DirecTV Stream Vs YouTube TV: A Detailed Comparison

Hello, friends here we are back with a useful and informative article about DirecTV Stream Vs YouTube TV, and also going to learn about what DirecTV and YouTube TV are. 

Well, plenty of streaming platforms are available to watch all of our favorite shows with our favorite people all the time. We have to know what DirecTV is, so I think we can start this article by getting brief information about what DirecTV Stream is.

Regarding Youtube, TV is available on many smart devices, whereas DirectTv is available for some devices only. Moreover, DirectTV is more expensive regarding channel lineup, cloud DVR capacity, and basic plan pricing.

DirectTV Stream vs YoutubeTV

What Is DirecTV Stream?

We all know that DirecTV Stream, people are often confused about DirecTV Stream and DirecTV, nope, these are not the same as you think, yes, it is true. These are two completely different ones but owned by the same company though DirectTV is a satellite service, and DirecTV Streaming is a streaming service that lets you stream the channels through an internet connection.

DirectTV Stream

DirecTV is Stream works only with the help of a high-quality internet connection if you want to stream all of your favorite channels through this thing, it is a live streaming service that offers a massive range of live channels to stream your favorite shows and many more.

Unfortunately, this is not offering any free trial for people who wait for a free trial every time to know a bit about things before spending money on this kind of app and product.

It’s a friendly app that offers many abilities to love this, you can cancel the subscription in 14 days if we no longer require it, and a refund will be initiated in less time to gain the customer’s trust, yeah the main aim of this app is to satisfy the customers all the time.

What Is YouTube TV?

Now it’s time to look at what YouTube TV is, well, we all know about YouTube, the world’s largest streaming network with all the interesting and viral stuff. We can get a lot of videos and information about anything that we want in this streaming world, YouTube TV is a live tv streaming service that helps us to stream the channels lively.


It offers 85 live streaming channels with good and accurate streaming ability, the same channels you would get with broadcast or cable. Still, the difference is that it streams the internet channels that prevent the physical equipment.

You can get the monthly subscription at an affordable cost, it won’t stress you to get long-term commitments and contracts or any other things such as hidden fees. It won’t bother you and is cheaper than an average cable subscription.

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We can use it on various devices like smart tv, we can use this whether we are at home or on the go, you can share the subscription with up to six members, they might be your friends or family.

It offers a friendly bonding to contact customer support for any queries so that you can run this comfortably without any clusters, we can cancel the subscription whenever we want without any contracts, which is cool.

DirecTV Stream Vs YouTube TV: What’s The Best Choice?

You all know that DirecTV Stream and Youtube TV provide streaming services to watch different Channels, trending content, and series. If you are the one who is in a dilemma choosing which one is better to use, then check our comparison between DirecTV and Youtube TV based on their Channels Lineup, Compatibility, Cost, and features. So read yourself and choose the best one for you.

1. Channels Lineup:

As we are curious about what DirecTV Strem offers, yeah, let me tell you that we are close to this point, well, DirecTV stream offers various channels to stream, with accurate picture quality so is YouTube.

DirecTV Stream offers regional sports networks that can stream these channels, A&E Networks, AMC Networks, Discovery, Disney, FOX, NBCUniversal, ViacomCBS, and more to stream directly in DirecTV Stream.

Channel Selection
YouTube is a bit better than DirecTV Stream in providing the channels, yes, YouTube TV provides a free trial, whereas DirecTV Stream doesn’t have a free trial option it also offers add-ons to upgrade the TV experience.

It offers local channels like KMBC, KCTVS, FOX4, KSHB, Kansas City PBS, KTWU, Telemundo 39, and many other sports and regional sports networks, news channels, lifestyle channels, family and kids channels, and many more we can get on YouTube TV.

Kids’ channels are so entertaining you must try these channels for your kids we can learn so much from lifestyle channels as it offers them, these are entertaining apps with great features.

2. Check The Compatibility:

Both apps offer good compatibility with multiple devices, we can see the compatibility of YouTube TV with -smart TVs like Vizio, Hisense, Samsung, and more. It also has good compatibility with PlayStation, Xbox, and gaming consoles, we can run this app on mobiles as well, so now it is easy to stream all of your favorite tv channels.

