Spotify Shuffle Plays Same Songs? Here’s How to Fix

Spotify is one of the best music streaming services around the globe. Even with so many competitors, the platform has never disappointed its users. This service has something for everyone, from high-quality music to millions of songs and podcasts.

However, recently many users have complained that their ‘Spotify shuffle plays the same songs.’ If you’re a frequent user of Spotify’s shuffle feature, you might have noticed that sometimes it plays the same songs repeatedly, leaving you perplexed if you want to listen to more new songs.

This can be frustrating if you have a vast music library only to listen to the same few tracks repeatedly. If you face the same issue, you are at the right place.

In this article, we’ll explain why Spotify Shuffle Plays the Same Songs and how to fix it.

Why Does Spotify Shuffle Plays The Same Songs?

Spotify playlist

To know why Spotify’s shuffle may seem repetitive, it is essential to understand how the shuffle algorithm functions. Instead of randomly selecting songs, the algorithm balances true randomness and creates a seamless listening experience. While the shuffle is not entirely random, it is designed to avoid abrupt transitions and keep similar tracks from playing back-to-back.

One significant factor contributing to the perception of repetitive shuffling is human cognition. Our brains are systemized to detect patterns, even in what should be a random sequence. As a result, repeated tracks in a shuffled playlist trigger a sense of familiarity that may lead us to believe the algorithm is flawed and songs are repeated.

Spotify has not disclosed the intricate details of its shuffle algorithm, but it is believed to consider various factors when selecting songs. These include the user’s listening history, favourite tracks, recently played songs,s and playlists. 

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Another crucial aspect to consider is user behaviour. Many listeners have their favourite songs or artists. It’s not uncommon for them to repeatedly play certain songs. If these users then activate the shuffle mode, the algorithm may prioritize the frequently played songs, causing the perceived repetition.

Is Spotify Shuffle Truly Random?

Spotify’s Shuffle feature selects songs on a playlist based on various factors. It prioritizes the tracks that Spotify believes you enjoy the most, ensuring they play first and repeat more often. The aim is to give listeners the best experience when using the app.

While using Spotify playlists in Shuffle mode, the songs you “preferentially” like will be given priority. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean other songs won’t appear; they will be much less frequently than the handful of songs you often hear.

Spotify shuffle playing the same song

So, while Spotify Shuffle does tend to repeat a few songs frequently, it still allows other tracks to be played occasionally, just far less often than your “favorites.”

So, it is incorrect to say that Spotify plays the same songs repeatedly. Its algorithm is such that it plays the songs that you listen to the most. So, you think that the shuffle is playing the same songs. However, it is just playing the songs you listen to the most.

How To Fix ‘Spotify Shuffle Plays Same Songs’ Issue?


As mentioned above, you can’t truly randomize your Spotify playlist. Shuffle mode works the way it does, and you can’t tweak it. However, there are certain things that you can do to make the shuffle better.

1. Turn Off Automix:

If you are tired of hearing the same songs repeatedly, even after Spotify shuffle, try turning off the Spotify Automix option. Automix is an AI-powered functionality on Spotify designed to automatically create smooth transitions between tracks by skipping intros and outros.

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Interestingly, when you disable Automix, you may experience a genuinely random shuffle on Spotify. In one such instance, a user reported receiving a random playlist from their extensive collection of 2,000 songs after turning off the Automix feature.

According to Spotify, Automix tries to play songs that share similarities. However, deactivating this feature opens the door to a more random sequence of songs. Here’s how to turn off the Spotify Automix feature.

  • On your device, open the Spotify app.
  • Go to Home > Settings.
  • Then head on to Playback > Automix.
Spotify shuffle playing the same song

Disable the feature. Restart the app and check if you are getting a more diverse song selection.

2. Diversify Playlist:

Expand your playlists with a broader selection of songs to reduce the likelihood of repetition. Also, when you listen to songs, avoid repeatedly listening to the same set of songs. This creates an image in the algorithm that you only listen to this set of songs, and it will play only those songs. If you want your shuffle to play more diverse songs from your playlist, listen to a different set of songs.

3. Regularly Update The Library:

Keep adding new songs to your library to increase the pool of tracks available for shuffling. When you regularly update your music library with different songs, the algorithm grasp and plays more diverse songs. The point is shuffle is based on the algorithm, and the algorithm is based on your music history. It will play the song you play the most, and it will not play the song you rarely listen to.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some questions in case you have any doubts regarding the topic.

What is Spotify Smart Shuffle?

It is the normal shuffle that is included in the app. It has been named smart even though it is not that smart. The shuffle works on your music history and doesn’t always play true random songs.

How to stop Spotify from playing the same songs on shuffle?

As mentioned above, Shuffle mode works how it does, and you can’t tweak it. It is based on the algorithm; you can do almost nothing about it other than manually changing songs.


Sometimes all you want is to listen to random songs in your playlist. This may come after repeatedly listening to many of the same songs. So, you try to turn on the shuffle and notice that it also plays the same songs you are bored with.

So, do you think there’s some issue with the shuffle feature? Let me tell you, it is not like that. Shuffle works on an algorithm, and the algorithm is based on your listening habits. So, what you play the most eventually comes back to you even after hitting that shuffle button.

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