How to Get Xfinity Student Discount?

Want to know how to get an Xfinity student discount? Xfinity offers everyone a reliable and economical internet plan, including students, military, teachers, and veterans. If you are a student searching for an economical internet provider, Xfinity is the easiest solution.

Knowing students have a limited budget, most of their money goes to suitable internet connectivity after spending on living expenses. We will brief you about the Xfinity student discount that is specially tailored to the needs of the students.

In this article, you will comprehend how to get an Xfinity student discount for getting an internet connection at the cheapest rate that will be useful for entertainment, student work, and socializing. Xfinity offers exclusive deals on internet plans, mobile phone plans, cable tv, and home security. 

These deals are available for a limited period and change as per your location. To students, Xfinity is a low-cost internet plan offering high-speed internet that comes perfectly under their budget. Let’s look at what Xfinity has to offer.

What Is Xfinity Student Discount?

Students always desperately need high-speed internet plans that cover their class needs and entertainment requirements. Xfinity is the ideal place where students can get the best lucrative deal compared to other internet providers in the USA.

How To Get Xfinity Student Discount?

You can use your student identity to get an economical price range on the internet through which you get the spectacular benefit of connectivity and entertainment.

Getting an Xfinity student discount is simple. You need to provide your student identification and university name. In the rare case, you may have to provide additional documentation if Xfinity can not verify that you are a student. Remember, Xfinity plans may have variety but also change according to user location. 

Plus, each discount on these plans varies with duration. Unfortunately, these plans are not for graduates even if you graduated last month. Surprisingly Xfinity does not only take care of students but also of their teachers by providing Xfinity teacher discounts.

Xfinity Internet Provider:

Before diving into the topic, let’s get an overview of Xfinity’s internet provider. Xfinity provides high-speed internet coverage nationwide at a competitive rate. It mainly uses coaxial cable to deliver internet efficiently.

Cable is quick and reliable and comes only second to the fibers. Xfinity also uses fiber, which will cost you more money and is not easily available at each location.

Moreover, Xfinity participates in the Affordable Connectivity Program, which aims to provide internet subsidies to authorized households. You can get up to $30 off on a monthly internet plan, and if you live in a tribal area, this discount goes to $70 per month. Hence, even if you are not a student, you can get a heavy discount on an internet plan through Xfinity if qualified.

How Can Students Avail Of Xfinity Student Discount?

Xfinity Student discount is offered for selected universities. They have mutually cooperated with the university to bring you this affordable internet plan. You can enter your credential to check whether the university is eligible.

However, Xfinity is only available in a few locations. Therefore, if you do not live where Xfinity cable and tv service is operated, the case user will be redirected to a different service provider. Xfinity will require you to put all your details for providing a custom plan. If you want, you can also get Comcast which you can always see in promotions. 

To fill out the application, you can click here. Note: you can be asked to provide the document for verification.

The Stipulations That Students Should Keep In Mind While Filling Out The Form:

Before you start to fill out the form, you might hope to check these norms that need to be accounted for. If you do not fill out the form correctly, you may be unable to avail of the benefits.

  • The Xfinity Student Discount is only available for IV-level and degree-granting colleges in the USA.
  • Make sure you spell out the full name of your college rather than using acronyms.
  • Students should currently be enrolled in the education program to get this offer.
  • The plan charges will depend on your location.
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Additional Benefits:

With Xfinity, students get a $100 prepaid Visa card, so they remain connected to the internet even during class. Plus, it offers 6-months of free unlimited music on Amazon Music. All these will come with a self-installation kit to install your internet setup at your convenience.

What Type of Documentation is Required For Xfinity Student Discount?

To get an Xfinity Student Discount, you must provide verification documents. The document you will submit will be compared with the information you provided in the form.

You can submit any school-issued document with your full name (first and last name), college name, and enrollment date. The last one is extremely important because if you are not currently a student, you can not avail of this offer.

Xfinity Plan and Price Range:

Xfinity has rolled out several student plans, each with a specific benefit and price range. Here, we share the best program that Xfinity offers only to the student.

1. Basic Plan:

In Xfinity’s basic plan for students, you get up to 200mbps internet speed for $39.99 monthly. You will get a self-installation kit and the supportability of 8 devices. This plan is the most affordable option for the student if they do not have heavy requirements for the internet.

2. Standard Plan:

With a standard plan, you will have an internet speed of up to 600mbps for $ 59.99 monthly. You can use ten to fifteen devices through this plan efficiently. Similarly to the basic plan, you are provided with an installation tool.

3. Premium Plan:

With the premium plan, students get the highest internet speed of 1000mbps for $ 69.99 monthly. You can use multiple devices with it, and all of them will work at the same speed. Plus, under it, you will get all the benefits of the standard and basic plans.

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Which Type of Services Does Xfinity Offer?

With Xfinity, you get TV, mobile phone, and internet services. Xfinity offers these services in a single bundle, but users prefer to get the bundle to save money.

How much does Xfinity installation charge?

Xfinity installation charges vary per location, but generally, it charges $100 for installation. However, Xfinity’s self-installation kit lets you set up your internet without hassle.

Does Xfinity have a first responder user discount?

No, Xfinity does not give discounts to first-time users. However, anybody can apply for Xfinity limited-time offers that provide exclusive deals for a limited time. If you are looking to change your plan or it’s switching to Xfinity, make sure to check it out.


Now you are entirely informed about Xfinity Student Discount. In this article, we have mentioned all the important aspects of the discount offered to the students. Xfinity offers it to provide students with the most affordable internet connectivity. It is a reliable and secure network. 

With this, students get blazing-fast internet connectivity and additional benefits by pairing the plan with another bundle. You can bundle your internet plan with a mobile and save 25 dollars on the program.

Moreover, if you are going to graduate soon, you can switch to a household plan with a similar discount. Xfinity is associated with the Affordable Connectivity Program, where users can get a $30 discount on the data plan. You can check the Xfinity plan on the official site.

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