How to Get Vidgo Free Trial in 2022?

Are you looking for the Vidgo free trial? Here’s what you need to know about getting the Vidgo Free trial. Vidgo is one of the best prepaid TV streaming services which offers various local and international channels to stream entertainment content. 

Vidgo streaming site is available in English and Spanish languages. If you’re interested in watching countless movies, sports, and other entertainment content, Vidgo is the best platform. Want to know if Vidgo channels offers a free trial or not? Here’s everything you need to know. 

What is Vidgo?

vidgo free trial

Vidgo is a popular prepaid streaming service that offers several local, national, and international channels. They also offer an exclusive selection of professional sports and college sports. There are more than 95 channels available on this Television streaming site. The channels are available in two languages such as English and Spanish. 

You can stream Vidgo on more than three different devices at once to enjoy watching movies together. In addition, Vidgo Champions is an excellent alternative to cable channels because users don’t need to sign contracts. 

How To Get Vidgo Free Trial?

Earlier, Vidgo 7 day free trial were offered to their subscribers to experience content streaming on various channels. In addition, there are three premium packages offered by Vidgo. You can choose any of these packages to enjoy streaming your favorite content. 

However, since these streaming services offer more than 95 Live Tv channels to watch endless movies, sports, news, and other stuff, this is worth your investment. 

Steps To Subscribe to Vidgo Account:

If you want to subscribe to Vidgo, here are the steps that you need to follow: 

  • Go to the official website 
  • There are three plans for ENGLISH PREMIUM, ENGLISH PLUS, and Spanish MAS package.
vidgo prices
  • Choose any of these packages to sign up and click on “Signup Now and fill in all the details such as name, email address, and phone number. Next, create a strong password and then proceed with billing payment.
vidgo channel packages
  • Now Fill in the Billing address information such as city, billing state, and billing zip. 
Vidgo Billing Address Information
  • After filling in the billing details, the next step is to make the payment. Use credit card details to make your payment. After submitting the details, click on “I Agree” and then click on submit. 
vidgo $10 a month

Vidgo Plans:

  • Vidgo currently offers three plans to their subscribers, which are as follows: 
vidgo plans
  • English Premium Package ($79.97/month):- 150+ live channels and on-demand movies with free DVR. 
  • English Plus Package ($59.95/month):- 110+ live channels and on-demand movies with live sports and news channels
  • Spanish MAS Package ($29.95/month):- 45+ live channels, on-demand movies, and entertainment channels. 
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Is Vidgo Worth It?

Many people ask this question Is vidgo any good? so let us answer it here. Vidgo is a streaming service that offers 150+ channels in the English language and offers lots of live channels, on-demand, and free DVR. Moreover, you get to watch live TV shows, movies, and local shows. 

In addition, you can choose different plans to enjoy live channels in two different languages such as English and Spanish. Since this offers an unlimited dose of entertainment, it is worth paying for Vidgo streaming services. 

Why Vidgo Discontinued Their Free Trial Subscription? 

After the launch of Vidgo, it offers a 7-days free trial to their subscribers. However, a free trial of Vidgo has been deactivated from 13th April 2022. So far, there are no specific reasons why Vidgo discontinued its free trial subscription. 

However, if you want to keep yourself entertained, choose any of the three premium packages and start watching your favorite entertainment content on this platform. 


Does Vidgo Have DVR?

Yes, Vidgo offers DVR and on-demand channels and movie content only with English Premium Package. So, you can enjoy unlimited entertainment content on these streaming services. 

 Is it Possible to Get More Than 1 Vidgo Free Trial?

 Unfortunately, the free trial has ended, so you cannot leverage even a single free trial. 

How Many Users Can Use Vidgo Simultaneously?

Three users can use Vidgo simultaneously.


Vidgo streaming service is a great source of entertainment as it offers you live sports, news, movies, and Tv shows. Since the free trial has ended, you can subscribe to Vidgo and choose any of the three premium plans. If you want to explore endless content, this streaming service is worth your investment. 

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