Avengers Movies in Order: The Complete List To Watch

All the Marvel Avengers Movies in Order

Marvel Cinematic Universe has built the most successful movie franchise, which is hard to challenge for now. Nowadays, an Avengers film is a sure success from critical and commercial perspectives. The first 2012 Avengers film did business of more than $1.5 billion. The next Avengers film reached almost the same number in 2015. However, Avengers: … Read more

22 Most Powerful & Strongest DC Villains Ranked

22 Strongest DC Supervillains Ranked

DC Comics has better villains than Marvel Comics; some are even more powerful than DC’s Justice League. However, all the supervillains do not stay in the same manner as some turn superheroes or antiheroes in some comic book events. But many popular DC supervillains have missed out on our list because they do not have … Read more

How To Watch Spider-Man Movies In Order?

From the beginning, Spider-Man has built a massively successful franchise that studios always want to replicate repeatedly. After introducing almost 3 kinds of Spider-Man, it has become difficult for the viewers to watch the spider man movies in order. There are 3 different franchises with 3 different actors playing the role of Spider-Man. The first … Read more

14 Strongest DC Characters: Based on Their Superpowers

14 Strongest DC Characters Based on Their Superpowers

DC Comics started its journey with the World’s First Superhero, Superman, and they have grown since that day by introducing more powerful superheroes to its fans. Over the years, DC has introduced iconic superheroes like Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Shazam, Aqua Man, and many others. Our list did not feature some powerful characters … Read more

Marvel Movies List – Watch MCU in Chronological Order

Marvel movies in order

No one expected Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man film of 2008 was going to build up the most successful Cinematic Universe. However, the first film’s massive hit and the love from the audiences have made the MCU reach the 40 films mark under the same studio by the beginning of 2023. Right now, Phase IV … Read more

Top 17 Strongest Marvel Villains Ranked

Strongest Supervillains From Marvel Comics

Marvel comics have some of the best supervillains under their belt, but they often fail to present themselves fearsomely in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They lack motifs, and heroes defeat them easily in each film. However, Marvel Comics has the strongest supervillains who are multiverse-level threats. The MCU has not touched those characters, but today … Read more

All Upcoming DC Movies (2023 & Beyond) – Complete List

DC Universe had a rough 2022, but they have a lot of movies to deliver this year. Though the future of most DC films is in jeopardy, DC has some big films in the pipeline, which includes some big-budget films. DCU’s Current Scenario: After Walter Hamada left the DC Flims’ head role, James Gunn and … Read more

15 Most Powerful Marvel Characters Of All Time

Most Powerful Characters From The Marvel Comics Ranked

Unlike DC Comics, Marvel has a hierarchy system with characters acting on their responsibilities. However, some do not belong to this system, as they are way more powerful than these characters, and sometimes, they come out from the Marvel Comic book Universe. Once upon a time, Thanos became the strongest being in the Marvel Universe … Read more

Demon Slayer Season 3 Release Date Revealed

Demon Slayer Season 3 Release Date

The long wait is over for the Demon Slayer fans, as the anime returns for another season this year with more action and more demons. After covering the Mugen Train arc and the Entertainment District arc previously, the Demon slayer season 3 release date has been revealed by the anime’s official website. This season may … Read more