150 ChatGPT Prompts To See The Real Power Of AI

ChatGPT has become a virtual assistant to many people, including students, coders, and more. The reason is pretty simple. With the right prompts, you can get answers to anything you ask the chatbot.

In this post, I’m going to share 150 ChatGPT prompts for different sets of people; you can note down these as it will be really helpful.

150 ChatGPT Prompts

Before moving forward, I would like to discuss an important thing.

What Are Prompts In ChatGPT?

Prompts in ChatGPT are short (or longer) sentences you use to enter the chatbox to get your desired results.

Whether you want the ChatGPT to explain some things, make a list of some places, create a table, or do anything else, you need to enter the right prompt to get your desired result, or else you’ll have to spend a lot of time to get the result.

As you may already know, with the launch of GPT 4, ChatGPT has become even more powerful and now, it is capable of processing images, providing more accurate info, having a long memory, and much more.

150 ChatGPT Prompts:

Just give ChatGPT the right prompt to generate the right answer for you within a few seconds. Here we are sharing some amazing ChatGPT prompts.

1. ChatGPT Prompts For Coders:

coders chatgpt

Coding isn’t a job for everyone because it needs patience and creativity to make your code work without errors. With the help of ChatGPT, you can save a lot of time with the right prompts to fix errors, generate a code, and more.

I have compiled a list of some of the best prompts for coders and here they are,

ChatGPT Prompt to write a new code for a new feature and functionality:

Prompt 1: Act as a [Technology Name] developer. [Write a detailed description]

Prompt 2: Act as a JavaScript Developer, Write a program that checks the information on a form. Name and email are required, but address and age are not.

Prompt for fixing errors and bugs:

Prompt 3: I am getting the error: [Insert your error message here] Tell me how to fix it.

Prompt to generate code:

Prompt 4: Create a [language] script to parse [file format] and extract [information] with the following requirements: [requirements list].

Prompt 5: Write a [language] function to filter [data structure] based on [condition] with the following inputs: [input variables] and expected output: [output description].

Prompt 6: Design a [language] algorithm to solve [problem] using [strategy or technique].

To detect a bug:

Prompt 7: Locate any logic errors in the following [language] code snippet: [code snippet].

Prompt 8: Find any resource leaks in the following [language] code and suggest fixes: [code snippet].

Prompt 9: Review the following [language] code for potential SQL injection vulnerabilities: [code snippet].

For code review:

Prompt 10: Analyze the given [language] code for code smells and suggest improvements: [code snippet]

Prompt 11: Check the following [language] code for proper logging and monitoring practices: [code snippet].

Prompt 12: Evaluate the given [language] code for compatibility with [platform or technology]: [code snippet].

Natural language processing:

Prompt 13: Generate a summary of the following video transcript: [text sample].

Prompt 14: Analyze the sentiment of the following product reviews: [text sample].

Prompt 15: Identify the key phrases in the following social media posts: [text sample].

Series query optimization:

Prompt 16: Optimize the following query for a time-series database (e.g., InfluxDB, TimescaleDB): [time-series query].

Prompt 17: Analyze the given time-series query for any potential performance issues: [time-series query].

Prompt 18: Suggest indexing or partitioning strategies for the following time-series database query: [time-series query].

For Algorithm development:

Prompt 19: Design a heuristic algorithm to solve the following problem: [problem description].

Prompt 20: Improve the accuracy of the given machine learning algorithm for [specific use case]: [algorithm or pseudocode].

Technical writing:

Prompt 21: Write a tutorial on integrating [library or service] with [programming language or technology].

Prompt 22: Create a step-by-step guide on deploying and scaling [application or service] in [cloud or platform].

Prompt 23: Write a clear and concise explanation of the [programming concept or technique] and its applications in [industry or domain].

Networking and security:

Prompt 24: Analyze the network architecture or design for potential security vulnerabilities: [architecture or design description].

Prompt 25: Suggest improvements to the following [language] code or configuration to enhance its network performance or security: [code snippet].

2. Prompts For Students:

students chatgpt

Today, Students have many more resources than they did a couple of decades back, thanks to the Internet. With the launch of ChatGPT, students are using this chatbox to get their homework done, ask creative questions, and much more.

Here I’m presenting a few prompts that’ll be helpful in getting your answers but don’t abuse this tool to cheat on your teachers.

Prompt 26: I will give you a problem, and I want you to solve it while explaining it to me step by step.

Prompt 27: Write a song in the style of [Artist] that Explains [Topic]

Prompt 28: You are a prompt generator that generates the best prompts to get the best possible answers from an AI. Generate a prompt that does the following:”

Prompt 29: Which is better, winter or summer? Write about the reasons why you think winter or summer is better.

Prompt 30: Summarize this lesson and explain it easily so that even a 4-year-old can understand.

