How to Stream Netflix on Discord – 2023 (Latest Methods)

Netflix is a subscription-based streaming service and is also a production company. Due to its great shows and amazing content, Netflix has recently become one of the top OTT (Over the Top) platforms.

On the other hand, Discord is a social media where shows from other platforms can be live-streamed and binged watch with family, friends, etc.

As both Netflix and Discord are ruling the internet, many people have doubts about “How to Stream Netflix on Discord” and are not able to stream properly on Discord. Thus, the next time you encounter the question, go through this article to clarify your doubts.

What are the Advantages of Streaming Netflix on Discord?

There are a few advantages of watching Netflix with friends on discord, those are listed below and unknown by many new Netflix users.

how to stream netflix on discord without black screen

The Advantages of Streaming Netflix on Discord are:

1. Virtual Party:

It becomes easier for you to organize a content streaming party on Netflix with your friends or mates in Discord. If any of your cousins or friend are interested in the same show, you can watch the show together, which is a great opportunity.

2. Online Supremacy:

As the mode is online, it’s not a problem. Even if your friends stay very far or are from a different country, you can watch a movie on Discord or binge-watch Netflix originals very easily.

3. Voice Chat

Discord provides a super-quality voice chat feature, which is very helpful. You can use the voice chat option to communicate with your friends while watching your favorite Netflix show.

Voice setting on discord while streaming netflix

High-Quality Server:

If your friends use a different server, it’s not a problem, as Discord provides a huge server network worldwide. Thus, there are no buffer or lag issues, even for Netflix shows.

Less Data Usage:

Discord doesn’t consume much data while you are binge-watching a show on Netflix. Thus it would be best not to worry about your internet consumption.

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Greater Viewership:

Discord allows you to add up to 50 viewers for live streaming or screen sharing. As a result, you can even add all your classmates while watching content on Netflix.

Cross Platform:

Discord can be accessed through a PC as well as from a mobile phone. Hence, you can watch your Netflix show from any device you want.

How do you Stream Netflix on Discord without a Black Screen?

Follow the given steps to stream without a black screen:

Step 1: You must open the Netflix website through your web browser. Note that you must have a compatible browser and a non-fluctuating internet connection.

how to watch netflix on discord

Step 2: You must open the Discord application and connect it to a server.

Step 3: Go down the page and choose the “Settings” options. Open the Activity session option, which you will get in settings.

Discord and netflix streaming settings

Step 4: Next, choose “Add it” while selecting a browser having the Netflix website open. After that, tap on “Add game”.

discord screen share netflix black screen

Step 5: Get back from the “Settings” menu and scroll down. Select the “screen icon” located at the lower left corner of the screen.

netflix black screen discord

Step 6: A “Screen Share” window will appear, and you must choose the browser with Netflix open.

Step 7: You need to set the frame rate and streaming resolution and select “Go Live” to start streaming your show.

Why is My Screen Black While Streaming Netflix on Discord?

Many people face the problem of having a black screen whenever they try to stream their favorite show on Netflix on Discord. It mainly occurs due to hardware acceleration. Most browsers have hardware acceleration enabled, due to which the black screen problem is very common. 

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How to Fix Netflix Black Screen on Discord?

If you want to fix the black screen issue, turn off the hardware acceleration of your website. As a result, the hardware acceleration will be disabled, and you can watch the Netflix show on Discord without any hindrance.

How To Screen Share Netflix On Discord?

You can screen share Netflix on Discord by these steps:

Step 1: Open your Discord from any web browser and log in to your Discord account through username and password.

Step 2: Now input a voice channel on a server according to your choice.

Step 3: Open another tab and open Netflix on that tab. Now, log in to your Netflix account on that tab.

can you screen share netflix on discord

Step 4: Select the “Screen” button in Discord to start sharing your screen.

Step 5: You need to check whether the Share tab audio is checked.

streaming netflix on discord

Step 6: You must choose Netflix from the opened tabs and tap on the “Share” option.

Step 7: If Discord shows “Live,” then the screen sharing is done.

How To Stream Netflix On Discord Mobile? 

If you want to stream Netflix on Discord through mobile, follow these:

Step 1: Open the Discord website through your web browser. Open it through desktop mode.

Step 2: Go to the settings menu and search the Game Activity section. 

Step 3: You will find a drop-down menu that will show all the active programs on your phone. Thus, select a movie player or internet browser from there.

Step 4: After selecting, you will see a Go Live option to stream Netflix on Discord. Click on it and enjoy your show with friends.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to stream Netflix on Discord with sound?
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Follow the basic steps to stream Netflix on Discord. But, if you are not getting sound, then enable administrative access of your computer to Discord. You can also reset the voice settings of Discord if your streaming is occurring without sound.

Is it legal to stream Netflix on Discord?

It is illegal to stream any Netflix show or movie on Discord. If you share the content with someone else, you may get into trouble due to copyright infringement.

Can I Stream Netflix from my Mobile Discord App?

The Discord mobile app has no option to stream Netflix shows on it. To do it, you must access Discord through its desktop version on your phone.

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Watching Netflix with friends and family is very popular stuff nowadays. People enjoy Netflix shows, while Discord has become one of the main social media platforms due to its vast features.

Thus the answer to your question “How To Stream Netflix on Discord?” is already answered in this article. So the next time, watch an interesting show with your friends from the comfort of your house.

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