GPT-4 Playground: What Is It and Does It Work?

ChatGPT is a hot cake right now, and everyone is surprised to see the ability of this artificial intelligence technology since it was launched in November last year. The reason is pretty simple, it easily answers your questions, and you can converse with the chatbot until you find the right answer.

OpenAI, the company behind the amazing product of ChatGPT, launched GPT 4 Playground with many improvements from the previous model, and now, it has more capabilities than ever before.

GPT 4 Playgrounds

What Is GPT 4 Playground?

GPT 4 is a new model launched by OpenAI that can now process texts, images, and other things impossible earlier in GPT 3 or GPT 3.5.

OpenAI has also launched a new feature called “Playground” where you can summarize any blog posts. Still, it is only available for ChatGPT plus subscribers and developers with API access.

Let’s talk about this in detail so you can understand it clearly.

ChatGPT Vs GPT 4: A Quick Comparison

Recently I have talked about the major differences between ChatGPT and the newly launched GPT 4, but here I want to quickly compare the two points that might give you some ideas about the capabilities of GPT 4.

  1. The GPT 4 can now process the images and tell you exactly what objects are in the specific image. Just upload the image you want to get information on and ask the chatbot to describe it. Previously, you could only ask questions in the form of text, but that changes with the launch of GPT now.
  2. The GPT 4 has a longer memory now and you can have a conversation up to 32,000 words now. With ChatGPT, you can have a conversation with the chatbot for up to 8000 words, and after that, you have to leave the conversation whether you like it or not.
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With a new limit of 32,000 words, you can have a long conversation with the chatbot without worrying about the limit. I think this limit is more than sufficient to find most of the answers.

Right now, Bing has integrated the latest version of GPT into the search results to give you accurate and up to to date results.

To know more about the differences between these two AI models, you can read my previous post on GPT-4 vs. ChatGPT where I shared more details.

How To Get Access To GPT 4 Playground?

To access the GPT 4 Playground, you have to:

  • Open the waitlist page on GPT 4.
GPT 4 API waitlist
  • Enter your complete details.
  • Finally, click on “Join waitlist” and you are done.
join waitlist api gpt 4
  • Without joining the waitlist, you won’t be able to access the GPT4 Playground for now but things may change in the coming days.
  • On the waitlist page, you’ll be asked how you are planning to use GPT4 and you have to select the appropriate option for your purpose. Once, you join the waitlist after entering all the details, you’ll get an email when they approve you to their list.
  • After you get access to the GPT 4 playground feature, you can summarize the text of any blog post, build a website and do a whole of stuff.

Remember that you can only get access to the GPT4 Playground feature If you are a ChatGPT Plus subscriber or else you can’t use that. Just get a monthly subscription of $20/ month of ChatGPT Plus, and If you are lucky, you’ll get access to GPT4 Playground.

Best Alternatives For GPT 4 Playground?

Some of the best alternatives for GPT 4 ground are, ChatSonic, Jasper Chat, and Bing AI.

If you have been in the AI space for the last couple of months, I’m sure you may have heard about ChatSonic as it is one of the best alternatives for ChatGPT. This is a tool by Writesonic that was launched in early 2021. For around $13/ month, you can use ChatSonic and other features like generating content, API access, and more.

Jasper was also launched in the market at the same time as WriteSonic existed. Jasper introduced their AI chatbot in early 2023 to compete with ChatGPT and is doing pretty decent now. The price of Jaspter starts at $24, which is slightly expensive and you can use their chatbot in any of their plans.

If you don’t want to spend money on any AI chatbot, Bing AI could be your perfect choice. You can use Bing AI Chat for free and get almost the same results as other AI chatbots.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the GPT 4 playground free?

No, You must be a ChatGPT Plus member to access the GPT 4 Playground.
If you are subscribed to ChatGPT Plus, you can have access to GPT 4 Playground free of cost, or else you need to purchase the subscription to access it.

How to use GPT-4 in Bing?

Search anything on Bing and click the “Chat” tab to access the GPT 4.
Bing has upgraded their chatbot with the latest GPT 4, and you can use that from the search result by clicking on the chat tab the best thing is you don’t have to pay anything for that.

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What can Chat GPT 4 do?

ChatGPT 4 can now process images and provides more accurate information than before.
If you have thought that ChatGPT 3 was powerful, the latest GPT4 might prove you wrong as it is more powerful and has more abilities than ever before.


The GPT 4 Playground is an excellent tool by OpenAI as it can do a lot of powerful stuff, like summarizing a paragraph and doing a lot of similar stuff.

Right now, the GPT 4 Playground can be accessed only by joining the waitlist, and you must be a plus subscriber of ChatGPT. If you have any other doubts on this topic, do let us know in the comments below and I’ll get back to you soon. Thanks.

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