Prompt 31: If you had $1,000 as a student, what would you buy and why? Explain with logical reasons.

Prompt 32: How to study a subject within 10 minutes. Understand the process with easy-to-understand bulleted points.

Prompt 33: How to solve this (Topic) in mathematics?

Prompt 34: What are the benefits of mathematics, and why is it so important?

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Prompt 35: Which is better, mathematics or science?

3. Prompts For Marketers:

marketers chatgpt

Marketing is a never-ending process and the way you do marketing is evolving every day. Sometimes, you may get stuck on how to perform a specific task as a marketer and that’s when ChatGPT can help you generate some awesome ideas.

You can use these prompts in ChatGPT to do a lot of creative stuff, which I’m sure will save your valuable time and produce great results.

ChatGPT Promptos for for email marketing:

Prompt 36: Write marketing copy to make my email marketing more engaging. The product I am promoting is called X (e.g., company, service, or organization). What subject lines would you suggest for a sequence of Y emails?

Prompt 37: Write a cold outbound email to a prospective customer for our product X (e.g., company, product, service, or organization)

Prompt 38: Can you tailor the email for Y (target industries or audience)?

Prompt 39: Create an outline for a weekly newsletter for Y (target audience). The outline should have X parts, an intro, a main point, and a conclusion with a call to action.

Prompt 40: List 12 main points that are [most important] to marketers acquiring new customers.

Prompt 41: Write a persuasive email to increase attendance at our upcoming event

Prompt 42: Generate a thank-you email to send to customers after a purchase

Prompt 43: Give me 10 promotional email subject lines for my

Prompt 44: Write the body copy for a promotional email with the subject line: [Your subject line]

Prompt 45: What are the best practices for formatting and structuring email copy?

ChatGPT Prompts for Marketing Strategy.

Prompt 46: You are an X (e.g., persona or target audience). List common challenges that you face. {follow up question of your choice}

Prompt 47: Create a list of X potential product ideas for an X (e., company, product, or service)

Prompt 48: What are the key market segments in the X industry, and which one represents the biggest opportunity for our Y (e.g., company, group, team, or organization)?

Prompt 49: What’s the best marketing channel?

Prompt 50: How can I obtain high-quality backlinks to raise the SEO of my website?

Prompt 51:  How can you promote your blog for free? Write five ideas.

Prompt 52: Create a social media post that maximizes engagement and reach for a new product launch

Prompt 53: Generate engaging captions for our latest product launch on Facebook

Prompt 54: Develop a series of Instagram stories promoting our brand’s sustainability efforts

Prompt 55: Write an ad for a new line of eco-friendly cleaning products.

4. ChatGPT Prompts For SEO:

seo chatgpt

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the popular areas of the Internet as it is a great way to get free traffic on your website without spending any money on paid advertising. Still, those traffic doesn’t come so easily.

To be an SEO expert, there are a lot of challenging tasks, such as creating high-quality and unique content, acquiring relevant and high-quality backlinks, building site authority, and more. With ChatGPT, you can generate unique ideas to do these things quickly.

Prompt 56: Conduct an On-page SEO audit of the following webpage <URL>.

Prompt 57: Write down 10 relevant keyword ideas for the term <topic>.

Prompt 58: List 10 content ideas on the topic <topic> that would have higher chances of ranking on the first page of Google.

Prompt 59: Generate a meta description of a maximum of <155 characters>, for a webpage about<topic of your choice>

Prompt 60: Help me perform sentiment analysis for the following content <content>

Prompt 61: As a freelance writer, generate a comprehensive blog post outline that showcases the unique features and benefits of [X], targeting [product] enthusiasts with a persuasive tone and a desired length of 1500-2000 words.

Prompt 62: Suppose you’re an SEO lead; suggest some high-volume, low-difficulty keywords for [topic of interest].

Prompt 63: Provide me with long-tail, high-volume, low-difficulty keywords for [topic of interest] as if you’re a content marketer.

Prompt 64: Improve [text] to ensure the content is relevant and informative for the [target audience].

Prompt 65: Improve this [text] by adding a call-to-action (CTA) to encourage readers to take a specific action, such as signing up for a newsletter or purchasing a product.

Prompt 66: Rewrite this [text] by making sure the content is easy to scan using bullet points, numbered lists, and bold or italicized text.

Prompt 67: Create the FAQs Page Schema markup for the following questions and answers:…

Prompt 68: I want you to act as an SEO expert. My first request is, “I need help developing an SEO strategy for my company.”

Prompt 69: Recommend X popular blogs about [niche] that cover [topic] and their URLs in a table.

