Is Facebook Down Today – How To Check The FB Server Status?

Facebook is not just a social media platform. It has become a part of life for many users. Many users have made it their source of livelihood. Many influencers post daily on Facebook. There are almost more than 1 billion users using it on a daily basis. But nothing is perfect, and everything is prone to errors.

Facebook, being a flawless platform, sometimes stops working for various reasons. This happens very rarely, though. And one of the most common reasons is that its servers stop working. Because of these servers, Facebook fails to load correctly.

Are you facing the same issue? Is Facebook down right now? Read to find out. This article will discuss “is Facebook Down Right Now – Why Is Insta Not Working?”

Is Facebook Down Right Now

Is Facebook Down Today – How To Check The Facebook Server Status?

There are instances where after a long day, you try to browse some social media or upload some photos, but the Facebook app doesn’t work. It can be frustrating. At first, you blame your mobile for that. But not every time your mobile is at fault.

Sometimes, there are server errors at the company’s end. But how will you know that Facebook servers are down? Or how to check the Facebook server status? Just read the complete article to know how.

1. Check If The Issue Is Not At Your End:

The first and foremost thing you should keep an eye on is whether the issue is at your end. Sometimes we are so lost in finding the server status of Facebook that we forget that the issue is with your Internet connection and not at the server’s end. Along with active internet, there are other things to check before heading to see the server status of Facebook. Here are some of them mentioned.

  • Check Your Internet Connection
  • Update Your Facebook app: To check if your Facebook app is updated or not, head on to the play store and search for “Facebook.” You’ll see an “Update” option next to the app if an update is pending. If there’s no such option, your app is up to date.
  • Internet Speed: Sometimes, you may have an active internet connection, but it’s so bleak that Facebook doesn’t work at such speed.
  • Check Whatsapp: Whatsapp and Facebook have a common parent company. So, if the servers of Facebook are down, then it’s possible that the servers of WhatsApp are down too.
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2. Downdetector:

Is Facebook Down Today - How To Check The Facebook Server Status?

If you have ensured that the issue is not at your end, then probably it’s the server issue. But how will you know? There are many 3rd party platforms that tell you the live status of website servers. One such website is Downdetector.

Downdetector is a 3rd party platform that tells you real-time status and power outage information for various online services like Facebook and Youtube.  The site is set up so users can report problems with popular online services and platforms, like social media sites, streaming services, email providers, and more, and keep track of them.

The site keeps track of the status of different online services using user reports and automated monitoring. Users can report problems with a service, and the site takes all of these reports and puts them together to show the status of the servers of that platform as a whole. So, if the Facebook servers are down, you’ll get to know that here.

3. Outage.Report:

How To Check The Facebook Server Status

The second alternative for checking the live status of Facebook servers is a platform called the outage. report. It is also a 3rd party website that tells you if anything is wrong with the servers of Facebook. Not only Facebook but any other platform of social media or gaming, or email platform isn’t working; you can head to this website to check if the servers are working fine or not.

It tells you date-wise reports of outages on the platform. You can see the data in the form of graphs as well. And if you are facing such an outage yourself, you can tap on “Not working for me” to report the outage. The platform will check the issue and update the live status of Facebook.

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There are other sites of such sort in the market, but not all of them are trustworthy. Some sites have a large number of ads; some are not accurate, and some are scams. So, beware of such sites and try using only the above-mentioned sites, as they are accurate and trustworthy to a lot extent.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If you have other doubts regarding the topic, refer to the following questions.

Why my Facebook is not working today?

If your Facebook has stopped working suddenly without any fault at your end, then probably the servers of Facebook are down. There are several third-party websites that tell you the live status of Facebook servers. Refer to the article to check.

Is the Facebook server down right now?

As mentioned above, there are certain third-party websites that tell you the live status of Facebook servers and outages. So refer to those websites to check if the Facebook servers are down or not. Two such sites are mentioned above.

Why did Facebook crash today?

Facebook crashes because of errors and glitches at their server’s end. These are known as outages. Refer to the above-mentioned websites to check the live status of Facebook servers and outages.


I hope you got the answer to your questions relating to why your Facebook is not working. But many users have asked whether they can do something during such outages. The answer is “No.”

You can’t do anything other than wait. However, such outages are temporary and will be resolved in significantly less time. So, don’t panic, it’s not with you, but everyone is facing the same issue.

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