How To Use WhatsApp Multi-Account Feature?

WhatsApp is bringing a multi-account feature that allows users to run several accounts on a single device. This is handy for users with separate WhatsApp accounts for personal and professional communications. Here’s how to get the Multi-Account feature on WhatsApp right now, how to use it, and everything else about the new functionality. There is … Read more

How to Get Verified on Threads by Instagram?

Get Verified On Threads By Instagram

Threads by Instagram crossed the 100 million users mark this week, and many of them are looking to get the verified blue tick mark on their accounts. If you are one of them, this guide will help you to get verified on Threads with either of the two methods- Legacy Verification and Meta Verified. Getting … Read more

Is Instagram Shadowban Real: How to Check and Remove It?

Is Instagram Shadowban Real How to Check and Remove It

The Instagram shadowban is a dreadful issue for creators as it makes your reach vanish and your content gets ghosted mercilessly. However, it has always been an unofficial topic, so people don’t know how to deal with it. In this guide, we will tell you how to check if your Instagram account has been shadowbanned … Read more

How to Screen Share on WhatsApp Video Call?

Screen Share on WhatsApp Video Call

WhatsApp has introduced the much-needed Screen Sharing feature to Video Call, allowing users to present their entire screen or a specific app. The feature is finally rolling out after being in beta for a few months. Find out how to share your screen during WhatsApp Video Calls on Android, iOS, and desktop. Meta is taking … Read more

TikTok Live Gifts With Their Worth in Coins and Dollars

All TikTok Live Gifts

TikTok has a complicated monetization system, and Live Gifts is part of it. Creators can monetize their audience using gifts while they provide the audience with a way to show love to their favorite makers. This guide will cover everything about all TikTok Live Gifts, including their worth in Coins and real money. If you … Read more

12 Best Tumblr Alternatives With No Limits 2024

Best Tumblr Alternatives to Replace

Tumblr is one of the biggest microblogging platforms on the web. However, the recent changes in its policy haven’t been received well, and many users are jumping ships. Here’s a list of the 12 best Tumblr alternatives if you’d like to replace it with a great alternative that doesn’t seem too odd and feels much … Read more

Instagram Size & Dimensions 2024: For Story, Reel, Post & Video

Instagram Size And Dimensions

Instagram keeps making changes to the platform and its interface. To grow your IG account successfully, you must stay updated with all the new additions and customizations. That isn’t tough, as this simple guide will explain the Instagram sizes, dimensions, and everything else for Story, Reel, Post, Video, and Live Video. Instagram is one of … Read more

How to View Blocked Profile on Threads? [Multiple Ways]

How To View Blocked Profile On Threads

Meta’s Twitter-killer app Threads pulls users’ profile data from Instagram. This means you’ll be automatically blocked on Threads by those who have blocked you on Instagram. In this case, what if you want to view posts from someone who has blocked you on Threads? Here’s how to view any blocked profile on Threads. Threads by … Read more

How to Deactivate Facebook Account Temporarily Or Delete it?

How To Deactivate Facebook

Are you planning to take a break from Facebook, or have you decided to quit it for good? If yes, here is a simple guide explaining how to deactivate your Facebook account temporarily or delete it permanently in 2023. We will also explain how to reactivate it or return your Facebook account if you change … Read more

Lemon8: How To Join & Use The Newest Social Media App

Lemon8 ByteDance's Newest App

A new app called “Lemon8” is soaring the App Store charts after its link with TikTok became widely known. What appears to be a mesh of Instagram and Pinterest with a pinch of Reddit is reportedly owned by ByteDance, the company behind TikTok. Let’s explore everything about the Lemon8 app here. Just yesterday, Lemon8 reached … Read more