How To Cancel Netflix Account? [Quick Methods]

How to cancel netflix account

No wonder why you want to cancel netflix subscription because you are one among the 1.3 million netflix subscribers who cancelled their subscription. Canceling Netflix subscriptions is pretty straightforward, but there are some additional steps one must know about to protect the data when they do. No matter what package you have subscribed to, you … Read more

TNT Free Trial in 2022 – How To Activate it?

TNT Free Trial

Do you want to enjoy the most sensational American television dramas, mystery shows, and action movies for free? Get your TNT Free Trial now and enjoy unlimited movies, web series, and more till the trial period lasts. TNT is one of the best online streaming platform to watch on-demand movies and shows. But the site … Read more

Why Does Hulu Have Ads? – How to Skip?

Why Does Hulu Have Ads - How to Skip

In the digital streaming era, we’ve accustomed to online streaming sites for an uninterrupted streaming experience. As a result, we can expect to have ads interruption on sites like YouTube and free content streaming sites. It’s understandable because we aren’t paying for the services.  But why does Hulu have ads? Can’t we have a “No … Read more

How To Watch TNT Without Cable?

How To Watch TNT Without Cable

With TNT App you can watch full movies, episodes, and live sports anytime. The app also features live NBA games and episodes from recent shows. A cable TV or satellite provider with paid TV subscription is needed to activate the TNT app. Sling TV is one the cheapest ways to watch TNT.  Other Streaming services … Read more

How To Cancel Apple TV Plus Subscription in 2022?

How To Cancel Apple TV + Subscription

Getting rid of your Apple TV+ subscription can be a bit of a hassle, but we will help you through the process. With the introduction of the Siri Remote to Apple TV, everyone should be well aware of the surge in popularity that Apple TV has experienced. Regardless of whether one enjoys or dislikes the … Read more

20 Must-watch Mel Gibson Directed and Starrer Movies

Mel Gibson Directed and Starrer Movies

Are you looking for the best movies directed by Mel Gibson? Here you go with the biggest hits of all the time. Mel Gibson has directed outstanding movies. He is not just counted among the finest actors but also among the great directors so far. From Braveheart to Mad Max Trilogy and Lethal Weapon, he … Read more

Best Movies From 2014 – Must Watch List

Best Movies From 2014

2014 was a stand-out year in the film because a wide range of genres was reinvented and reinvigorated and showed the cultural introduction of new cinematic voices. There was a focus on themes that are still relevant today. Hence 2014 was a year that looked boldly, if not always hopefully, to the future of cinemas. … Read more

Best Movies From 2012 – 15 Movies Not to Miss

Best Movies From 2012

2012 saw the release of more movies in limited and general release than years prior. The year was ridiculously crowded for both casual and discerning movie lovers. 2012 also saw some disappointing blockbusters. With a massive list of movies ranging from sci-fi, thriller, drama, and comedy, 2012 had given some blockbusters at the box office. … Read more

Best movies from 2018

Best Movies From 2018

The past year in movies was endlessly tumultuous. For Netflix loyalists, the last 12 months saw the companies attempt to squash out the competition with a scorched-earth approach to film distribution. Top 15 Movies From 2018 For superhero fans, 2018 was the year of excitement and despair. Hence below is the list of best movies … Read more

Best Movies from 2004 – Top Rated

Best Movies From 2004

For film critics and scholars, there is much debate over considering the year which was best for movies. A majority might argue that it was 1939, with the releases of The Wizard of Oz, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Stagecoach, and several other classics, whereas some might argue another year. But 2004 saw the release … Read more