Prompt 70: Classify the following set of keywords based on search intent in a table form (informational, commercial, and transactional) <list of keywords>

Prompt 71: Pretend like you are an SEO specialist. Conduct an On-page SEO audit of the following webpage <url>

Prompt 72: Generate 10 content ideas related to <topic>

Prompt 73: Generate a meta description of a maximum of 155 characters for a webpage on <topic details>

Prompt 74: Write a HARO response on behalf of <name, designation> for <HARO query details> by <author name>.

Prompt 75: Generate the .htaccess rewrite rules to 301-redirect <source URL> to <destination URL>

5. ChatGPT Prompts For Blogging:

blogging chatgpt

Blogging is a great way to share your knowledge and expertise with your readers and audience. If you are stuck with some ideas for a long time to share with your readers, just enter the below prompts on ChatGPT by replacing your ideas and you’ll get many amazing ideas you may have never thought of before.

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Prompt 76: Generate a month-long content calendar targeting specific keywords.

Prompt 77: Generate SEO title and meta description for a blog post.

Prompt 78: Generate related long-tail keywords for a blog post.

Prompt 79: Write an article on a specific topic.

Prompt 80: Outrank a competitor for a specific keyword.

Prompt 81: Proofread a text and optimize it for the focus keyword.

Prompt 82: Generate a list of tools to mention in a blog post.

Prompt 83: Come up with best practices for using something.

Prompt 84: Build reader personas to learn more about a target audience.

Prompt 85: Polish your content to look more creative.

Prompt 86: Write 10 alternative titles for “[Your draft blog post title]”

Prompt 87: Can you provide me with some ideas for blog posts about [topic of your choice]?

Prompt 88: Write a 100-character meta description for my blog post about <topic>.

Prompt 89: Create a content calendar with six blog titles, including the keyword <paste text here>. Pick suitable publishing dates for each guide spread across May 2023.

Prompt 90: Writing a compelling blog post without boring the reader.

6. ChatGPT Prompts For Online Businesses:

Online-Businesses chatgpt

Whether you own a website, product, course, e-commerce store, or any other similar online business, everybody needs a plan. With the right prompts on ChatGPT, you can generate a list of some great ideas to improve your business’s sales.

Prompt 91: How can our company improve customer satisfaction?

Prompt 92: What are the benefits of implementing a CRM system for our company?

Prompt 93: How can we increase website traffic and conversions?

Prompt 94: What are some ways to reduce costs and increase profitability?

Prompt 95: What are the best practices for conducting virtual meetings?

Prompt 96: How can we create effective email marketing campaigns?

Prompt 97: How can we use influencer marketing to reach a wider audience?

Prompt 98: How can we improve our website’s user experience?

Prompt 99: What are the best practices for creating a strong online presence?

Prompt 100: How can we use affiliate marketing to drive more sales?

Prompt 101: How can virtual events engage customers and generate leads?

Prompt 102: How can we use chatbots to improve customer service and increase efficiency?

Prompt 103: How can we use storytelling to connect with our target audience and build a strong brand?

Prompt 104: What best practices are for creating an effective lead generation strategy?

Prompt 105: What best practices are for creating a strong company vision and mission statement?

Prompt 106: What are the benefits of using a customer loyalty program to retain customers and increase sales?

Prompt 107: What are the best practices for creating an effective customer onboarding process?

Prompt 108: What are the benefits of using a customer service chatbot to improve customer service and increase efficiency?

Prompt 109: What are the best practices for creating effective customer service scripts?

Prompt 110:How can we use virtual reality to improve product demonstrations and increase conversions?

7. ChatGPT Prompts For Copywriting:

Copywriting is one of the crucial parts of any business because you can’t sell with only images of your product. You need a creative copy of the product to impact your readers or customers and generate sales. ChatGPT can help you generate great ideas in your copywriting job and make it easier for you to complete the task.

Prompt 111: What is the AIDA model, and how can it be used in copywriting?

Prompt 112: What is the difference between a feature and a benefit in copywriting?

Prompt 113: How can I use storytelling in my copywriting to connect with my audience?

Prompt 114: What are some common copywriting formulas, and how can they be used?

Prompt 115: How can I use social proof in my copywriting to build trust with my audience?

Prompt 116: What is the difference between direct response and brand copywriting?

Prompt 117: How can I use scarcity and urgency in my copywriting to increase conversions?

Prompt 118: What are some common copywriting mistakes to avoid?

Prompt 119: How can I use the power of association in my copywriting to increase conversions?

Prompt 120: Can you provide an example of a successful copywriting campaign that utilized the power of the ‘what’s in it for me’ approach?

Prompt 121: How can I use the power of the ‘what’s in it for the world’ approach in my copywriting to increase conversions?

Prompt 122: How can I use the power of the ‘what’s in it for the past’ approach in my copywriting to increase conversions?

Prompt 123: How can I use persuasive techniques like scarcity, authority, and likeability in my copywriting?

