Top 10 Largest Cities In The World by Population 2024

Urban explorers, welcome aboard! Are you ready for a journey through some of the Largest Cities in the World? We’re talking about enormous concrete jungles that require a compass merely to navigate! Millions of people live in these cities, also home to tall skyscrapers and many activities.

In this article, we will be taking a closer look at some of the planet’s largest and most exciting cities. From Tokyo’s neon-lit streets to Osaka’s bustling markets, we will explore what makes these urban centres so special. So, put on your virtual walking shoes, and let us dive in!

Top 10 Largest Cities In The World:

Go along with us on an excursion as we investigate these metropolitan monsters’ sights, sounds, and accounts and find what makes them remarkable. So, grab your passport, put on some walking shoes, and explore the fascinating world of the world’s largest cities!

1. Tokyo, Japan:

tokyo japan

Japan’s capital, Tokyo, is an impressive blend of the country’s rich history with cutting-edge wonders. This city offers a sensory explosion, from the imposing Tokyo Tower piercing the sky to the brilliant lights of Shibuya Crossing. Experience the crowded streets, colorful marketplaces, and mouthwatering cuisine firsthand in Tokyo.

Tokyo is the epitome of metropolitan life, with over 38 million people living within the city’s limits. It has a stunning skyline with skyscrapers, a well-known transportation network that sweeps visitors away quickly, and communities that provide distinctive experiences at every corner.

2. Delhi, India:

delhi india

India’s capital, Delhi, is a bustling city combining classic beauty and contemporary wonders. It is one of the biggest cities in the world, home to over 29 million people and an amalgamation of various cultures, languages, and traditions.

The towering forts, huge palaces, and intricate temples that dot the terrains are proof of the city’s long history and the presence of earlier civilizations. Delhi is more than just history and tradition, though. It is a metropolis that is always changing, with lively markets, progressive shopping centres, and an exciting nightlife that rivals any city worldwide.

Delhi is a city that will leave a lasting impact on everybody who visits because of its rich past, cultural splendour, and modern-day magnificence. So visit and experience the life and charm of this extraordinary city!

3. Shanghai, China:

shanghai china

Shanghai—the city that never sleeps! Shanghai is one of the biggest and busiest cities in the world, with a population of over 26 million. This city has a splendour that is both breathtaking and refreshing, with everything from towering buildings to vast malls.

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Shanghai is the place to visit if you appreciate and enjoy contemporary architecture! A strong arts and music culture that features conventional and modern forms of expression makes the city an epicentre of culture.

There’s always something going on in Shanghai, from opera to rock concerts. Don’t forget about the cuisine either! Food in Shanghai is a feast for the senses, offering a delectable fusion of local flavours and global influences. You can find anything here, whether you want a dim sum, dumplings, or hot pot. Just name it!

Shanghai is a city that will awe you with its immensity, magnificence, and dynamic energy, whether you’re exploring the meandering passageways, shopping, or dancing the night away in one of the city’s popular nightclubs.

4. Sao Paulo, Brazil:

sao paulo brazil

The throbbing heart of Brazil is São Paulo! This metropolis, which has over 21 million people, is a thriving fusion of customs, languages, and cultures. São Paulo is a city that awakens the senses, from the vibrant street art surrounding the walls to the mouthwatering aromas of sizzling barbecued foods.

The cuisine of Sao Paulo is as varied as the city itself, making it a food lover’s heaven. But Sao Paulo is more than simply decadent indulgences. With a flourishing startup and technology culture that is changing the future, the city is also a centre of innovation and advancement.

Dense forests and mountains surround Sao Paulo, offering multiple possibilities for outdoor adventures. Anyone who visits the city of Sao Paulo will be inspired and excited by the city’s dynamic energy, rich cultural legacy, and forward-thinking outlook.

5. Mexico City, Mexico:

mexico city mexico

Mexico City is a city that, in every way, represents the spirit and heart of Mexico. This busy metropolis, home to nearly 21 million people, is a centre of thriving tradition, history, and culture. The city awakens the senses and makes a lasting impression on visitors’ emotions.

The city is home to some of the most stunning architectural marvels in the entire world. But the people of Mexico City are what truly makes it unique. The citizens of Mexico City embody the city’s very essence and make it a place that seems like home by being kind, friendly, and always ready to greet guests with open arms.

