How to Know If Someone Blocked You On Telegram?

Telegram is an instant messaging platform allowing users to connect with friends and family. When the privacy of Whatsapp came into question, many users switched to Telegram as their primary messaging method. Telegram also has a feature to block someone. It stops you from getting their messages. It may be the other way around. Many users ask how to know if someone blocked you on Telegram.

While the app does not provide a direct “block” notification, some apparent signs can help determine whether you’ve been blocked. These signs can be used to interpret that the person has blocked you. If you are also wondering if you have been blocked or not, you are at the right place.

In this article, we’ll tell you how to know if someone blocked you on Telegram.

Does Telegram Notify That You’ve Been Blocked?

How to know if someone has blocked you

Telegram does not provide a direct notification when someone blocks you. When a user blocks another user on Telegram, the app does not send any explicit notification or message to inform the blocked person of their blocked status. Therefore, you won’t receive any in-app notifications or messages saying someone has blocked you.

Instead, you may have to infer whether you’ve been blocked based on certain signs and behaviors discussed here. These signs include the absence of a profile picture and last seen status, lack of message delivery status, inability to make voice or video calls, changes in the person’s profile information, and other indicators.

How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Telegram?

As mentioned above, you must infer from some signs and indications that you have been blocked. Here are some signs through which you’ll know you are blocked.

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1. Message Not Delivered:

Check Message Sent

In Telegram, when you send a message, it appears with a single small checkmark, indicating that the recipient has received the message but hasn’t viewed it yet. Once the recipient opens the chat and reads the messages, the single checkmark transforms into two ticks, signifying that your messages have been read, and you may anticipate a response.

Nevertheless, if you notice that your messages consistently display only one checkmark over an extended period, and you are aware that the recipient usually checks their messages, this could imply that they have blocked you.

2. Profile Picture:

When you create an account on Telegram, you can set a custom profile picture by uploading a photo or using stickers and emojis from Telegram’s collection. If you don’t choose any, the app automatically generates a display using your name’s initials against a randomly selected color background, much like Gmail does.

If you find that a person’s profile picture abruptly changes from their usual photo to displaying their initials, it could potentially signify that they have blocked you.

Nevertheless, suppose the user’s profile photo has always remained the default initials and hasn’t been updated. In that case, it becomes challenging to determine if they have blocked you solely based on their profile picture.

3. Last Seen Status:

Check Last Seen

One of the most critical indicators that you might have been blocked on Telegram is the absence of the “last seen” status of the person you suspect has blocked you. When someone blocks you, you lose access to any updates on their profile, such as their display picture and the status of their last online activity.

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However, it’s essential to note that some users may hide their last seen status for privacy purposes. So solely relying on this factor may not be a conclusive confirmation of blocking.

4. Unable To Voice Or Video Call:

Unable to Call

When someone blocks you on Telegram, you can no longer place voice or video calls to that individual. If you attempt to initiate a call with a contact who has blocked you, the call will not connect, and you may encounter an error message or hear a busy tone.

This particular behavior can be a distinct and significant sign that you have been blocked. However, it should be noted that this calling and video calling feature depends on their privacy settings. But, if you were earlier able to call them and now cannot, you may have been blocked.

5. Ask A Mutual Contact:

Another method to confirm if someone has blocked you is by checking your mutual contacts. If you have a mutual friend or contact with the person you suspect has blocked you.

Ask that mutual contact to check if they can see the suspected blocker’s profile and last seen status. If your mutual contact can see their details while you cannot, it strongly suggests you’ve been blocked.

6. Understand The Context:

Deleted Telegram Account

Sometimes, it’s essential to consider the context of the situation. If you’ve had an argument or disagreement with the person you suspect blocked you, they may be ignoring your messages rather than blocking you.

People might also uninstall Telegram or delete their account, resulting in similar signs as blocking. Before jumping to conclusions, give it time and see if the situation changes. So, it is safe to say that these signs may suggest that you are blocked but are not conclusive proof.

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Being blocked on Telegram can be disheartening, mainly when it involves someone you care about. If you observe the signs outlined in this article, such as the absence of a profile picture, last seen status, and message delivery status, combined with the inability to make voice or video calls, there are chances that you have been blocked. But it is not conclusive proof.

In such situations, it’s essential to consider reaching out to the person through alternative means. If feasible, you can use a different messaging app or engage in an in-person conversation. Always respect their decision and privacy, and refrain from bombarding them with messages on other platforms. Instead, focus on nurturing healthy and respectful relationships with others on Telegram.

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