Facebook Account Hacked? Here’s How to Recover In 2024

Is someone sending random DMs from your Facebook account to others? Or has someone sent friend requests or posts from your account that you are unaware of? All such instances indicate a hack, and you would be searching for a Facebook account hacked, what to do, we have covered you all with it.

If you wonder how this happened, hackers don’t need your device or Facebook credentials. With the increasing use of social media sites and the internet, cyber crimes like hacking have become common. Shockingly, in 2018 over 50 million Facebook accounts were hacked. Some of them were for fun, while others used them for executing illegal actions.

Facebook Account Hacked Hees How To Fix It

So, your foremost action should be to recover your FB account immediately. In this guide, we also tell you how to identify whether your FB account has been hacked.

How To Know Whether Your Facebook Account Is Hacked?

When your Facebook account is hacked, you won’t be able to login into it with your credentials. Also, there will be various other signs that will help you know whether your Facebook has been hacked. They are as follows:

1. Messages You Didn’t Share:

The most common way to know about hacking is by spotting anonymous posts from your accounts. Often hackers post random, promotional, or other kinds of messages after hacking FB accounts. Most messages are shared asking for money to be transferred into some bank accounts. In this case, your FB friends shall believe you need cash and could share money on that random bank account.

2. Weird Notifications:

You get Facebook notifications for updates or account settings. If you ever receive any message that is weird or makes no sense, then it will be a case of hacking. For instance, notifications that your account password or details have been changed, even when you didn’t do it.

Or a notification that your account has been logged in from another country. Overall, it can be any notification that isn’t related to your activities on FB.

3. Modified Account Details:

Something that you won’t spot easily is modified details on your FB account. You won’t see it automatically; instead will have to go into the edit details option. If your details like college, experience, location or any detail are modified without your consent, it is a sign of hacking. Moreover, small changes like changes in profile settings, privacy preferences, or even the email ID can count for hacking.

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4. Posts You Didn’t Share:

Next is any anonymous or suspicious posts shared from your FB account that you are unaware of. In contrast to messages sent via DM, posts go into the feed section. Consequently, it can be viewed by the friends of your FB account. After understanding how you can recognize whether your Facebook Account is hacked, let’s know how to recover it.

How To Recover A Hacked Facebook Account?

If you witnessed any of the above activities, you must quickly implement the following steps to recover your hacked FB account.

1. Change The Password:

The foremost step that you need to take when you get to know about hacking is changing the credentials of your account. Immediately begin changing your password and username. Also, make changes in the social setting. Besides, a tip is to let your Facebook friends know that your account has been hacked to prevent any consequences.

Follow the steps given below to change your Facebook Credentials:

Security and Login Facebook
  • Tap on your Profile Picture at the top-right and go to Settings and Privacy
  • Click on Settings and Navigate to Security and Login
  • Press the Edit button next to Change password
Change the Password
  • Input your current password and the new one which you want to create
  • Save Changes to proceed

If you had logged in to any other device with the Facebook account, then you will be logged out. Besides, if you don’t remember your current password, you will find it difficult to change it, so reset the password to continue.

2. View Where Your Facebook Account Is Logged-in:

Along with changing the credentials, you can check the logged devices on Facebook. It will help you to know what kind of device the hacker has used to get into your account. Furthermore, you can remove the logged-in device that is unknown. 

You can get that option in the ‘Passwords and Security’ option. There will be an option with the title ‘Where you are logged in.’

To remove unknown devices from it, you can follow the following steps:

  • Head over to Facebook Settings and go to Passwords and Security
  • Navigate to Where you are logged in
  • Click on the unknown logged-in device you suspect
  • Click the ‘Secure account’ option
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hacked account facebook
  • Facebook will prompt you to follow some steps to complete recovering your FB account

You can also click on Log out of all sessions to sign out of your Facebook account from all devices.

3. Report To Facebook:

If you have all the credentials of your account, you can report the case the Facebook. Moreover, if the hackers have inflicted some virus on your Facebook, then Facebook can help to recover it. You can select the ‘My account is compromised’ option, and FB will help you regain it.

Another way to report the case for Facebook requires the following steps:

  • Go to the Password and Security option
  • Select Get Help
Advanced Settings Facebook
  • Describe your issue by clicking on the respective option and pressing the Continue button

Thus, Facebook will report your issue and get back to you soon, and you can then seek help.

4. Report The Cybercrime:

If someone has intensely misused your Facebook account that had severe consequences, then report Cybercrime. These include money laundering, fraudulent defamation, posting explicit photos, and similar. By informing the Cyber Crime Bureau about a Facebook account hack, they will find the culprit.

Report the Cybercrime

Further, at the first step, they would assist you in recovering your account and securing it. When you report a crime, it also helps to protect other people who might be their target.

If you want to recover a hacked Facebook account by yourself, then keep reading!

How To Recover A Hacked Facebook Account That You Cannot Access?

After your FB account is hacked, there can be two instances. In the first case, you can access your account, so you can use the steps mentioned above to recover that account. If you have lost its access, the following step can help to recover it.

1. Seek Help From Facebook:

When you have lost access to your hacked account, you can go to a special FB website. It is facebook.com/hacked. On that website, you will be asked to put your phone number. Consequently, it will help you to open your FB account.

All you have to do is share your mobile number or email address when the site asks you to. Moreover, it will give you some special security recommendations to prevent such cases in the future.

Also, if Facebook spots any suspicious acts on your account, it will help to solve them and lock the account to prevent any damage. After recovery, you can change your password.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I recover my hacked FB account?

If you come to know that your Facebook has been hacked, you can change its credentials and remove the logged devices from Facebook. At the same time, you can report it on the ‘My Account security has been compromised’ option on Facebook.

How to know if my Facebook has been hacked?

Various signs can help you identify that your FB account has been hacked. For instance, you may have some irrelevant notifications. You might also see anonymous posts shared from your account, DMs shared from the account you do not share, or changes in account details that you didn’t do.


With the increased use of social media and the internet, account hacks have increased. Facebook is one of the easiest social media platforms to hack. The motive of hacks can be using them for criminal activities or to threaten someone. Further, they can also use it for fraudulent activities, money laundering, or things like defamation.

Thus, hacking can soon become dangerous when your information or FB account details are used for crimes. Besides, when hackers use your photos linked to your account, they can use them to create sexually explicit images.

You will have several family members and friends who would have experienced the same thing. Thus, you should also be aware of their account as it can pose a security breach. Also, when your account gets hacked, you need to quickly follow the steps to recovery and report it to Facebook. Further, please implement preventive security measures to prevent hacking activities.

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