How To Cancel Funimation Subscription in Simple Steps

Funimation is one of the leading American media distribution groups specializing in distributing and streaming East Asian media and anime. Funimation brings to its audiences the best there is in anime.

Funimation streams subbed and dubbed versions of the anime before any other distributor and allow the viewers to stream their content for free without needing any subscription, with ads, of course. They also have a free trial option where users can access the premium features for a limited time.

Now, viewers often search “how to cancel Funimation subscription?” or “how to cancel Funimation subscription free trial?” These questions are answered below.

Follow these Steps To Cancel Funimation Subscription On Any Platform

Funimation subscription is available on several different platforms, but the following steps explain how it can be unsubscribed on different platforms:

Step 1: Users must open their web browsers and go to the official page of Funimation. On this page, they will find a My accounts section.

Cancel Funimation Subscription on website

Step 2: Upon entering this My Accounts section, they will see a subscriptions page, and upon selecting it, they will see the full details of the subscription and a cancellation option.

Cancel Funimation Subscription through account setting

Step 3: The users need to click on this cancel option and cancel their subscription.

Cancel funimation subscription

The method of canceling subscriptions differs on different platforms; hence users must make sure they r using the correct platform-specific method. But the above steps are applicable universally on any device if the subscription has been made from the official website.

How To Cancel a Funimation Subscription On iPhone?

Funimation can be unsubscribed from Apple iPhone or App store in the following ways:

Step 1: Users must open their Apple ID and select the manage option.

Step 2: They will see a Funimation Now option and other subscriptions listed under the manage option.

Step 3: There also be an auto-refresh switch present here. Users need to turn this switch off, so the subscription does not renew; hence it is canceled.

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How To Cancel a Funimation Subscription On Roku?

Step 1: Users can press the home button on their Roku remote and select the service they want to cancel. In this case, they will select Funimation.

Step 2: Users must select the options button on their remote to find the subscriptions option under Manage Subscriptions.

Step 3: There will be a cancel subscription here; users must select this option and confirm to start the cancellation process.

How To Cancel Account?

Users can go to the official website of Funimation to cancel their subscription:

Step 1: Users can open the official website of Funimation on their web browser and head over to the My accounts section on the homepage.

Step 2: There will be a subscription tab; Users must select this tab to process further.

Step 3: Under this tab, they will find a cancel option, and users must select it to process their subscription cancellation.

How To Cancel a Funimation Subscription On Android?

Step 1: Users will need the Funimation app for this method. They need to open the App on their android device and click on the hamburger menu at the top.

Step 2: Here, they can select the Settings option and, under it, the Your Plan option, redirecting them to the Google Play subscriptions page.

Step 3: They can select the Funimation option, which will appear along with other subscriptions.

Step 4: A cancel option will also appear alongside the Funimation option. Users need to select this to cancel their subscription.

How To Cancel a Funimation Subscription On Apple TV?

Step 1: Users need to open their Apple TV page and head to the Settings tab.

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Step 2: On the settings tab, they will find an Accounts option that contains the account details of that Apple ID.

Step 3: Under the accounts option, they will find a Manage Subscriptions option where the Funimation subscription will be listed.

Step 4: Users can turn off the auto-refresh option here, stopping the Funimation subscription from renewing and thus canceling it.

How To Cancel a Funimation Subscription On Amazon/ Fire TV?

Step 1: Amazon fire TV users must go to the Amazon Store Subscriptions option first.

Step 2: Upon opening this option, they will see the Funimation subscription listed.

Step 3: Besides this, they will see the action option; they must select this and then turn off the auto-renew option. This will stop the subscription from renewing.

How To Cancel a Funimation Subscription On Xbox One?

Step 1: Users must first log in to their Microsoft account and then navigate to the Services and Subscriptions tab.

Step 2: Under this section, users will find their Funimation subscription listed and, next to it, a Manage option.

Step 3: Clicking this Manage button will open a list of options where users can select the cancel subscription option.

What are the Alternatives to Funimation?

Funimation offers some great experiences to its users, but it has some tough competition, with many streaming services taking the spotlight.

  • Crunchyroll: Crunchyroll is a very popular anime streaming platform available in many more countries than Funimation.
  • Hidive: Hidive has a good collection of vintage, classic as well as popular anime titles
  • RetroCrush: RetroCrush is heaven for vintage anime lovers, and viewers can see their favorite vintage anime here.
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Funimation Cancel Subscription Refund:

Unfortunately, Funimation does not offer any kind of refund. Users will not get any refund even if they have not used their account for the remainder of the subscription period.

Once the subscription is done, they will not get their money back; refunding is not possible under Funimation’s terms and policies.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Should I cancel Funimation membership?

It is advised that users do not cancel their Funimation subscriptions since there are no refunds.

How much is a one-year Funimation subscription?

Funimation subscription costs $59.99 yearly, or users can opt for a monthly plan starting at $5.99.

What happens if I cancel my Funimation subscription?

If users cancel their subscription, then they lose their access to the premium features of Funimation, and they also do not get any refund.

Should I cancel Funimation if I have Crunchyroll?

Since Funimation does not allow refunds, it is advisable not to cancel a Funimation subscription in any way.


The above tips explain the question “How To Cancel Funimation Subscription.” Funimation is a top-rated streaming service that offers some great anime and other show collections. Their subscribers enjoy some of the best shows and services others cannot access. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for Funimation now!

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