WhatsApp Proxy Server – How to Configure, Setup & Use?

WhatsApp has launched its latest Android, iOS, and Windows update for proxy servers. With this feature, users can use WhatsApp without an internet connection or if there is any app usage disruption.

A WhatsApp proxy server can be helpful for users to use the services of the media platform even if it is banned or discontinued by the government. This feature makes it a beneficial update for users who find it difficult to use WhatsApp in regions with unstable internet connections.

Many countries like China, North Korea, and UAE have either discontinued the app or have allowed it with limited restrictions for users to use WhatsApp. However, this feature by WhatsApp will help users use its services in areas or countries that face issues like blockage of internet services and obstructing online services.

Let’s have a detailed understanding of how the WhatsApp proxy server benefits the users, how to use it without any internet service, or if the app is blocked in a region.

What is WhatsApp Proxy Server?

According to WhatsApp’s original blog post, a user can use the proxy servers set up by volunteers and organizations assisting people in connecting with their loved ones living anywhere globally to use services like instant messaging. However, the app is banned or filtered from the list of apps allowed in their country.

WhatsApp also assures that the proxy servers will allow the same level of data encryption and privacy of chats that the users can access when using the app with complete authority. The end-to-end encryption will be available for users using proxy connections where WhatsApp or Meta cannot access the chats between two users.

Creating a Proxy Server to Use WhatsApp:

Users in many countries cannot access WhatsApp or an internet connection to use the services. So, you can create your proxy server to have instant access to all the benefits of WhatsApp, allowing seamless communication, no disturbance in your chats, and, most importantly, a secured connection.

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Suppose you want to create a proxy server to help users facing problems and reconnect them with WhatsApp. In that case, you can set up a proxy server using the available port numbers like 80, 443, or 5222, along with a suitable host identifier or subdomain name that will take you directly to the host server’s IP address.

You must ensure sending these proxy addresses on a private communication platform for better secure connections so that users without access to WhatsApp services can connect to the messaging platform and enjoy its benefits.

How to Set up a Proxy Server for WhatsApp on Android and iOS?

how to use proxy server on whatsapp

1. Creating a Proxy Server for Android

A proxy server for Android comes with two settings which are either automatic or manual proxy settings. Let’s have a detailed understanding of the settings and how to set up a proxy server for your Android device.

  • Open your phone and tap on “Settings.”
  • Open the tab that says “Wifi and Connections.”
  • Connect to a Wifi connection that you can access and tap on the connected Wifi network for a while unless you see an option prompting “Modify Network.”
  •  Now click on “Show Advanced Options” and open the tab “Proxy.”

Manual Proxy Configuration:

  • Type your host identifier name after selecting the manual proxy settings option.
  • Provide any proxy server port number as mentioned above.
  • Add a website that you wish to use without proxy servers.
  • Now, check all the details entered and tap on “Save.”

Automatic Proxy Configuration:

  • Type your proxy server.PAC link.
  • Click on “Save.”

Thus, these are the settings you can use to create a proxy server on your Android device to use WhatsApp even if there is no internet connection.

2. Creating a Proxy Server for iPhone

The same is with the proxy setting on iOS as it is on Android with a slight change. When your iOS device does not find it necessary to use a proxy server when you set it to detect the server automatically, the device will not create a connection using the proxy server. However, to create a proxy server, you can use a proxy configuration script and enter it in the URL section.

  • Open “Settings” on your iOS device.
  • Tap on “Wifi.”
  • Please connect to the Wifi network you want to create a proxy with.
  • Please tap on the “i” icon beside the wifi name to configure it.
  • Now scroll down till you find an option that says “Configure Proxy.”
Creating a Whatsapp Proxy Server for iPhone
  • You can now select Manual or choose Automatic in the next window.
Whatsapp Proxy Configuration:

You have complete access to your device’s proxy settings, where you can create a proxy server manually or save a proxy server automatically. However, if you want an automatic proxy connection, you will require a . PAC file which you can get from your proxy service provider or the network administrator.

Manual Proxy Configuration:

Manual Proxy Configuration for Whatsapp
  • Create an IP address or server name by entering the details.
  • Enter the server port number.
  • If you see a prompt that says you need to turn on your authentication access from your service provider, you will have to do it as mentioned.
  • Input the required authentication credentials.

How to Get Free Proxy Servers For WhatsApp?

Here is a list of free proxy servers to connect to WhatsApp in regions without internet access. After enabling the proxy in WhatsApp, you need to copy the IP address from the below list and paste it at the specified place on WhatsApp.


Once you have copied any of the above IP addresses, you must ensure you have enabled the proxy setting in WhatsApp.

Setting Up Proxy Settings On WhatsApp

how to configure proxies on whatsapp
  • Open the WhatsApp messaging app and ensure you have the latest version installed to see the newest proxy upgrade.
  • From the chats section, click on the three dots in the right corner of the app and select “Settings” from the menu.
  • Click “Storage and Data” and scroll down to “Proxy.”
  • Tap on “Proxy” and enable the settings.
  • Now open the “Set Proxy” tab, paste any of the IPs as mentioned earlier addresses, and wait for the connection to be established.
  • Once the connection is made using a proxy server, you can use WhatsApp even though internet is unavailable.
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Key Takeaways:

WhatsApp has rolled out one of the best features for users who find it difficult to use its services and assists them in having smooth communication with their colleagues and family members if they live in areas with no internet connection or a blocked WhatsApp facility.

This article will help you with all the details you require on WhatsApp proxy servers and how you can use them to help others without access to this giant messaging app.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does WhatsApp allow proxy support?

WhatsApp has legally authorized proxy servers to provide its services to users worldwide. This feature will help users connect with their family and loved ones in regions without internet facilities. 

Is a proxy connection secure for WhatsApp?

Whatsapp has ensured that these proxy servers will establish the same level of security for its users using end-to-end data encryption as it does for those who use the app with full control.

What if the proxy servers don’t work?

It might be possible that some of the proxy servers don’t work on your WhatsApp. So, in that case, you can use the other mentioned IP addresses and the proxy servers for WhatsApp. You can also search for a free proxy addresses list if you cannot use any IPs mentioned earlier in the article.

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