Prompt 124: How can copywriting be used to increase email open and click-through rates?

Prompt 125: What are some ways to use copywriting to create effective webinars?

Prompt 126: How can I use the power of specificity in my copywriting to make my message more relatable?

Prompt 127: How can I use the power of active voice in my copywriting to make my message more persuasive?

Prompt 128: How can I use the power of testimonials in my copywriting to increase conversions?

Prompt 129: What elements are needed to use the concept of wonder and curiosity in copywriting effectively?

Prompt 130: When is the use of anticipation in copywriting most effective and in which situations should it be avoided?

8. ChatGPT Prompts For Fun:

Apart from educational purposes, ChatGPT can be used for entertainment too. If you are curious about anything or want some fun facts about specific things, give it a prompt and you’ll get the answers.

Prompt 131: Pretend you are my friend who will play chess with me. e4 is my first turn. Write your next turn.

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Prompt 132: Can you make a puzzle game where a 4-digit code is a solution?

Prompt 133: Let’s play a trivia game about cars.

Prompt 134: Let’s play two truths and a lie.

Prompt 135: Write a short story about Bud and Dud, two best friends who are always late for work because of funny events.

Prompt 136: Invent a game that 4 persons can play. You only have to use a dice, a string, and a piece of paper as part of the game.

Prompt 137: Tell me a joke about [topic of your choice]

Prompt 138: Explain [topic of your choice] in a funny way.

Prompt 139: You are a text video game where you give me options ( A, B, C, D) as my choices. The scene is Narnia. I start out with 100 health.

TPrompt 140: translate the following text into Portuguese: <paste text below>

Prompt 141: Write hilarious fan fiction about the Twilight saga.

Prompt 142: If you could have dinner with any historical figure, who would it be and why?

Prompt 143: What is the best advice you have ever received, and how did it impact you?

Prompt 144: If you could switch lives with any fictional character, who would it be and why?

Prompt 145: If you could have any animal as a pet, which would you choose and why?

Prompt 146: If you could switch lives with anyone for a day, who would it be and why?

Prompt 147: If you could have any vehicle in the world, what would it be and why?

Prompt 148: What is the most spontaneous thing you have ever done, and how did it turn out?

Prompt 149: If you could be any character from a book or movie, who would you choose and why?

Prompt 150: If you could have any mythical creature as a pet, which would you choose and why?

So, these are some of the top 150 ChatGPT Prompts I have found for you, and I’m sure they’ll be really useful for you.

Always Check The Facts On Your Own:

You have read right because not everything you see on ChatGPT is accurate. The reason behind this is pretty simple. ChatGPT is an AI model trained on a large set of databases, and the responses you get are based on those databases, by the way, the chatbot is trained only up to late 2021.

If you ask any questions on ChatGPT about things or events that happened after 2021, it’ll not be able to give the result.

When I asked the question, Is ChatGPT reliable, here’s the response I got:

“As an AI language model, ChatGPT strives to provide accurate and helpful responses based on training, but their responses may not always be perfect. It’s a reliable tool for general knowledge, but it should not be relied upon as the sole source of information for important decisions or actions.”

What do you need to ensure you don’t get the wrong info?

Simple, check the facts on your own.

If you want to double-check a fact, search that term on Google, and If multiple websites claim the same data as ChatGPT, chances are the chatbot has given the right info. You’ll know if you have got the wrong info by repeating the same process.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does ChatGPT give the same answer to everyone?

No, ChatGPT doesn’t give the same answer to everyone. The results vary on multiple things, such as context, prompts, and more.

There is a myth that ChatGPT gives the same answer to everyone all the time, but this isn’t entirely true because it depends completely on how you ask the question and your context.

What is the downside of ChatGPT?

One of the biggest downsides of ChatGPT is false information which does a lot of damage to individuals in many ways, and that’s why you should always double-check everything you get on ChatGPT.

Apart from that, it doesn’t have a human touch and delivers vague results sometimes.

How many users are using ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is being used by more than 100 million users, increasing daily. ChatGPT is one of the trending things on the Internet right now, and the feat of acquiring 100 million users was completed within 2 months of launching, which is extraordinary, I would say.

What are the major differences between ChatGPT vs GPT 4?

One of the major differences between ChatGPT and GPT 4 is the latter can process images and deliver results based on that.
The GPT-4 has 4 times more memory than ChatGPT, and the results are far more accurate than before.


Like many other online tools, If you could use ChatGPT correctly, it could give great results for your work, project, or studying. That’s why I decided to share these 150 prompts for ChatGPT that could be useful in multiple ways.

If you find these prompts useful, share them with your friends and family so they can use them for their benefit. Let me know If you have questions regarding the ChatGPT prompts, and I’ll clear your doubts as soon as possible. Thanks.

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