Supported Devices

Coming to the DirecTV Streaming app is also compatible with many popular devices like Apple TV, Roku, and many other devices. Still, the thing is, when we compare this DirecTV Stream with YouTube TV, it offers limited compatibility with devices.

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Lightweight and handy apps that make you feel comfortable, we can see the useful and informative dashboard with lots of information.

3. Features:

We can see most of the features of these two apps similar, but we would say that YouTube TV is a bit more advanced and offers more features than DirecTV Stream. So let’s find out some cool and useful features of these two apps to clarify the features of YouTube TV  and DirecTV Stream.

A. Youtube TV Features:

  • Offers unlimited Cloud DVR.
  • Offers parental controls.
  • One subscription can be used on six different user profiles.
  • 3 Screens.
  • Offers free trial.
  • Any time cancellation.
  • Friendly customer support.
  • No commitment forces.
  • No contracts.
  • Monthly plans at affordable prices.
  • Recording feature.

B. DirecTV Stream Features:

  • Included parental controls.
  • Unlimited Cloud DVR.
  • Offers one user profile.
  • 3 screens.
  • Cancel the plan within 14 days.
  • Record up to 30 episodes.

4. Cost:

Well, now it is time to check the cost of these two outstanding live streaming apps, we can get these two most happening streaming apps at affordable prices.

DirecTV Stream is a bit more expensive than YouTube TV when it comes to the higher tier plans, we can subscribe to this app for $69.99, which is the cost of a monthly subscription, with this monthly subscription, we can get up to 75 channels.

Youtube TV is available at $64.99 per month, and it offers more channels than DirecTV Stream with 85 live streaming channels, however, the high picture quality depends upon the internet speed, the good thing about this app is that it has no high-cost plans.

5. DVR Storage:

Both services offer cloud DVR storage that lets you save live shows and view them later. DirecTV stream offers up to 20 hours of storage for DVR at no cost, and YouTube TV offers unlimited DVR storage. But here is one thing we must remember: DirecTV stream offers more streaming, whereas it comes with the worst DVR.

DVR Storage

6. 4K & Streaming Quality:

Streaming quality Videos on DirecTV, you will have issues like it doesn’t exactly open up. The quality of the DirecTV Stream is downs to below HD. The worst part is they didn’t even mention what is meant by “poor,” “mid,” or “high” quality streams.

4k Streaming Quality

If you think the Problem with the DirecTV streaming quality is a common issue, then it will be a big mistake, it was consistent with slower networks. DirecTV streaming quality is satisfactory but not as good and consistent when providing HD content like YouTube TV services.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is YouTube better than DirecTV streaming?

When we have this question, we should know that Youtube tv is better than DirecTV Streaming, which provides a massive count of channels and offers nearly 101 channels to stream, but DirecTV Stream only offers 72 channels to stream.

Does DirecTV Streaming offer unlimited storage to record?

DirecTV Stream is not good at providing unlimited storage to record your favorite shows and web series, it only allows you to record web series of up to 30 episodes.

Am I able to stream YouTube TV from anywhere?

Since YouTube TV is compatible with many devices, you can is it from anywhere in the world on any compatible devices, so you can comfortably use this app by sitting at home or on the go.


YouTube TV and DirecTV Streamings are the most popular apps with super good abilities and rich features, we have many channels to stream in these apps. These apps offer channels in multiple categories, they offer sports channels, entertainment, lifestyle channels, kids’ cartoon channels, news channels, regional sports networks, and also many other local channels.

You can enable the parental mode to protect your kids from watching the unwanted stuff in these channels, these also provide unlimited Cloud DVR storage and a recording feature. You can run these apps on your devices to get entertainment in various genres with multiple channels, so use them to experience world entertainment channels on your devices and enjoy them, every channel has its own identity.

That’s all for now, folks looking forward to coming up with another informative article with another useful thing, till then, keep spreading your love, and thanks for supporting us, and I hope this will continue like this. I also request you feel free to visit our site to post your queries and suggestions regarding our articles we will be glad to come back to you anytime thank you and be safe.

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