How to Redeem Microsoft Reward Points?

Believe it or not, with its revamped Edge browser and Bing search engine, Microsoft has cut down a big chunk of web traffic from Google. While Google still being on the driving seat, Microsoft is determined to establish itself as a formidable competitor in the internet search arena, employing various strategies.

The Microsoft Reward Program is one such step, where the company incentivizes its loyal users with reward points for using Microsoft products. This guide will explain how to redeem Microsoft reward points and use them to your advantage. 

Although the program has existed for over a decade, surprisingly, there is not much buzz. This can be attributed to the overwhelming dominance of Google Chrome and the Chrome search engine, monopolising the internet landscape. Additionally, many individuals who regularly use Microsoft products remain unaware of the reward program.

If you fall into this category, here’s some good news. If you’ve been using Edge and Bing as your go-to search engines, chances are you’ve accumulated many Microsoft reward points.

Now, let’s explore how you can redeem these points. 

What Are Microsoft Reward Points?

Before we discuss how to redeem Microsoft reward points, let’s take a moment to talk about the reward points themselves. It’s a digital currency that Microsoft utilizes to reward users for using any of the services included in the Microsoft Reward Program. 

Microsoft Reward Points

The Microsoft Reward Program, provided by Microsoft, is a loyalty program that allows users to earn points through participation in various activities within the Microsoft ecosystem. With this program, users can maximize the benefits of their everyday interactions and acquire rewards that enhance their digital experiences.

How To Get Microsoft Rewards Points?

You must be wondering how to get Microsoft points which you can redeem later on. There are a few ways you can earn the points. Let’s take a look:

1. By Using Bing Search:

Using Bing as your default search engine is the most effective method to earn Microsoft reward points. Microsoft awards users 5 points for every search on Bing on a computer or smartphone. Additionally, using Microsoft Edge as a web browser to conduct internet searches, you can earn up to 20 points per day.

Using Bing Search

2. Shopping From Microsoft Store:

Another way to earn points is by making Digital purchases on the Microsoft Store. The company will award you 20 points for each dollar you spend on the store. However, the product you are buying must qualify for the Microsoft Reward Program. 

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3. Playing Xbox Games:

If you are an Xbox user, you can win points simply by playing games. It may seem too good to be true. Still, numerous games offer the chance to accumulate reward points by reaching specific milestones, completing tasks, unlocking in-game achievements, or conquering challenges.

To discover which games participate in this program, visit the Microsoft Rewards page for more information.

Playing Xbox Games

4. Other Options To Get Microsoft Redeem:

Moreover, Microsoft offers ways to earn reward points through daily activities. You can engage in selected promotional offers, explore new features, solve puzzles, watch videos, and more to collect points. Fresh activities, including quizzes, surveys, and referral programs, every day provide additional opportunities to earn reward points. 

Other Microsoft Redeem Options

How To Redeem Microsoft Reward Points?

To claim your Microsoft reward points, visit the Microsoft Rewards dashboard. It displays your available points, points breakdown, points earned today, and your streak count (number of consecutive days completing the daily set).

Take the following steps to redeem your Microsoft Rewards Points:

Rewards Dashboard
  • Click on Redeem to view the rewards, each displaying its corresponding point value.
  • Use the search filters in the left menu to narrow options, such as sorting by price or exclusive offers. You can also type in the search box to find the reward you seek.
Rewards Window
  • Select the reward you want to redeem and Click on Redeem.
  • Enter the reward code sent to your registered mobile number, and the offer will be available to you within a few minutes.

How To Redeem Microsoft Reward Points On Xbox?

If you have Series X and Series S Xbox consoles, you can earn Microsoft Reward Points simply by playing games. The best part is that these earned points can be conveniently redeemed directly from your Xbox for free rewards. 

Here are some of the free goodies you can earn through Microsoft Xbox rewards:

  • Xbox gift cards
  • In-game transactions for supported games
  • Free of cost membership for Xbox Game Pass
  • Chance to participate in sweepstakes for selected devices
  • Free monthly Xbox Live gold membership
PC Gamepass

Before redeeming Xbox rewards, install the Microsoft Rewards application on your console. You can easily locate it in the My Games & Apps section of your Xbox.

  • Press the Xbox button to access the main menu.
  • Next, select My Games & Apps and click on See All
  • Scroll down to find the Microsoft Rewards on the Xbox application and click on it.
Redeem Apps
  • On the top section, you will see three options  – Earn, Redeem, and Auto Redeem. Select Redeem.
Redeem Plan
  • Scroll down to Shop and click on Show All.
Redeem Reward
  • Browse through the available rewards and offers and select the one you wish to redeem.
  • Select Redeem reward
XBOX gamepass ultimate

“If you want to redeem the same reward repeatedly, you can go to Auto Redeem and select the reward. This will automatically redeem the reward once you have enough monthly points.”

Why I Can’t Redeem Microsoft Rewards Points?

There could be several underlying reasons if you encounter difficulties while redeeming your reward points. Let’s explore a few of them:

1. Too Many Accounts With A Phone Number:

You may encounter difficulties when attempting to redeem your points if you have used the same phone number for multiple Microsoft Rewards accounts.

It’s important to remember that there is a limitation on the number of accounts associated with a single phone number, with a maximum of 6 accounts per household. In such cases, you must provide a different phone number to redeem your reward points.

2. Wrong Microsoft Reward Code:

When entering a reward code for redemption, ensure that it matches the code provided by Microsoft. Repeated unsuccessful attempts can result in a temporary ban from redeeming points, lasting at least 48 hours. Exercise caution when inputting the code to avoid any further inconvenience.

3. You are Using a VoIP Phone Number:

Some users attempt to create multiple Reward accounts using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone numbers obtained from the Internet. Such phone numbers are not permitted according to the Microsoft Service Agreement. You must provide a standard working mobile or landline phone number to receive a Microsoft reward code.

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4. You are Located in a Different Country:

If you receive a message stating You are on the go, it indicates that you are currently located outside of the country/region to which your Microsoft account belongs. Microsoft Rewards points can only be redeemed in the same region as your Microsoft account. Please wait until you return to your home country/region to redeem Microsoft Rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What can you get with Microsoft Rewards Points?

With reward points, You can get gift cards, Xbox subscriptions, discounts, participation in sweepstakes entries, or donate to a nonprofit organization.

How many Microsoft reward points can you earn in a day?

For Level 1 members, each search query can earn 5 points, up to 50 points per day. Level 2 members have the opportunity to earn up to 90 points daily. Additionally, using Bing search in the Edge browser rewards 12 points.

How much are 5000 Microsoft points worth?

Although there is no fixed cash value of rewards points, with 5000 points, you can redeem rewards worth around $5. However, it’s important to note that this value may vary depending on the region.

What happened to Microsoft Rewards Robux?

As of now, Microsoft Rewards no longer offers Robux. However, there is the possibility that it might come back.

Final Word:

I hope this guide helped you learn how to redeem Microsoft reward points and enjoy numerous discounts and deals without putting in a dedicated effort. By actively engaging with Microsoft’s ecosystem and utilizing products like Edge, Bing, and Xbox, you can accumulate significant reward points that can be later utilized to your advantage. 

It’s important to note that Microsoft Reward Points is not a scheme to earn substantial cash prizes or expensive gadgets; instead, it should be considered a side hustle operating in the background.

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