Is Crunchyroll Free Still Good or Should You Get Premium?

Is Crunchyroll Free Enough

You won’t need an introduction to Crunchyroll if you’re an anime fan. The massively popular anime streaming platform reinforces policy changes that limit watching simulcast titles for free. Fans are left wondering if Crunchyroll is free or not moving forward and what are the premium subscription options. We’ll explore that in this post. There are … Read more

Claude AI Chatbot by Anthropic: What is It?

Google Backs Claude AI Chatbot by Anthropic

A new competitor to ChatGPT, Claude, coming from an Anthropic startup founded by ex-employees of OpenAI, is here. Claude promises multiple variants, extensive use cases, and safer outputs than rivals like ChatGPT and Bing Chat. Here’s everything you need to know about the Claude AI chatbot by Anthropic. Like its rivals, Anthropic’s Claude also has … Read more

How To Download Music On Spotify With Or Without Premium?

Download Music On Spotify With Or Without Premium

Spotify has become the most popular music streaming platform, and if you’d like to listen to its songs, playlists, or podcasts without an internet connection, you’ll have to download the music. Here, we’ll explain how to download music on Spotify with or without a Premium subscription in 2023. There’s an absolute ocean of content on … Read more

How to Recover Deleted Instagram Photos? 100% Working

Recover Deleted Instagram Photos

Sometimes, you accidentally delete your posts on Instagram and immediately regret the decision. For such situations, Instagram has a feature that lets you restore deleted posts, including photos and videos. Find out how to recover deleted Instagram photos on any device here. Instagram rolled out a handy, true savior feature a few years back. This … Read more

ChatGPT Pro Plans and Pricing: Is ChatGPT Plus Worth It?

ChatGPT Pro Plans And Pricing

ChatGPT Pro launched as a paid professional version of the wildly popular AI-powered chatbot. It has now turned into ChatGPT Plus and expanded to more users globally. If you still don’t have enough information about it, this post will compare ChatGPT Pro/ Plus plans, pricing, features, and everything else. If you’ve been wondering if you … Read more

How to Recover Deleted iMessages on iPhone or iPad?

How To Recover Deleted iMessages on iPhone or iPad

If you have accidentally deleted some important iMessages from your iPhone or iPad and want them back, this simple guide will help you. Here, we will explain how to recover deleted iMessages on your iPhone or iPad with several easy methods. All the gone conversations will be back by the end of this post. iMessage … Read more

How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages on Android or iPhone?

How to recover deleted messages

Sometimes, you accidentally delete certain WhatsApp messages or chats and immediately start regretting them. If you can relate, this easy guide to recover deleted WhatsApp messages on Android and iPhone will help you. Just follow what we have explained here, and you’ll get back your precious chats. WhatsApp allows you to back up the data … Read more

ChatGPT Detectors: 10 Tools to Know If Content is Written Using AI

ChatGPT Detector 10 Best Tools to Know If Something is Written Using AI

ChatGPT has highly revolutionized the way some things work in a very short period. Countless people have started using the AI-based chatbot for their work, but this has also made the lives of some a bit difficult. If you fall in the latter group, here are the 10 best ChatGPT detector tools to know if … Read more

How to Turn Off Clean Energy Charging Feature on iPhone?

How to Turn Off Clean Energy Charging Feature on iPhone

Apple rolled out a new feature last year silently with iOS 16.1 which is aimed at reducing your device’s carbon footprint. However, that functionality is facing a backlash as it extends the charging time of your iPhone and makes it charge slower. So, how to turn this “Clean Energy Charging” feature off on your iPhone? … Read more

Download ChatGPT For PC & Mobile: Is It Possible?

Download ChatGPT on PC or Mobile

ChatGPT has already taken the world by storm and it’s still going strong. The world is finding new ways to use it every now and then. Meanwhile, some users are wondering if they can install ChatGPT on their PC or mobile. Find out if it is possible to download ChatGPT and how to do it … Read more