicated website where users can easily track their daily earnings, view their points history, analyze the breakdown of points, and explore available offers to earn more points.

Moreover, the website showcases the range of redeeming options and corresponding point values, allowing users to redeem their points for desired rewards promptly.

Is Microsoft Rewards Legit

Microsoft has forged partnerships with numerous global partners to offer diverse rewards. For instance, users can win Amazon gift vouchers, obtain discounts on flight tickets and meals, and enjoy various other enticing offers.

Microsoft Rewards Redeem

How To Make Money From Microsoft Rewards?

You can engage in various activities within the Microsoft ecosystem to earn Microsoft Reward points. Here are some common ways to accumulate points:

1. Use Bing Search:

One of the primary methods to earn points is using Bing as your default search engine. You can accumulate significant points every day by conducting search queries through Bing while signing in to your Microsoft account. I find this method to be the most effective and worthwhile since web searching is a common task performed frequently by most individuals.

Use Bing Search

Level 1 members of the Microsoft Edge Rewards program can earn 5 points per search query, with a daily maximum of 50 points and a monthly maximum of 150 points. As for Level 2 members, they have the potential to earn up to 20 points per day, amounting to a monthly maximum of 600 points.

On top of that, you get 12 bonus points every day for using Bing search in Edge browser on your computer or smartphone. 

2. Shop From Microsoft Store:

Purchasing from the Microsoft Store can earn you good points if you stay alert. The reward program occasionally offers bonus points for specific products or promotions, especially during the festive season. To ensure your purchase qualifies for points, review the product details and familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of the rewards program.

Shop From Microsoft Store

3. Take Part In Daily Quiz, Surveys, And Polls:

Participating in Microsoft’s daily quizzes and polls is also a good opportunity to earn reward points. By answering questions on diverse topics like Technology, Science, and General Knowledge, you can accumulate points that will be credited to your balance.

Take Part In Daily Quiz, Surveys, And Polls

Similarly, you can participate in Microsoft surveys and bag some decent points. These surveys cover various topics and may seek feedback on multiple aspects of Microsoft services and products. By actively participating, you accumulate points and provide valuable insights that contribute to improving Microsoft’s offerings. 

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4. Xbox:

Xbox enthusiasts are in for a treat with the Microsoft Rewards program. If you subscribe to Xbox Game Pass, you can earn points by completing quests within the Game Pass section.

These quests typically entail accomplishing specific tasks and unlocking achievements in handpicked games. So, if gaming is your passion, why not take advantage of the program and reap the benefits while enjoying your favourite Xbox games?


Not only that, you can earn points by playing free games, renting movies, downloading apps, and much more. Also, you can earn up to 20 points/dollar if you buy a match from the Microsoft website, Xbox console, or Xbox’s official website. 

5. Bonus/Promotional Offers:

Microsoft Rewards often introduces bonus point offers and challenges to the users. These bonus activities might involve completing several tasks, such as reading an article, providing a service review, checking weather reports, and more. Additionally, with some promotional offers, you may have time constraints or need to reach certain milestones to grab the points. 

Bonus-Promotional Offers

Similarly, the program offers promotions that may include bonus point opportunities for specific actions, such as buying a certain product or subscribing to a service. Any information regarding such offers will flash on your dashboard. 

How Much Money Can You Make With Microsoft Rewards?

Although the Microsoft Rewards program is not a money-making service, it offers a way to win appealing incentives and rewards. Rather than receiving monetary compensation, participants are awarded points for completing various tasks according to a predetermined structure and guidelines. 

These earned points can be exchanged for rewards, such as gift cards, discounts, subscriptions, and sweepstakes entries. The program also offers opportunities to receive gift cards for popular retailers, Xbox Live Gold memberships, Xbox Game Pass subscriptions, and other enticing options.

Regarding the earning value, you can earn up to 20 points for each dollar you spend on digital purchases under the reward program. 

Make Money With Microsoft Rewards

There are three ways you can earn through Microsoft Rewards Program:

  • You can use the reward points to participate in sweepstakes and stand a chance to win some cool prizes, such as Microsoft gadgets, Valuable gift cards, an Xbox console, and more. 
  • Another option is to redeem your points for various available prizes, such as a Starbucks voucher, an Amazon gift card, a discount on ticket bookings, and numerous other enticing rewards.
  • You can donate your points to a non-profit charity organization if you wish. 

While Microsoft Rewards points do not have a direct cash value, you can earn rewards worth approximately $8-$12 per month, assuming you use Microsoft Edge as your primary browser and Bing as your default search engine. On average, a $5 gift card requires around 5,000 points, which equates to approximately $0.001 per point.

If you have a regular 9-5 job and spend significant time on your computer at home, earning around $90-$100 monthly through rewards is feasible. However, it’s important to note that these estimates are based on various factors, such as your level of participation, the activities you engage in, and the availability of rewards in your region.

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Is Microsoft Rewards Worth It?

So, should you consider joining the Microsoft Rewards program? The answer is straightforward if you are already using the Microsoft Edge browser. You can effortlessly participate in the program without any extra effort. You can earn points in the background by simply engaging in everyday browsing activities.

However, the decision becomes more subjective for those who have never used Edge. Is it worthwhile to switch to Edge solely to earn reward points? This choice ultimately depends on your personal preferences. If you have a strong loyalty towards your current web browser, you may find it challenging to adapt to Microsoft Edge, which could make the reward program less appealing.

Moreover, considering that Google remains the dominant search engine and many websites are primarily optimized for it, Bing might not offer the same level of search experience. However, for casual browsing, Bing can still be a viable option, especially considering the recent enhancements and exciting features added by Microsoft.

Ultimately, the choice lies with you to weigh the option of changing your web browser and search engine to earn rewards worth around $10 per month. It’s essential to consider your browsing preferences and habits before deciding.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Countries Are Microsoft Rewards Available In?

Microsoft Rewards is available in over 230 countries worldwide. To check the full list, please visit the Reward Regions section page on the official website.

How to get Microsoft rewards points fast?

The more you use the Edge browser, the faster you will earn the points. Make sure you use Bing Search and use Microsoft Store to make purchases.

How much are 1000 Microsoft Reward Points worth?

The value of 1000 Microsoft Reward Points varies based on your redemption options. On average, 1000 points are worth approximately $1.

How to Earn Microsoft Rewards on Mobile?

You can use the Bing app or Edge browser or purchase from the Microsoft Store while signing in to your Microsoft account.


At last, a company recognizes and rewards its loyal users. The Microsoft Rewards program serves as a means to strengthen the company’s ecosystem and foster customer loyalty. While for loyal users, it presents an excellent opportunity to earn additional incentives effortlessly. Join the program if you haven’t already, and enjoy the discounts!

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