ChatGPT Detectors: 10 Tools to Know If Content is Written Using AI

ChatGPT has highly revolutionized the way some things work in a very short period. Countless people have started using the AI-based chatbot for their work, but this has also made the lives of some a bit difficult. If you fall in the latter group, here are the 10 best ChatGPT detector tools to know if something is written using AI or if a human writes it.

ChatGPT Detector Best Tools to Know If Something is Written Using AI

OpenAI ChatGPT creates the wildly popular chatbot, an American artificial research-focused firm co-founded by billionaire Elon Musk, Sam Altman, and a group of other wise people from Silicon Valley. ChatGPT has become the internet’s most talked-about sensation very quickly.

The chatbot amassed over a million users in just five days of its launch as a prototype. The reason why it became so popular is that it’s capable of answering anything. Students, writers often use this ability, and other individuals to get aid in their work.

When this happens, the people they report to need to know if they’ve completed the assignments using artificial intelligence to grade with justification. For that purpose, these ChatGPT detector tools are a perfect help.

10 Best ChatGPT Detector Tools to Detect AI-Generated Content

Here are the 10 best ChatGPT detector tools that will help you determine whether the content you see is written using the AI-powered chatbot. These tools also utilize artificial intelligence to catch the content generated using ChatGPT.

Our team of experts has tried and tested a long list of ChatGPT detectors available online to handpick the best ones. The results are available below. These are incredible and the most accurate solutions available on the web. The list doesn’t rank them essentially, but you are advised to start from the first one.

1. OpenAI Text Classifer:

The OpenAI Text Classifier is the first tool on our list which comes from the creators of ChatGPT themselves. The AI Text Classifier is a finely tuned GPT model made by OpenAI. It allows users to predict the likelihood that the entered text is written using artificial intelligence.

It has been trained on data pairs, including AI and human inputs. This makes it simpler for the tool to find plagiarization and figure out the text written using ChatGPT or other AI-powered writing tools. However, the tool isn’t fully reliable yet and shouldn’t be the primary option to catch AI-written text.

OpenAI Text Classifier

Another downside of the OpenAI Text Classifier is requiring a minimum text input of 1,000 characters. So, to scan shorter texts, you’ll have to use other tools available in the list later.

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2. GPT Zero:

GPT Zero is the next great ChatGPT detector, a web app created by a 22-year-old college student named Edward Tian. This tool allows users to load PDF, DOCX, or TXT files and scan them to determine if they are created using AI or humans.

GPT Zero uses two key factors to determine if the input is AI generated- Perplexity and Burstiness. The former scans the complexity of the text. If the text perplexes GPTZero, then it is highly complex and more likely to be written by a human.

GPT Zero

Meanwhile, the latter measures the number of rare words in the text. The more they are, the more chances of the text being written by humans. You can get the average Perplexity and Burstiness scores with the “Get Results” button to know who wrote the text.

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3. GPT-2 Output Detector:

GTP-2 Output Detector is another tool by OpenAI used to determine if something’s written using ChatGPT or other AI-powered tools. This application is hosted by HuggingFace and is available to users for free content quality checks.

You can use the GPT-2 Output Detector to scan the text, and it will rate it on a scale from 0 to 100. The higher the score, the more likely it’s written by artificial intelligence, while the lower score hints that a human wrote it.

GPT 2 Output Detector

This tool can pick out text written using ChatGPT, GPT3, and GPT2. It’ll be interesting to know if it can figure out the content generated using the revolutionary GPT4 launching soon.

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4. CopyLeaks AI Content Detector:

CopyLeaks AI Content Detector is one of the best AI plagiarism detection tools available on the web. This great option boasts an accuracy of 99.12% while determining whether a text is generated using AI or humans. CopyLeaks can figure out content generated using ChatGPT, GPT3, and GPT2 models.

The most significant part is that the app even offers support for the upcoming GPT4 model, which is said to be revolutionary and groundbreaking. CopyLeaks also supports multiple languages, including French, Spanish, and German.


You can use this incredible tool to scan articles, reviews, posts, and even research papers and find out if they were written using AI. It’s helpful for people constantly needing a solution to differentiate between AI and human-generated pieces. It also has a Chrome extension that you can try out.

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5. Copyscape:

Copyscape is the next amazing ChatGPT detector that lets you determine if something is written using AI or humans. The working mannerism of this tool is a bit different than others. It doesn’t scan the text you have input but scans the web pages available online to find matching texts.

This makes it one of the best plagiarism checkers available online. It even lets you know the source of the text if something in your input is copied. CopyScape is more of a plagiarism checker for businesses. It may sometimes be inaccurate for copies generated using ChatGPT or other AI models.


