22 Most Powerful & Strongest DC Villains Ranked

DC Comics has better villains than Marvel Comics; some are even more powerful than DC’s Justice League. However, all the supervillains do not stay in the same manner as some turn superheroes or antiheroes in some comic book events. But many popular DC supervillains have missed out on our list because they do not have any superpowers.

Joker and most of the Batman villains are prime examples of that. DC came into existence in 1937 and has delivered some of the best comic book villains with actual motifs of being evil. Today we will put these Strongest DC villains together and explain how much power they possess and their influences in the comics.

22 Strongest DC Supervillains Ranked

List Of Strongest DC Supervillains Of All Time:

1. Darkseid True Form:

Darkseid True Form

Darkseid has always been not only the biggest threat to Earth but also to the DC Universe. On numerous occasions, Justice League tried its best to defeat him. Sometimes, they successfully do that, and sometimes they fail.

He is one of the strongest members of the DC’s New Gods and the ruler of Apokolips. The villain always keeps his planet in a warring stage against the home planet of his fellow New Gods, New Genesis. His brother and the leader of the New Gods, Highfather, reveals the secret of Darkseid to the readers. The usual grey-colored rocky skin appearance of Darkseid is not his usual look. 

Uxas, the alter ego of Darkseid, killed all the Old Gods to take revenge. However, he also absorbed all the powers of those deceased Gods, which made him too powerful to sustain a body. 

So, he decided to manifest himself as an avatar in each universe. Each of his avatars has only a fraction of his true form’s power. The comic books have yet to reveal the true look of the DCs, one of the strongest comic villains. But readers only saw that look in the Final Crisis storyline. To be more precise, Darkseid’s true form is a multiversal level of threat.

2. The Decreator:

The Decreator

During the creation, God said: ‘Let there be Light!’ This became the reason for creating a dark phenomenon called the Decreator. It is a pure force of annihilation with no consciousness. The Cult of the Unwritten Book worships this entity but has no ties with either good or evil. Only the members of the Doom Patrol were able to slow it by tricking this entity. However, the full extent of its power is still unknown to the readers.

3. Anti-Monitor:


As the strongest son of Perpetua, Anti Monitor is the counterpart of the Monitor and is as old as the DC universe itself. He is the ruler of the Anti-matter Universe in DC Comics. Anti-Monitor has limitless superpowers. This immortal DC supervillain was born from the collection of negative energy. His powers allow him to manipulate the entire Anti-matter Universe. This caused a major event in the comics, the Crisis on Infinite Earth.

There is a live-action version of the character as LaMonica Garrett played the role of this fictional cosmic supervillain in the Arrowverse.

4. Perpetua:


Perpetua is quite a recent supervillain who debuted in Justice League Volume 4 #8 in September 2018. But the full extent of her power is still unknown. However, she is the mastermind behind the Crisis on the Infinite Earths.

Talking about her stand in the DC Universe, she is the mother of three powerful cosmic characters in DC Comics. These three highly powerful beings are the World Forger, The Monitor, and the Anti-Monitor. She is from the race of the Super Celestials. As one of the most powerful and oldest entities, she is DC’s Multiverse level of threat who desires to kill the Judges of the Source by harnessing seven hidden forces to create a Multiverse as a weapon.

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5. Emperor Joker:

Emperor Joker

Emperor Joker was one of the strongest versions of the DC’s most famous supervillain. Joker was always been a threat to all the DC superheroes, even though the Clown Prince of Crime has no superhuman abilities.

Emperor Joker was heavily featured in “Superman: Arkham” and “The Reign Of Emperor Joker” arcs. In comics, Joker stole the reality-altering powers of Mister Mxyzptlk. He made an entire absurd world with these powers where everyone is stuck in a loop. In this twisted world, Joker tortures and kills his adversaries each day and brings them back to life over and over again.

6. Mister MXYZPTLK:

Mister MXYZPTLK Villain

Mister Mxyzptlk is a strange but funny supervillain who always loves to bother Superman. But he always does not act as a villain as he sometimes becomes an anti-hero in the comics. This little supervillain is one of the oldest characters in the DC comics and first appeared as a trickster deity in the Golden Age of Comics.

His comical look may fool the readers as he possesses the power to do anything he wishes as a dweller of the fifth dimension. This imp supervillain has been featured in almost every animated series of Superman.

