Funimation Free Trial 2024 – How to Activate?

Funimation is a major American brand specializing in streaming East Asian media, especially Anime. Their collection of Anime is huge and attracts viewers towards them. From vintage to the latest and most popular titles, Funimation has it all when it comes to Anime.

They distribute Anime all over the USA and have fans across the nation. A popular topic is “Funimation Free Trial”; users are often interested in finding the cheapest ways to watch their favorite animes and always want their media distributors and streaming services to provide free trials.

Funimation has this wonderful feature, and here are a few tips regarding this plan and how to activate it.

Is a Funimation Free Trial Still Available?

Yes, Funimation free trials are still available, providing some wonderful features to its subscribers. The free trial is for 14 days and unlocks access to all the premium features of Funimation, including subbed and dubbed versions of episodes as soon as they are released, extended libraries of animes, and special OVA episodes.

While on a free account, users have very little access and get restricted on almost every occasion. Trying out the free trial helps them get a feel of what they can expect once they buy the premium subscriptions.

The premium subscription allows users to view the full collection of Funimation, including retro as well as the latest anime titles.

How Long Is Funimation Free Trial?

The Funimation free trial is 14 days and gives the users access to the latest and most popular animes with both the subbed and dubbed versions.

Fourteen days is a long time to get the feel of what the premium account gives the users, letting them choose whether they want the premium features. Once the free trial expires, the users can choose one of the several plans available or stick to the free account.

How to Get a Funimation Free Trial?

It is very easy to get a Funimation free trial, and users can follow some easy steps to get access to the whole anime collection of Funimation:

Step 1: Users need to open the official website of Funimation on their web browsers and navigate to the Try Premium Plus option at the top right corner.

Get a Funimation Free Trial

Step 2: Once selected, this will take the users to a page where they will be prompted to choose a plan for their trial.

Funimation Pricing

Step 3: Users can select the plan of their choice and then enter their billing information to start the free trial. Also, at this stage, the users will need an account, so if they do not have a Funimation account, they need to make one.

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Different plans are available on Funimation, and each has its audience. So users must choose their trial based on which plan suits them best since Funimation will automatically start charging money once the trial is over.

Funimation Subscription Plans and Offers:

Funimation offers three different premium plans that enable users to access their anime libraries and the subbed and dubbed versions of all Anime:

Funimation Subscription Plans and Offers
  • The first and cheapest premium plan, Premium, comes for $5.99 per month or $59.99 per year. This plan gives access to all the shows with their subbed and dubbed versions ad-free.
  • The second plan, Premium Plus, comes for $7.99 per month or $79.99 per year. Users can access Funimation’s standard and extended libraries, plus the Premium plan’s benefits.
  • The third and the costliest plan, Premium Plus Ultra, comes for $99.99 annually. It is only a yearly plan and lets the user stream Funimation shows on upto five devices simultaneously. The other two plans restrict the device count to only 1.

What Is The Cheapest Way To Get Funimation After The Free Trial?

The Funimation free trial is a 14-day trial that allows users to access all the premium features of Funimation for 14 days.

Now, during signing up for this trial, users need to provide their billing information and also the plan for which they want to take the trial since, after the trial period, Funimation will automatically charge money based on the plan they have selected.

Hence, users must choose their plan carefully; the cheapest plan they can avail of is the Premium plan.

The Premium plan comes for $5.99 per month or $59.99 for the whole year. This is the cheapest way to get Funimation after the free trial.

Funimation Free Vs. Paid:

Funimation provides a great experience to its viewers who love watching Anime and East Asian shows. But, there is a huge difference between the perks of a regular user and a premium user.

For regular users, Funimation allows anime streaming on only one device but will put ads between episodes, which some users might find annoying.

Also, users do not get access to all the shows since some are Premium only and can only see certain episodes a week later than normal users.

On choosing the right plan, Premium users can simultaneously access unlimited Anime streaming on multiple devices and unlock huge collections and libraries of both subbed and dubbed Anime.

They can also enjoy their favorite shows without being interrupted by ads and do not have to wait since the latest episodes are brought to them as soon as they are released.

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How Much is Funimation Premium?

Funimation has three plans: Premium, Premium Plus, and Premium Plus Ultra. The Premium plan costs $5.99 per month or $59.99 if the users want to pay annually.

This is the cheapest premium plan available in Funimation, and users can subscribe to this plan to unlock all the latest subbed and dubbed Anime on Funimation.

What Can I Watch With My Funimation Free Trial?

A lot of the shows on Funimation are Premium only, and normal users cannot see them, unfortunately. But, there are some great free animes too, which the users can enjoy:

  • Black Butler 2: The sequel to the famous series known as Black Butler, revolving around a butler and his master and their adventures.
  • Corpse Princess: Revolves around a girl who burned to death along with her parents but still cannot die and goes out hunting monsters and the undead.
  • Murder Princess: It has a princess as the protagonist who seeks revenge for her murdered father.
  • Dragonaut: The Resonance: Features an 18-year-old lonely boy who starts getting involved with dragons and the series revolves around his adventures.
  • House of Five Leaves: This Anime focuses on a gang called Five leaves which was prominent during the Edo period.
  • Pretty Cure: Revolves around a group of magical girls who use their powers to keep evil at bay.
  • Sands of Destruction: This is an isekai anime, and it is well-known as an RPG game with the same name and same settings.
  • Hetalia: World Series: A unique anime that features a group of handsome boys in a reality show, each representing a different nation.
  • Nerima Daikon Brothers: This Anime follows two brothers who form a band called “Nerima Daikon Brothers” and travel on adventures.
  • Shiki: A horror anime that revolves around a small Japanese town where people get affected by a strange incurable disease.

How To Download Funimation Episode?

Funimation is available on several devices, each with different video download methods. Here we will discuss downloading Funimation videos on Android devices like smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs.

First, users must download the Funimation app on their android device from the PlayStore. It is easily available and does not require any payment to be downloaded.

Once downloaded and installed, users must launch the app by tapping its icon. The first time might take time since the app needs to boot everything up. Once done, users will be greeted with all the late anime titles.

There will also be a search bar on top where users can search for the Anime they want. Once they have found it and selected the episode they want to download, they can click on it.

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On the bottom right side of the player, they will find a purple button with a download sign. This is the download button; users must press this to download the episode. The download might take some time, and users will be prompted with a pop-up.

To see where the episode has been downloaded, the user needs to click on the hamburger menu on the top left of the home screen and select my library.

Under this option, they will see a My Device option where the downloaded episode will be present. Once downloaded, the users can view the episodes offline without an internet connection.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you get the 14-day free trial on Funimation?

To get the 14-day trial, users first need to create a Funimation account, log into it, and on the official page of Funimation, select a plan they want to have a trial of. Once selected, they will need their billing information, and their trial shall start.

Is it easy to cancel the Funimation free trial?

Yes, it is very easy to cancel Funimation free trial. Users can log into their accounts, and under manage subscriptions options, they can find the cancel option.

How can I avoid paying after a free trial?

The easiest way to avoid payment after the trial period is to stay alert, cancel the trial before the 14 days are over, and stay on a free account.


Funimation is one of the best anime streaming services in North America, and their vast collection of the latest and best Anime makes the viewers love them. They also provide free trials and affordable premium plans to keep the viewers busy.

The Funimation Free Trial is a great feature, so the users have a feel of all the features they will enjoy once they buy the premium plans. Their premium plans are also great since they unlock some of the best features on Funimation.

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