How to Cancel SiriusXM Free Trial & Subscription?

SiriusXM’s packages start at an introductory offer of $1 for three months and then $12.99 per month after the initial three months. Canceling the Free Trial of SiriusXM can be tricky for people. In this article, we will be sharing simple steps on how you can cancel SiriusXM free trial or even its subscription without getting charged.

Steps To Cancel SiriusXM Free Trial

Here are the steps to do so:

Step 1: Open your web browser and head on over to the official website of SiriusXM. On the official webpage, users can find the Online Account Center.

How to cancel SiriusXM Subscription online

Step 2: On the Online Account center, users can find the chat feature where they can contact SiriusXM agents and start the procedure to cancel their subscriptions.

Unsubscribe SiriusXM

Step 3: Sirius XM also has options to call them at a given number or use the SiriusXM mobile app to cancel the subscriptions at any given time.

For users who are used to starting and canceling their subscriptions on other streaming platforms, SiriusXM might feel new, but it is way more secure than the rest.

How To Cancel SiriusXM Subscription on Different Devices?

SiriusXM is available on many devices like phones, tablets, and cars. Previously, they were only available in cars; later, they expanded to other platforms. Here are a few steps to cancel SiriusXM subscriptions on different devices:

How to Cancel SiriusXM Subscription on iPhone?

Step 1: Users must open the settings app on their iPhone or iPad. The settings app is easily available on the home screen.

Step 2: An option showing their name shall be available on the very top of the things shown in the app. Users must click this option.

How to Cancel SiriusXM Subscription on iPhone

Step 3:  A Subscriptions option shall pop up, and the SiriusXM subscription will be shown upon clicking this. If it does not show, the users must consult the proper Apple ID where the subscriptions were billed. They have to log in using that.

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Step 4: If the SiriusXM subscription is shown there, they will find a cancel option next to it. Clicking it shall cancel their subscription.

How to Cancel SiriusXM Subscription on Android Phone?

Step 1: Users must open the Google Play Store on their phone and tap on their profile picture.

Step 2: They must tap the Payments and Subscriptions tab and click on subscriptions.

Step 3: They will find the SiriusXM subscription tab here and a cancel button to cancel the same.

How to Cancel SiriusXM Subscription on Roku?

Step 1: Users must navigate to the sign-in page of Roku, sign in, and click on the Manage Subscriptions button.

How to Cancel SiriusXM Subscription on Roku

Step 2: They will find the SiriusXM subscription and a cancel subscription button to cancel the same.

How To Cancel SiriusXM Over the Phone?

Users can easily cancel their SiriusXM subscriptions over the phone:

Step 1: Users must open the official page of SiriusXM on their web browsers.

Step 2: They will find the contact number of SiriusXM here, and they can call on this number to get in touch with their representatives.

Step 3: Upon contacting the representative, he/she will ask why the user wants to cancel the subscription, and once it’s known, they will start the cancellation process.

How to Cancel SiriusXM through Live Chat?

Users have a big concern – “how to cancel SiriusXM without calling”; the following steps address that:

Step 1: Users must head to the official website of SiriusXM on their web browsers.

Step 2: Users will find a Help and Support tab on this page and a Contact Us option listed within it. They can click this to open the live chat.

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Step 3: There is a Chat Now option where the users will interact with a bot, and if their problem is not solved, they will get in touch with a real agent.

Step 4: To cancel, the option to do so appears during the chat with the bit, and users can select it to cancel their subscription.

How To Cancel SiriusXM From Your Account Page?

Step 1: Users must open their web browser and head to the official web page of SiriusXM.

Step 2: They will find the XM Radio login option and must log in here using their credentials.

Step 3: At the top of the page, they will find a Manage Your Account option, and users must click it to proceed with their cancellation.

Step 4: Users will find a Change Billing Info tab, and clicking it will reveal a Cancel Subscription option. They can cancel their subscription from here.

How To Cancel a SiriusXM Free Trial Before Getting Billed?

Users often sign-up for SiriusXM following their free trial or the 3 months for $1 dollar offer. After using this service, users can easily cancel their subscription if they feel like they do not want to continue using it.

They must remember that if they do not cancel before the end of the offer period, they will be automatically charged.

Hence, users must remember that they must cancel the subscription using a phone call or live chat before the offer period expires.

How Much Is SiriusXM A Month?

SiriusXM has very affordable and efficient plans, suitable for every user, and offers a good introductory plan of 3 months for $1. There are three different plans after the introductory period:

  • $1
  • 2.99 per month, offering access to ad-free music, news, and talk shows
  • $17.99 per month, offering access to everything on the previous plan plus sports and popular podcasts.
  • $22.99 per month, offering everything on previous plans plus comedy shows, Howard Stern’s shows, Pandora stations, and much more.
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it difficult to cancel SiriusXM?

No, it is not difficult to cancel a SiriusXM subscription. It can be done easily over the phone, chat, or device-specific methods.

How long is SiriusXM free trial?

SiriusXM’s free trial is 3 months long, and the charges automatically renew at the end of this period.

Does the SiriusXM trial automatically renew?

Yes. The SiriusXM trial can be renewed for another 3 months at a processing fee of $2; hence, the trial can be renewed for users who have been loving it.

Can I get Sirius for $5 a month?

No, SiriusXM only has a trial period of 3 months, where they charge a processing fee of $1. Their lowest plan starts at $12.99 per month.

What is siriusXM phone number to cancel?

Users can call 1-888-539-7474 to come in contact with an agent and cancel their subscriptions.

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