7. Trigon:


Trigon is one of the most powerful demons in the DC universe. He appears most as a supervillain in Teen Titans and the Justice League Dark. He is also the notorious father of the core member of the Teen Titans, Raven. 

Trigon consumed the power of the Heart of Darkness, which made him an evil supreme being. However, he cannot manifest himself in the world as he is sealed within a crystal. He often manipulates his daughter to escape his chains to make the world his slave.

8. Parallax:


Parallax, the source of power behind the Yellow Lantern Power Battery, is one of the seven emotional entities in the DC universe. People find him more familiar as the creature appeared in the Green Lantern movie bizarrely.

This evil being is the DC comic book universe’s physical manifestation of fear. His source of power is the ‘Emotional Electromagnetic Spectrum.’ Moreover, Parallax is the arch-enemy of the Green Lantern Corps and the Guardians, and this evil cosmic being’s powers have led many legendary lanterns to insanity. Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner, and Sinestro are the notorious victims of his influence.

9. Nekron:


As the embodiment of death and darkness in the DC Universe, Nekron can take and restore life according to his wishes. Nekron is right now the leader and creator of the Black Lantern Corps, one of the strongest foes of the Green Lantern Corps.

This supervillain gets his powers by feeding on negative emotions like death. During the comic book events of Blackest Night, Nekron manifested an entire army of Zombies with Power Rings. Even the White Lanterns struggled to defeat this evil army, as nobody can kill death. Nekron’s limitless powers have no bound, and even the Guardians fear him.

10. Eclipso:


Eclipso has a long history with different origin stories introduced by different writers. In the old days, he was introduced as a small character with limited abilities. But this supervillain received a huge power-up in the 1992 Darkness Within miniseries. 

Eclipso was held responsible for history’s Great Flood as the Spirit of Vengence. This blaming saddened him a lot, and evil forces easily corrupted him. Soon, Heaven banished him and sealed him in a black diamond, aka the Heart of Darkness. Any reader can consider Eclipso as a cosmic-level threat.

11. Doomsday:


This twisted and invincible supervillain first appeared as a nameless being in comics. Doomsday directly connects to the distant past of Krypton before the Kryptonians gained dominance over the planet.

Doomsday’s ability to adapt his physical form to overcome or destroy any obstacle makes him an invincible character who cannot die. Each death makes him more powerful, and he is the one who killed Superman both in comics and in films. Another DC’s big supervillain, Darkseid, hates Doomsday for the creature’s immortal ability.

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12. Yuga Khan:

Yuga Khan

Yuga Khan is one of the most powerful and feared beings among the New Gods. He also ruled the Apokolips once and is the father of Uxas, aka Darkseid.

Yuga Khan was sealed and saw his son, Darkseid, immense growth and ascend the Apokolips throne. The full extent of his power is still not fully revealed yet. However, he has mentioned again in the “Darkseid War,” where he lent his powers to Shazam.

13. Atrocitus:


Atrocitus, who primarily appears as the Green Lantern villain, is one of the scariest supervillains in the DC universe. He is the leader of the fearsome Red Lantern Corps, whose Red power ring draws power from the emotion of rage.

The back story of Atrocitus is not just tragic but also pretty disturbing as well. He led the five-man terrorist group, the “Five Inversions,” and killed his other four members. With their blood, Atrocitus created the first Red Power ring. The rage of this supervillain can cause eternal chaos across the galaxies.

14. Reverse-Flash:


Eobard Thawne, aka Reverse-Flash, is one of the physically weakest supervillains on this list. However, his ability is so broken, which allows him to disrupt the timeline. His vast knowledge of speed force has led to different variants of him in the DCU.

Eobard Thawne was a brilliant scientist from the future and was a big admirer and fan of Barry Allen’s heroic achievement. So, he decided to travel to the past to meet his idol. However, he became corrupted by his selfish thoughts and turned Flash’s biggest arch nemesis, Reverse Flash to erase Barry from existence to become the one true Flash.

15. Larfleeze:


Larfleeze is the leader and the only one-man Orange Lantern Corps member. His too much greed has prevented him from sharing his powers. However, it has turned him into the biological power battery for the Orange light, as he is living over billions of years in the DC Universe.

