Twitter Monetization Requirements: How to Become Eligible?

Twitter has announced a monetization plan that lets creators earn from their tweets, but how does it work? We’ll explain everything if you’ve been wondering the same. Learn about the Twitter Monetization Requirements, content standards, and other policies to earn money from your tweets.

Twitter’s latest introduction is a revenue-sharing program that shares the platform’s ad revenue with users for showing ads in replies to their posts. Users must sign up for the program if they are deemed eligible. A human review follows a set criterion for that.

“This means that creators can get a share in ad revenue starting in the replies to their posts. This is part of our effort to help people earn a living directly on Twitter,” said the company’s news release. Elon Musk also revealed that public tweets would be used for AI model training at xAI.

What Is The Twitter Monetization Program?

On Friday, July 14, 2023, Twitter announced a new monetization program based on ad-revenue-sharing for Twitter Blue and verified users. It would allow creators to earn money from ad replies to their posts. However, users must be eligible for the program and comply with the minimum requirements.

Musk initially discussed the program in February 2023 and revealed that verified users could profit from their tweets. Initially, $5 million is disbursed to users for their activity and engagement from February onwards. An application process for the same will begin soon.

Twitter Monetization Program

Twitter has partnered with Stripe to aggregate payments to creators from their ad revenue. It’s also worth noting that monetization is only available in a few countries. However, it’s likely to expand to more regions soon.

Twitter Monetization Plan Requirements:

Twitter’s new Monetization Program is not available for all users but only to a limited set of users who meet the minimum eligibility requirements. A Twitter user who wants to monetize their tweets and earn money must satisfy the following criterion:

  • Account must be verified or subscribed to Twitter Blue.
  • The user must have a minimum of 5 million tweet impressions in the last three months.
  • The user must maintain 500 active followers or more.

Once these conditions are met successfully, the user can go through a human review for Creator Monetization Standards. If they pass it, they’ll get approved for monetization and will earn money from Twitter’s ad revenue for ads posted in replies to their tweets.

Note: Twitter is currently testing the monetization feature with limited users. This means even if you meet the requirements set by the platform, you may be put on a waiting list temporarily before your account gets approved for sharing of ad revenue.

Eligibility Criteria For Twitter Monetization:

If you want to enhance your chances of passing the human review to get your Twitter account monetized, you must meet the eligibility criteria they set. Here is a list of conditions you must satisfy to become eligible to earn money from your tweets:

  • You must reside in a country eligible for Twitter’s monetization program.
  • Your age must be 18 or older.
  • Your Twitter account needs to be active for at least 3 months.
  • It would be best to keep your Twitter profile complete, including a real account name, a bio, a profile picture, and a header image.
  • Your email address must be verified.
  • Two-factor authentication must be active on your account.
  • You shouldn’t be designated a state-affiliated media account.
  • Your account must be in good standing with Twitter, which means:
    • You shouldn’t have frequently violated the Twitter User Agreement or Content Monetization Standards.
    • Your account shouldn’t have been removed as an advertiser for violations of Ads policies or as an Amplify publisher for Amplify Pre-Roll Guidelines previously.
  • Your Twitter account must be connected with a verified Stripe account.
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You will be approved for Twitter’s monetisation program when you meet these conditions and the abovementioned requirements. However, you must also comply with the conduct and content standards to keep earning money from your tweets.

Conduct & Content Standards For Twitter Monetization:

To get approved and continue being a member of the Twitter Monetization program, you must work without violating the conduct and content standards of the platform. Let’s have a quick look at them.

Twitter Monetization Conduct Standards:

  • Users must not request or offer currency or engagements in exchange for illegal, unlawful, or harmful content or behaviour, physical goods and services, and sexual favours.
  • Users must not use Twitter features that enable payments or monetization of content.
  • The user must not be a part of a fraud or a deceptive scheme.
  • The user shouldn’t engage in platform manipulation and spam policy.
  • All users must comply with applicable local laws and regulations while posting.

