10 Most Watched Netflix Shows Of All Time 2024

Netflix for quite a few years maintained a more hush-hush approach in terms of viewership. However, of late when there was a general perception about the dropping stats of Netflix, it was quick to come up with the data in mid-November through a website’s launch. It showed the complete stats relating to the most watched Netflix shows.

It also gave the reason for the critics to be mum since the much-needed data is finally available online for everyone to have a look at. Even fans have all the right to know what’s happening with the world’s largest subscription service that has literally transformed the way for sure.

Top 10 Netflix Shows – Most Watched

Get ready with your favorite delicacies in terms of cold drinks and popcorn as you will enjoy every moment, thanks to the list presented below. They are the choicest of shows that have been made a place in the list due to their popularity and craze.

1. Squid Game

Squid Game
  • Number of seasons – 1
  • Release Date – September 17, 2021
  • Number of hours viewed – 1.65 billion

Squid Game revolves around people who are facing financial hardships and are playing certain deadly games to win $35 million as a prize. Considered among Netflix’s top shows the story and visualization show the dangers associated, with one wrong move that can turn the game upside down.

Hwang Dong is a creator whose experience in his early life regarding the disparity between South Korea and capitalism necessitated him to begin with such a genre. Netflix started with the productions in 2019 in order to expand its base and viewership, by bringing the audience across the globe on one platform.

2. Stranger Things Season 4

Stranger Things
  • Number of seasons – 4
  • Release Date – May 27, 2022
  • Number of hours viewed – 1.35 billion hours

Hawkins witness mysterious murders of teens that haunt the place. Everyone points fingers at the leader of Hellfire Club namely Eddie Munson since Chrissy Cunningham, a captain of cheerleaders died under mysterious conditions in his trailer. A team of investigators Lucas, Dustin, Max, Steve, Nancy, and Robin starts to probe so that the actual perpetrator can be found and the name of Eddie can be cleared.

The investigation led to “Vecna” the accused who has a residence in Upside Down. Another plot revolved around how Joyce Byers and Murray Bauman go to Russia after the news of Jim Hopper being alive. However, Hopper is behind the bars in Kamchatka where all the inmates including him are set on a battle to counter Demogorgon which Russia has taken in captivity.

3. Wednesday

  • Number of seasons – 1
  • Release date – November 23, 2022
  • Number of hours viewed – 1.23 billion hours

Another one of the top shows on Netflix is Wednesday. The documentary is about a school-going girl who is tough to handle. She retaliates against her brother being bullied by boys, by dumping live piranhas into the pond, as a way to vent her anger and affect the game of boys who were playing water polo. Upon her expulsion, she couldn’t even go along with her classmates at another private school and was understandably in conflict with the principal.

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She is always ready to showcase her stubborn side as she is not on good terms with her classmates. She has psychic abilities which she inherited from her mother and as soon she discovered this, she is readying herself to solve the mystery of a murder.

4. Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story
  • Number of seasons – 1
  • Release Date – September 21, 2022
  • Number of hours viewed – 856.2 million hours

One of the Netflix 5 most watched shows ever, the story is about the life of a gruesome man who is in the world of crime. Fearless and stubborn in his approach as a serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer (Evan Peters). Commercial, it proved to be quite a success and in just a short period of 28 days, it became the second most-watched English language series on Netflix.

The story is scary no doubt, as it showcases a dark side of a psychopath who has a different perspective toward life, and that is way beyond imagination. The popularity can be gauged from the fact, that just within 60 days, the documentary gathered 1 billion views.

5. Money Heist Part 5

Money Heist Part 5
  • Number of seasons – 5
  • Release Date – September 3, 2021
  • Number of hours viewed – 792.2 million hours

An action-packed full of suspense, curiosities, tensions, and eerie silence in between, can better relate to the experience on the ground. Yes, welcome to the world of an action-packed sequence of events where the gang is desperate to find an escape plan. It is the battle of fluctuating fortunes, where they may have rescued Lisbon, but lost one of their own.

Sierra captures the professor and there diminishes ray of hope to escape. Just when things were looking fine without getting into any danger, there is an enemy whose power is beyond that of the army they have faced. There comes an uncertain and last moment denoting an end, but not from a war that is inevitable, since it started from a robbery.

6. Bridgerton Season 2

  • Number of seasons – 2
  • Release Date – March 25, 2022
  • Number of hours viewed – 656.2 million hours

Season 2 starts with the eldest sibling Lord Anthony finding a match for him while upholding the stature of the family. Even though the chances of finding a suitable match were grim given his high expectations, however, the story takes a twist. Kate and her sister Edwina come into the picture as they arrive from India. Kate soon was well aware of his intentions and Anthony paid attention to Edwina since true love was not a priority for him. So, she began making efforts to stop the union.

