How to Lock WhatsApp Chats? [No External App Needed]

One of the most anticipated features on WhatsApp is the ability to lock individual and group chats on the app to protect them from unwanted onlookers. Fortunately, the functionality is finally here. Here’s how to lock your chats in WhatsApp using a passcode or biometric on iPhone and Android smartphones.

How to lock chats on WhatsApp

Previously, users either archived chats that they wanted to protect or hide from other people, or they used third-party app lockers. These workarounds weren’t much effective and didn’t allow users to lock individual WhatsApp chats as archived chats can still be found and it’s hard to believe external apps these days.

Now, WhatsApp is finally adding the ability to lock chats on the app using your passcode or biometric authentication of your device. However, the feature is still available in the beta version and will roll out to more users very soon.

How to Lock Chats with Passcode/ Biometric on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp users on Android who are a part of the beta program can now lock chats in WhatsApp using a passcode or biometric authentication. The feature was initially unveiled by prominent inside WABetaInfo when version WhatsApp rolled out through the Google Play Beta Program.

If you have access to the beta update, you can access the feature to lock WhatsApp chats right away. Or else, you can wait until the feature is extended to more users in the coming days or months.

Follow these steps to lock chats in WhatsApp on Android devices or iPhones:

  • Launch WhatsApp on your device and ensure you’re running the latest version.
  • Now navigate to the chat that you want to lock.

Tap on Chat

  • Next, tap on the name of the contact present at the top.

Tap on Contact Name

  • Next, scroll down and find the “Chat Lock” option.

Chat Lock WhatsApp

  • Tap on it and enable the toggle next to “Lock this chat with fingerprint/ passcode.”

Enable Chat Lock on WhatsApp

That’s it. The chat will be locked away in the Locked Chats section on WhatsApp and can’t be accessed without passing the authentication. If you hand over your mobile to someone temporarily, you don’t have to worry about them being able to access your personal conversations.

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How to Find Locked Chats on WhatsApp?

You can find the chats that you have blocked in the “Locked Chats” section on WhatsApp. It’ll only be available to you when you have secured at least one conversation using the newly released functionality.

Follow these steps to access and open any locked chat on WhatsApp:

  • Launch WhatsApp and find the “Locked Chats” feature above all the chats.
  • Tap on “Locked Chats” and enter your passcode or biometric information.

Access Locked Chats in WhatsApp

  • Once you are in the Locked Chats section, open the chat that you have locked.

That’s it. Remember that you’ll have to bypass the security verification to access locked chats every time you close WhatsApp and re-open it. If you want to access the chat conveniently and quickly, you can unlock it.

How to Unlock Locked Chats on WhatsApp?

If you want to unlock any WhatsApp chat that you have locked previously, follow these steps:

  • Launch WhatsApp and tap on the “Locked Chats” section.
  • Find and open the chat from here.
  • Tap on the contact of the person from the top section.
  • Now scroll down and tap the “Chat Lock” option.
  • Here, disable the toggle next to “Lock this chat with fingerprint/ passcode.”

Disable Chat Lock WhatsApp

That’s it. This will unlock the chat and you’ll be able to find it in the main chats section. You can access it without any authentication.

When will WhatsApp roll out Lock Chats feature for all?

Currently, the “Chat Lock” feature is only available to Android users having access to the Google Play Beta Program. It’s only a part of the latest beta versions of WhatsApp as they are testing it. The feature will be extended to more users very soon. Once they are satisfied, it’ll be available to all WhatsApp users.

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How to lock chats on WhatsApp

IPhone users don’t have any access to the feature right now. They will have to wait until WhatsApp releases the feature to everyone. For now, you can wait and keep looking for upcoming updates to the app. Make sure you are always using the latest app version.

You should also stay tuned as we’ll keep you posted when WhatsApp finally releases this much-awaited utility for everyone. It’s going to be a highly useful functionality to protect personal chats and sensitive information. It should be available to everyone as soon as the beginning of the next month.


Q: Can you lock individual chats on WhatsApp?

A: Yes, you can lock individual chats on WhatsApp with the availability of the new feature. The locked chats are then found in a separate section just like “Archived Chats.” However, this new functionality is currently available to beta users on Android.

Q: Can you lock Group Chats in WhatsApp?

A: Yes, you can lock Group Chats on WhatsApp just like you lock individual chats. Tap on the Group Chat you want to lock, go to the Group Info, scroll down, and then enable the “Lock Chat” option. After that, you can find the Group Chat in the Locked Chats section.

Q: Why is the WhatsApp Chat Lock option not available for me?

A: The new Chat Lock option is not available to all WhatsApp users right now. It’s available to beta users currently and will soon roll out for more users. It’ll be available for everyone when the testing is complete.  Once it’s available publicly, we’ll let you know.

Q: How to lock chats on WhatsApp Web?

A: The “Chat Lock” feature is not available on WhatsApp Web right now. It’s only available in the beta version of the Android app currently. According to the report by WABetaInfo, the feature to lock chats on WhatsApp will only be available on Android and iOS versions of the app in the beginning. It might launch for WhatsApp Web later though.

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Q: Can you see locked chats on WhatsApp Web?

A: Yes, since the Chat Lock feature is not available on WhatsApp Web, you can see locked chats on the web application without bypassing the security verification. The locked chats from the mobile app will be available on the main chat screen.

Final Take

WhatsApp is rolling out the much-awaited feature to lock chats on the app. This will help users to protect their personal chats and sensitive information from prying eyes. However, it may also lead to trouble when users forget the passcode that they have set to access the locked chats.

In the beta version, if the user bypasses the security verification to access locked chats, the conversations are cleared. This also poses a potential risk of losing important chats due to the feature. However, the final version may look a bit different as WhatsApp is still working on the feature.

Let’s hope the progress completes soon and the feature becomes available for everyone. That’s all for this guide. If you have any queries or doubts, feel free to use the comment box.

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