This scenario has granted his orange ring limitless power, which does not need any recharge. Despite having so much potential, Larfleeze is harmless and prefers to stay isolated. However, he turns supervillain whenever his greed starts to control his desire. In the past, he often engaged in battles against multiple Lantern corps, Atrocitus, Krona, Volthoom, and even some of the DC Gods.

16. Black Adam:

Black Adam

Primarily, Black Adam is the arch-nemesis of Shazam, but he faced off against Superman on numerous occasions. Black Adam is one of the strongest anti-heroes in DC Comics.

The character first appeared as a supervillain in comics in 1945’s The Marvel Family #1. The character’s origin has recently changed into an anti-hero which has helped him become more popularized. 

Teth Adam became the original champion of the wizard, Shazam, and was granted the powers of the Egyptian gods. Sadly, his superpowers corrupted him and killed the Pharaoh to rule over Egypt. For misusing his enormous superpowers, Black Adam was imprisoned for 5000 years.

Black Adam has raw strength, like Superman, and magical abilities. Superman is vulnerable to magic, giving the Shazam villain an upper hand in many battles against the Kryptonian.

17. Brainiac:


Brainiac is appeared to be one of Superman’s oldest and most powerful enemies in DC Comics. To be honest, he is Galctus of DC Comics from Marvel Comics. However, his goals and philosophy are quite different.

This highly advanced being travels the multiverse to search for new advanced civilizations. With his advanced technology, Brainiac shrinks and abducts these worlds and adds them to his vast collection of captured worlds.

He is the man who is responsible for the destruction of countless cultures and the deaths of many planets with intelligent life. Brainiac possesses a twelfth-level intellect and hyper-advanced technology and has become techno-organic.

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18. Ares:


Ares is the Greek god of war and has appeared in Marvel and DC Comics. He primarily appears as the primary antagonist to Wonder Woman and Amazonians.

Ares has immense power and is one of the Twelve Olympian Gods and the son of Zeus and Hera. However, he is not entirely a supervillain, as he often appears as an anti-hero. As the God of War, he is a master of military strategy and has almost infinite knowledge of military strategy and war tactics.

19. The Crime Syndicate Of America:

The Crime Syndicate of America

The Crime Syndicate is a team like Justice League from an alternate universe. However, they are a team of supervillains with five core members Ultraman, Owlman, Superwoman, Johnny Quick, and Power Ring. These five are just the evil counterparts with almost the same abilities as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Green Lantern.

The Crime Syndicate was first introduced in the Silver Age of comics. But they have always created problems for the Justice League whenever they came to Earth. Unlike earth, the supervillain group, Crime Syndicate, rules Earth-Three, and doing villainous work makes them heroes in this alternate world. This aspect makes the Crime Syndicate a dangerous group as they always think they are doing the right thing by doing evil activities.

20. Mongul The Elder:

Mongul the Elder

In Modern Age Comics, Mongul becomes the ruler of Warworld and finds entertainment in the battle games among the gladiators. Lord Mongul is one of the superman villains. But he is not that much powerful as he sounds or looks. However, his brutal nature, cruelty, and absolute ruthlessness make him one of the most fearsome foes to the DC superheroes.

21. Krona:


Krona is Guardian who turned mad after getting betrayed by his fellow Guardians. His curiosity about the universe’s origin has also led him to insanity. Krona was the one who manipulated the Manhunters to slaughter everyone from Space Sector 666.

22. Amazo:


This supervillain is an evil creation of Professor Ivo, who labeled him as the world’s first official android. Amazo was created to serve the purpose of his creator, to defeat the Justice League of America.

Amazo’s “absorption cell” technology allows him to replicate the superpowers of any metahuman he faces. This aspect makes him one of the strongest supervillains in the DCU. However, his origin story has come through many changes over the years.

He is also far more intelligent than the other Guardians, and his creating technology is later used to harness the Green Light of Willpower for the Green Lantern Corps.


In this article, we have ranked the 22 strongest and most powerful DC villains based on their abilities and impact on the DC Universe. Superheroes we all love; are nothing if these dark, twisted, and powerful supervillains did not exist.

So far, we can tell that DC Films have not used their supervillains properly, as supervillains with actual motifs are their real strength to work on their upcoming films. We hope you have enjoyed our list as a comic book reader or a fan of superhero films.

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