However, that only made them closer and this gave rise to complications on both sides. The matter gains prominence considering the royal angle associated. Featheringtons as part of a traditional ceremony must welcome the newest heir as the time is coming near.

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7. Bridgerton Season 1

Bridgerton Season 1
  • Number of seasons – 2
  • Release Date – December 25, 2020
  • Number of hours viewed – 625.5 million hours

The documentary visualizes the Regency era with a palatial set up as the Bridgerton are subjected to get a match for marriage. Taking care of such a responsibility is Queen Charlotte Charlotte who has chosen the eldest daughter to get a match for her first. However, her brother Anthony is too protective and doesn’t like the matches. This has infuriated her sister, as the suitors don’t get a proper response.

Now, in order to keep her brother’s wish list away, she decided to showcase, it as if she is in a relationship with Rakish Simon. Considered amongst Netflix’s top shows, this is where the story undergoes a twist. So what’s that? Well, salacious gossips start doing rounds and that’s where the documentary leads us.

8. All of Us Are Dead season 1

All of Us Are Dead
  • Number of seasons – 1
  • Release Date – January 28, 2022
  • Number of hours viewed – 560.8 million hours

The season starts with mystery, and mayhem followed by chaos, commotion, and devastation. A mysterious teacher with science background experiments a test on a rat that accidentally bites a student. Then the virus spread with utter commotion. Students were knowledgeable before, about the existence of zombies as the virus starts to spread quickly thereby leading to massive destruction.

Students began to fall apart while two old friends with hidden feelings for each other make efforts to hold onto each other. Countering the adversities to care for each other and bind together, was quite a scene to reckon with.

Mother’s love is huge, as the mother of Cheong San is trying to save her son in order to quickly reach school from the restaurant. The scene has been visualized well, giving an insight into emotions. Even as the military is taking charge to control the outbreak.

9. Ginny and Georgia Season 2

Ginny and Georgi
  • Number of seasons – 2
  • Release Date – January 5, 2023.
  • Number of hours viewed – 162.7 million

Ginny and Georgia series created a sense of bewilderment considering the tricky storyline, that sets the base for the show. Rightly so, as it is one of the popular series on Netflix. Ginny’s predicament is that her dad has been murdered and the story moves further where she gets to know that her mother is the murderer.

Ginny is twice shocked, not just at her father’s loss, but also because her mother is the culprit. On other hand, Georgia has to do everything in her capacity to safeguard her kids. The story moves with reactions, curiosities, hatred, and much more.

10. Kaleidoscope Season 1

  • Number of seasons – 8
  • Release Date – January 1, 2023
  • Number of hours viewed – 158.9 million

Kaleidoscope is based on a real incident of a money heist involving seventy billion dollars in bonds that couldn’t be traced. One of the Netflix 5 most watched shows ever, it dates back to Hurricane Sandy in downtown Manhattan. The storyline depicts a challenging time comprising of puzzles, curiosity, hatred, greed, betrayal, corruption, ‘broken trust’, and loyalties.

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All the episodes are dealt with in such a way that the viewers can watch them in the order they chose and desire The story involves and covered a whopping 25 years of time that revolves around the thieves that are up to their heinous crime of breaking a vault in order to get the highest payday in history. Giving them stiff competition are the law enforcement agencies who are laced with technology to counter their efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Arcane the most-watched show on Netflix?

Yes, Arcane right after its release became the most-watched show on Netflix. When the history of popular shows would be written, then the name Arcane will find an obvious addition. It turned out to be the highest-rated series in just a week of its premiere.

Is Dahmer the most-watched show on Netflix?

Dahmer became the second-highest show in terms of viewership on Netflix. The creators knew that the show would gain great attraction and love from the audience and that’s exactly the case too.

Is the squid game the most-watched show on Netflix?

“Yes” is an instant and obvious reaction showing that Squid game is indeed the most-watched show on Netflix. The show continued to gain the highest degree of love and affection from the fans who made it to the top ahead of the competitors.

Is Stranger Things the most-watched show on Netflix?

Stranger Things  Season 4 topped the viewership in July 2022 and it remained one of the top shows on Netflix while deriving constant love from fans. However, by December Wednesday by Jenna Ortegas has taken its place to become the number 1


Finally, aforesaid are the Most watched Netflix shows. The data gives systematic and complete information about the shows that deserve a place on the list. Now, directors and showrunners can better gauge the practical reactions in terms of their hard work and preparations to reach the intended audience. Thanks to the stiff competition that list may well find other shows entering too.

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