6. Dhaka, Bangladesh:

dhaka bangaldesh

Dhaka is a city of vibrant mayhem! Dhaka is a lively city in Bangladesh with over 20 million people. It never ceases to amaze and astonish. This city is a visual and auditory whirlwind. Dhaka welcomes you with an explosion of colour and vigour as soon as you arrive. Perhaps the most appealing feature of Dhaka is its cuisine! Ranging from the delectable biryani to the fiery curries and tasty appetizers.

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The markets of Dhaka are an absolute gold mine of souvenirs, handicrafts, and fabrics. You won’t find Dhaka’s textiles anywhere else, from the vibrant saris to the skillfully stitched Kanthas. When you visit Dhaka, you’ll be mesmerized by its energetic chaos and never-ending surprises.

7. Cairo, Egypt:

cairo egypt

Cairo is one of the busiest and most exciting cities in the world, home to more than 20 million people. It is a city with a dynamic, contagious spirit rich in history and culture. Cairo is a city of contrasts where revolutionary wonders coexist peacefully with centuries-old traditions.

Cairo’s magnificent architecture is what, however, truly sets it apart. The glories of Cairo’s architecture are just astounding. Cairo is also a culturally vibrant metropolis, showcasing traditional and modern forms of expression in its strong music and dance scenes. Cairo is a place that will undoubtedly leave you with lifelong memories!

8. Mumbai, India:

mumbai india

Mumbai, commonly called Bombay, is India’s thriving financial centre. It is one of the biggest and liveliest cities in the entire world, with a population of over 20 million. The city is a centre for trade and business. Mumbai provides a distinctive fusion of modernity and tradition.

The city has a flourishing arts and music community that promotes domestic and foreign forms of expression and a rich cultural past. In Mumbai, something is constantly transpiring. Mumbai is known for its spirit and resilience despite its many difficulties.

In a nutshell, Mumbai is a city that offers a special fusion of heritage, modernity, and variety. For everyone who wishes to experience the pulse of India, it is a must-visit location because of its vivacious energy, rich culture, and mouthwatering cuisine.

9. Beijing, China

Beijing China

China’s capital city, Beijing, is a place that radiates a wonderful fusion of ancient and contemporary wonders. It is one of the biggest cities in the world, home to nearly 20 million people. The beautiful palaces, temples, and other landmarks dot the landscape are evidence of the city’s long history.

Beijing, though, is more than just its past. A vibrant arts and culture scene, world-class museums, and bustling markets characterize this city, which is always changing. The city’s unique cuisine will tempt your taste buds with its amazing flavours and spices if you’re a foodie.

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However, the friendliness and hospitality of Beijing’s citizens may be their most notable quality. The city’s inhabitants have a reputation for being welcoming and eager to share their love of the place with visitors.

Beijing will therefore capture your heart and make an enduring impression on your soul whether you’re touring the historic hutongs, admiring the top-notch museums, or simply enjoying the city’s delicacies.

10. Osaka, Japan

osaka japan

The third-largest city in Japan, Osaka, is a lively City with a unique blend of traditional culture and contemporary splendour. Osaka, which has a population of over 19 million, is a commercial, cultural, and culinary centre that welcomes tourists worldwide.

Along with a mouthwatering variety of regional specialities that span from savoury street food to high-end dining experiences, Osaka is renowned for its booming culinary culture.

Whether you’re in the mood for flavorful ramen, steaming takoyaki, or crisp, fresh sushi, every tourist to Osaka will have a special and remarkable experience, whether they want to explore the city’s historical attractions, indulge in its delectable cuisine, or immerse themselves in its contemporary vibe.


Well, there you have it, folks, the top 10 largest cities in the world by population! These cities, which range from the frantic energy of Tokyo to the majestic antiquity of Cairo, are examples of human invention and the strength of the human connection.

These cities offer various cultural activities that will astonish you, so it’s not just about size. Each city offers a distinct and life-changing experience, whether you see the historical sites in Delhi, indulging in the street food in Mumbai, or admiring the contemporary cityscape in Shanghai.

Who knows what adventures lie in store for you in these urban jungles, but they will surely be exciting!

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