Top 10 Most Liked Videos On Tiktok

TikTok is an online platform that gives the reason for engagement with people through short videos. It is available around the globe in over 150 countries and will have more than 1.53 billion Titk Tok users in 2023. It has been downloaded more than 210 million times in the U.S. alone.

Considering such massive popularity, the videos perform well and bring many likes and shares for the content creators. It exists with the main objective of providing one piece of content that is short and crisp.

Most Liked Videos On TikTok

Top 10 Most Liked Videos On Tiktok:

The craze of creating TikTok videos has gone beyond the four realms of walls. Considering the hype they are associated with, a sea of videos are uploaded daily. Many of them get popular, yet only a few manage to be on the top 10 most liked videos on Tiktok. Let’s take a look at the list:-

1. ‘M to the B’ By Bella Poarch, 60 Million Likes:

What’s the most obvious trait that sets you apart from the crowd? Well, it is “Being Different,” whether the most happening dresser in the fashion show bags the first position or a content creator gets the maximum views on Tiktok video through her viral trending song.

I am talking about Bella Poarch, whose song M to B is the most-liked video on TikTok, getting over 60 million likes. She bopped her head to Millie B’s ‘M to the B,’ and her flawless accent in British English made her countrymen proud as she also gave a sneak peek about her cultural heritage.

2. Lip Synching By Nick Luciano, 40.5 Million Likes:

TikTok is abundant with unique videos but only a few deserve to be in the top 10 most-liked videos. Do you know why? The craze, insanity, creativity, and patience all combine to give a deserving position. Quite like the lip-synching video where Nick Luciano’s performance gave him unexpected popularity like no other.

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And no it’s not a green screen. 😂 run it up! #nickluciano #sugarcrush

♬ SugarCrash! – ElyOtto

3. Franek Bielak’s Drawing, 47.4 million Likes:

What’s the most obvious benefit of Tiktok? Well, youth can create short one-piece videos. Rightly so, as the top 10 most liked videos on TikTok are proof of the same, which are abuzz with talent and creativity. Continuing with the same is a 16 years old artist, namely, Franek Bielak’s artwork is liked due to its uniqueness.

4. Bark At Your Dog By Adrian Chateau, 40.6 Million Likes:

Dog owners are known for their selfless love for their four-legged creatures considering their close association with each other. Who knew that a lighter moment would create a rage and be included among the top 10 most-liked videos on TikTok?

Yes, that’s exactly what happened when Adrain sitting idle in the company of her dog, decided to imitate a barking dog, and the canine friend’s reaction came. Taken aback at how someone so close could do to him, bewildered with eyes wide open, he seems to say, “Never do it again” In short, the video has cuteness at its best.


bruh this shit has me WHEEZING #fyp

♬ original sound – Savyy

5. First Ever Tiktok Video By Billie Eilish, 36.1 Million Likes:

Have you ever been told, “You are lucky” because you made the competition right on the first attempt? Well, it may have happened to many of us. Similarly, Billie Eilish has equal reasons to feel ecstatic because her first-ever viral video has made it into one of the 10 most-liked videos on TikTok. Yes, right after joining one of the popular social media platforms Tiktok, her video got enough love and appreciation from fans across the globe while generating 36.1 million likes.

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6. Khabane Lame Peeling A Banana, 35.8 Million Likes:

When confidence and creativity, matched with oozing motivation, become the norm, then it results in the birth of Khabane Lame. Despite losing his job due to Covid, he started using Tiktok by creating dancing and comedy-related clips. Later, he realized the mushrooming of ‘life-hacks’ related videos that have flooded online. Hence, his videos mocked them, and without saying a word, his bodily reaction of  “shrug” and “exasperation” immediately developed a connection with the fans.


Easy peasy lemon squeezy… obrigado! 🤣 #learnfromkhaby #learnontiktok @TikTok @tiktok creators

♬ Take Me to Hell – Chloe Adams

7. British Promise Cats, 35.1 Million Likes:

Cats are cute; they are one of the most friendly creatures that inhabit the earth. They bring a sense of excitement and a reason to love them back for little naughty actions or mischiefs they do at home.

Adding on the same is the video depicting their timid nature where the cat is engrossed in something.

He is searching through the tube with his paw and head, and that’s the nature that all the cat owners of the world will relate to. Yes, that’s how cats play and pass the time; the sight is wow.

8. Baby Demi Rose, 33.3 Million Likes:

A baby can lessen your worries and exhaustion. You feel light and fresh from within as another one of the 10 most liked videos on TikTok is benign proof of the same. Baby gives adorable reactions, which make the video popular.

Gaining over 33.3 million likes, the video showcases the in-depth fascination of elders in the family and friends to ‘busy’ themselves with them and, in return, get surprising facial reactions. The timing of the video would have made her second birthday even more precious and coveted since it was posted just before her “Big-Day.”

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I’m sorry your boyfriend is looking…

♬ original sound – Demi Rose

9. Nasty Naz Feeding Video Of A Hungry Man, 26.1 Million Likes:

What else can be a more graceful video that goes viral depicting the humility of the kind-hearted Nasty Naz? He explains why a homeless man smiles while offering food and water. The man is pleased with his gesture as he has the heart and mind to care for the downtrodden.

It is how the audience gleefully accepts the importance of helping people as it directly connects with their emotions. Since the situation is indeed somewhat tough after Covid, one needs to be caring too. It rightly deserves a place among the top 10 most-liked videos on TikTok.


😞 He Was Watching Him Eat , While He Was Hungry 🥺! So I Invited Him In And Gave Him Food 🙏❤️ He Was HAPPY 😍 #foryou #give #homeless @itsavage

♬ Falling – Trevor Daniel

10. Look Through Your Window By Khabane Lame, 24 Million Likes:

Khabane Lame has another reaction to a video that has gone viral and counted among the top 10 most-liked videos on TikTok. Yes, he reacted to how people indulge in unnecessary showoffs and expenses by erecting a rearview mirror to look after the passengers sitting at the back. He has the solution where they can easily look through the window”. Yes, that’s the reaction of Tiktoker, who has created a big chunk of popularity thanks to being unique and different.


TikTok has revolutionized the basic characteristic of videos. It has transformed from an age where it was limited to dancing or lip-syncing-related videos. Initially, the future looked gloomy as it was considered an app that was to disappear quite soon.

However, it all seemed like a blink of an eye, as the phase from “No” to “Yes” has seen a pleasant transformation. Now, it attracts a billion users, creating a new level of standard that is hard to be missed or overlook.

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