Twitter Monetization Content Standards:

The tweets, retweets, and replies you post on Twitter should comply with the platform’s content standards to prevent getting your account revoked from monetization. Here are the content types that you shouldn’t post on Twitter:

  • Illegal or restricted content:
    • Cannabis & other recreational drugs
    • Tobacco
    • Alcohol
    • Weapons & explosives
    • Gambling, betting, lottery, or raffle products & services
    • Prescription drugs and medications
  • Criminal behaviors:
    • Child abuse & sexual depiction of minors
    • Human or animal abuse and its advocacy
    • Human trafficking
    • Piracy or copyright infringement
  • Violent or graphic content:
    • Critical injury or excessive bloodshed
    • Torture
    • Death
    • Extreme body modification
  • Sensitive events:
    • Natural or industrial disasters
    • Civic disorder
    • Violent attacks on civilians
    • War and armed conflict
  • False, misleading, or unsubstantiated claims:
    • Unrealistic or unproven claims about a product or service
    • Miracle cures and remedies
    • Pyramid schemes
    • Get-rich-quick plans
  • Adult or sexually provocative content:
    • Pornography
    • Content depicting sex toys
    • Nudity
    • Implied sexual acts
  • Unowned or unlicensed content
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You must refrain from posting any of these content types and regularly share posts complying with the community standards. If you violate the standards, your account may get suspended or banned.

Tweet on Monetization

How To Apply For Twitter Monetization Program?

Twitter is currently testing its new monetization program with limited users. Several high-profile users are already claiming about the incoming deposits as the new plan rolls out in certain regions. The application process to apply for Twitter monetization will be open soon.

If you are eligible, meet the requirements, and regularly comply with the community standards, you can apply for the program by going to the Monetization section in your account settings. However, if you don’t find the option yet, Twitter hasn’t opened slots for new applications.

As of now, the exact method for how Twitter’s monetization works is unknown. We don’t know how Twitter will calculate and distribute revenue shares among eligible users. More details should be available later.

How Will Twitter Pay The Creators?

Twitter will pay a share of its ad revenue to eligible monetized accounts. The first round has already started with a sum of $5 million. Writer Brian Krassenstein has received a total payment of $24,305, and the Twitter account “Internet Hall of Fame” received an impressive sum of $107,274.

Several other high-profile users have revealed their earnings. Twitter has partnered with Stripe to process payments of creators. You will need a verified Stripe account to get paid for your tweets. Once you are eligible for monetization, you will receive your share via Stripe.

Twitter and Stripe

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do you qualify for monetization on Twitter?

A: To get eligible for Twitter monetization and earn ads revenue sharing, you must fulfill certain requirements, including being a Twitter Blue subscriber or being affiliated with a verified organization, maintaining a minimum of 5 million impressions on your posts in the last three months, having at least 10,000 followers, and posting 25 tweets in the last 30 days. Your account should also comply with the Twitter community standards.

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Q: How to earn money from Twitter?

A: To earn money from your tweets, you must get approved in the Twitter monetization program, which requires users to meet the minimum eligibility requirements and then pass a human review. Once approved, Twitter will share its ad revenue for posting ads in replies to your tweets.

Q: How many followers do you need to monetize Twitter?

A: You must have at least 500 active followers to monetize your Twitter account. In addition, you must meet the minimum requirements for the program and comply with community standards.

Q: How much does Twitter pay for 1k views?

A: Twitter doesn’t pay any user for views but for the ads posted in replies to their tweets. However, the exact methodology used by the platform to calculate revenue sharing among eligible monetized accounts is not known right now.

Final Take

Twitter’s new monetization feature will encourage content creators to prompt their audience to engage with them on the platform. It will give creators a reason to get active and incentivized to spark healthy conversations with their fanbase. However, such experiences often trigger intense emotional reactions.

Elon Musk-owned platform must find a way to get the right mix of constructive interactions while avoiding potential negative consequences. It seems like the right plan to avoid creators shifting to Threads by Meta after the recent hype of the newly launched text-posts-based platform.

That’s all for this guide. Feel free to use the comment box if you have any doubts or queries regarding Twitter monetization.

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