Why Does Hulu Have Ads? – How to Skip?

In the digital streaming era, we’ve accustomed to online streaming sites for an uninterrupted streaming experience. As a result, we can expect to have ads interruption on sites like YouTube and free content streaming sites. It’s understandable because we aren’t paying for the services. 

But why does Hulu have ads? Can’t we have a “No ads package” for a seamless viewing experience? So let’s discuss here in detail to know why Hulu has ads and how you can enjoy ad-free services. 

Why Does Hulu Have Ads? – Does it have an Ad free plan?

By adding some sponsored ads load during streaming, the advertisers and sponsors can get revenue flow for the businesses. Also, with a modest advertisement, Hulu can provide a huge range of exclusive Tv shows, current seasons of Tv shows, movies, and the most entertaining Hulu original shows. All the stuff is available at competitive prices, so you can easily enjoy it with little ad interruption. 

When Will I See Ads When Watching Hulu? 

When you subscribe to any of the Hulu ad-supported plans, you’ll have some interruption of ads during movies and shows in the streaming library. These ads are shown throughout the video but generally during the beginning. However, the content from the add-ons premium sites like Cinemax, HBO, STARZ, etc., offer ad-free content with a brief promotional ad at the beginning. 

How Much Does Hulu Cost? 

Hulu offers the following plans and you can test out these plans by subscribing to free trial account.

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Hulu with Ads:

The ad-supported plan of Hulu will cost you around $6.99/month and $69.99/year. It gives you access to the ad-supported library content. 

Hulu No Ads:

The Hulu, no ads version is available for $12.99/month. So you can enjoy watching your Tv shows and other content without ad interruption. 

How To Skip Hulu Ads?

If you’re like me and feel annoyed with ads interruption, here’s how you can get rid of the ads on Hulu. 

  • Visit the official website of Hulu.com
  • Select the “Sign Up” for Hulu Only. 
Get Rid Of Ads On HULU
  • Now select the Hulu No Ads plan.
Select Hulu plan
  • Fill in all the details like email, password, name, birthday, and others. Once you fill in the details, click on continue. 
Fill your details to signup for hulu
  • Now, you can manage your account plan and make the payment. You can make the payment via credit card. Be sure to fill in all the details accurately. Complete the payment process and enjoy Hulu ad-free.

Are Hulu Ads Targeted? 

Numerous factors can affect the advertising content that you see on Hulu. The ads may be targeted according to your location, the content you watch, and shows you’ve watched previously. This is helpful to personalize the ads that are relevant to you. 

Moreover, a feature such as Ad Selector gives you viewing control over the ads. Some other actions are pausing videos; interacting with the Hulu ads is also helpful in creating a personalized ads experience. 

Why Does Hulu Have Ads Even for Paid Users? 

Hulu’s “No Ads” plan discloses that “Most of the movies and shows that were given in the Hulu streaming library are ad-free. However, due to some streaming rights, shows will play some ads before the beginning of the show and after each episode. 

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Can I Fast-Forward Through the Ads on Hulu? 

No, users are unable to fast forward the ads through ad breaks. However, if you’ve subscribed to the Hulu “No ad” plan, most of the shows and latest movies will be ad-free. Also, if you’re a live Tv subscriber, you can fast forward through ads on Hulu with the help of the Enhanced Cloud DVR add-on. Unfortunately, this facility is only available with Live Tv Subscriber. 


Is Hulu no-ads worth it? 

Most of the Tv shows and latest movies are ad-free on Hulu’s “No Ads” plan. So, it would be worth having if you want to enjoy an ad-free version. But some of the on-demand shows still show ads related to the content you stream. Hence, if you don’t want to make an extra payment and still receive some ads, then Hulu ad support will be an ideal option. 

Does AdBlock work on Hulu? 

Yes, AdBlock works on Hulu. In addition, it can be used as a plugin in chrome and allow you to block ads.

Is Hulu no ads the same as Hulu premium? 

If you subscribe to Hulu with no ads, you will have ad-free. However, with Hulu premium, you might have enough content like Hulu “No Ads” but may have ad interruption. 

How long are hulu ads?

Hulu ads depends on the length of the video you watch, the longer the length of your video the mode ads you get. For ex, if you want a video shorter than 20-22 minutess then you wont get any ads, but if its more than 22 minutes, then you may get ads for 15-30 seconds and if you are watching a video which is more than 1 hour, you will be seeing many shorter ads in regular intervals.

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So, now you know the complete details about “Why does Hulu have ads.” If you don’t want to have ads interrupted, subscribe to the Hulu premium ‘No Ads” plan and enjoy ad-free streaming. You may have some ads at the beginning with movies and on-demand shows,” but the rest of the shows are ad-free. 

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