CopyScape also has a premium version which comes with added features. However, the free version will be enough if you only want to scan a single piece of text. If you need to scan content pieces regularly, you can upgrade to the paid tier to get the best results.

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6. Content At Scale AI Content Detector:

Content At Scale provides a precise AI Content Detector to determine whether a text is written using ChatGPT or other AI models. The tool is trained on billions of data pages and can precisely forecast the most probable word choices.

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After that, it provides the Human Content Score, which lets you understand if humans or AI write the text. The higher the score is, the more likely it is written by a human. It is one of the best ChatGPT detectors available on the web. The best part is that it’s very easy and fast.

Content At Scale

Content At Scale regularly gets updates, making it one of the most precise options to determine if something is written using AI. That’s why it can pick out text generated even by GPT-3 models and will likely work similarly with GPT-4 models once they roll out.

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7. Writer AI Content Detector:

Writer AI Content Detector is another ChatGPT detection tool that classifies whether AI or humans write content. This text classifier is from a company focused on content creation using artificial intelligence. Hence, it’s capable of providing very accurate results.

Writer AI

However, it only lets you scan text with 1,500 characters at once. So, scanning lengthy content pieces is not the most preferred option. For the shorter ones, it is one of the best options to know if something is written using artificial intelligence or by humans.

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8. Plagibot:

Plagibot is another AI-powered plagiarism check you can use as a ChatGPT detector. You can use this tool to figure out if a text is generated using an AI-based tool or if it’s written manually by a human. It asks you to upload a Word file, PDF, or another document to start working.

After that, it will scan the text and countless web pages to find the matching pieces. Finally, it will provide the result with the sources from where the text was copied. Plagibot maintains an updated database by scraping the web on an hourly basis.


If you regularly need to scan content pieces for plagiarism, it is one of the best tools to use. The best part is that it is available for free.

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9. PoemofQuotes:

PoemOfQuotes is the next ChatGPT detector tool on our list. This tool allows users to input pieces of text and determine if AI or humans write them. The tool uses an artificial intelligence-powered algorithm that determines whether AI or humans generate the content.


When you enter a text, it scans it and determines the likeliness of it being written by humans or AI. However, according to our experts, the results of this tool are not fully accurate. Still, it can rightly figure out the AI-generated content seven out of ten times.

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10. GPTRadar:

GPTRadar is the ultimate ChatGPT detector on our list based on the same model as the chatbot, i.e. GPT-3. You can use this tool to determine if ChatGPT or humans generate a piece of content. It’s a simple-to-use web application that provides pretty accurate results.

GPT Radar

GPTRadar can also divide the whole piece into smaller chunks and categorizes if an AI or human writes them. It is very useful when someone has manually tweaked the AI-generated work to make it uncatchable by the detectors.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is ChatGPT?

A: ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot by OpenAI, an artificial intelligence research lab co-founded by Elon Musk.

Q: How does ChatGPT work?

A: ChatGPT uses a transformer-based neural network that provides answers and data with human writing patterns. This makes it capable of offering personalized and conversational answers.

Q: What is a ChatGPT Detector?

A: A ChatGPT Detector is a tool that can determine if something is written or generated using ChatGPT.

Q: Which is the best ChatGPT Detector?

A: The 10 best ChatGPT Detectors are:
OpenAI Text Classifier
GPT Zero
GPT-2 Output Detector
CopyLeaks AI Content Detector
Content At Scale
Writer AI Content Detector

Q: How to use a ChatGPT Detector?

A: You have to open the ChatGPT Detector tool, enter the text you want to scan or its file, and then let the tool determine if AI or humans write it. However, the specific working procedure varies by tool.

Q: Are ChatGPT Detectors free to use?

A: Most ChatGPT Detectors are free, while some have a paid tier. The premium versions unlock some added benefits that may be helpful for some users.

Q: Are ChatGPT Detectors accurate?

A: Yes, ChatGPT Detectors are accurate, but only to an extent. None of the tools mentioned on this list are 100% precise, as the chatbot keeps learning via human input to provide more personalized answers. That’s why we recommend using multiple AI detector tools for a given piece of content.

Final Words:

ChatGPT is a revolutionary AI-powered chatbot. Many users use its capabilities to generate content like articles, assignments, academic papers, etc. To determine if something is written using ChatGPT, you must use a ChatGPT Detector.

We have mentioned the 10 best ChatGPT Detectors here. You can try them out to determine if a human writes a given content. We’d recommend using multiple options for a piece of content to get the best results. It’ll take some time, but it will be worth the effort.

That’s all for this post. Feel free to use the comment box for any queries about anything written here. We’ll be glad to help you more.

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